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Chapter Sixteen - Charlie’s POV

I heard Brax at the door with someone, who asked for Marcus and I raced up out of bed, not before I threw a jumper on and stuck my head out of our bedroom door. When I couldn't see I walked out slowly to be met with two police officers standing at the door talking to Brax. "Babe, what's wrong?"

Brax's head turned fast when he heard my voice and he was quick to tell me it was all okay, the officers just needed to speak with Marcus. Of course, I wanted to know why. "I'm sorry Ma'am, but I can't disclose the nature of our visit. Is Mr Bradley here?"

I turned to Brax, the concern painted across my face, I had an inkling exactly what this was to do with, and it was starting to agitate me again. I told them I would go get Marcus and headed upstairs to find the others asleep in their rooms still. I made my way down to Marcus' room and knocked on the door, waiting to hear him wake. After a few more knocks I heard his sleepy voice come through the door. "Sorry Marcus, but you're needed downstairs." I heard a few grumbles from him before he asked if everything was ok? "I don't think so. Can you open the door so I can fill you in?"

While I waited for Marcus to open the door, I heard one of the other bedroom doors behind me open, and turned to see Mark sticking his half sleepy head out. "All good, Midget?" I whispered to Mark the cops were downstairs asking for Marcus. "Let me get a jumper and wake the others. We are all coming down. I guarantee this is that asshole Calvin."

"It is definitely him Mark, the timing of it is too suspicious. Plus it's his style, runs and hides behind anyone who will protect him." As I finished what I was saying, I heard Marcus' door open and turned back around as he asked what's up. "The police are downstairs asking to speak with you."

Marcus could see the concern on my face, but these guys had a way of making me feel at ease, so when he laughed I wasn't entirely surprised. "What a pussy he is. Apparently he only likes to run his mouth and intimidate women." Marcus slung his arm around my shoulder, he told me not to worry he wasn't as he headed down the stairs, the rest scrambling out of their rooms and hot on our heels. Marcus made his way across the lounge to the front door, extending his hand out to the officers as he introduced himself. "Marcus Bradley, how can I help you?"

"We've received a complaint against you of assault, Mr Bradley." My eyes flicked between Brax and Marcus as I heard the other's come into the lounge and join me.

"Really? That's surprising. From whom?" Chester wrapped his arms around my neck as he came up behind me and gave me a hug. I heard him whisper into my hair, just to chill Brax and Marcus would have this. I tuned back into the conversation when I heard the officer ask Marcus if he knew a Calvin Montogomery? "I have heard of a Calvin, only met him once though, and I am sorry I wouldn't know his last name."

"Mr Montogmery has come to the station today and filed a report of assault against you for this. . ." The officer turned his phone, and I saw Brax and Marcus lean over to have a look. I could only guess it was a photo of the black eye Calvin would be sporting.

"That's a pretty big accusation. May I ask if he has proof of this claim?" The officers explained they were still investigating, however as an attacker had been identified they came to make further enquiries. "And how does that affect me?" When the officer said he had named Marcus as the attacker, I had to question how he would have got his full name? Other than for Calvin to point out who Marcus was. "Interesting. I did see him town earlier, but that was it."

"Would you happen to know how he came to have injury to his person?" I knew they were going to run out of excuses to step around the officer's questions, so I did the one thing I could.

"Actually I do. . . I did it." I saw Brax and Marcus turn to me faster than a lightening bolt, as I prayed both of them would keep their mouths shut.

"I'm sorry Ma'am, could you repeat that?" When the officer had finished speaking, that was exactly what I did. I told him again, I hit Calvin. "You're admitting to the assault Ma'am?"

Brax's eyes grew wide as he glared at me, trying to understand what I was doing, as he spoke my name in question. "No, I am admitting to self defence."

The officer let out a huge sigh as he rubbed his temples. "Ma'am, I am going to need to speak with you further about this." I had no problem with that, so I invited the officers in, offering them a seat at the dining table. While they sat, I looked behind them to Marcus and Brax trying to discreetly talk as Marcus shrugged his shoulders in confusion. "Thank you. Can I ask you to tell me your events of what happened today?"

I pulled out my chair, conscious of the rest standing around, listening intently. "I have known Calvin since I was younger, and truthfully officer, I have always had issues with him being. . ."

When Chester piped in and said stalker, the officer turned to address him. "Sir, Could I ask you to refrain from interrupting and let Miss. . ." I told him Charlie was fine as he turned back to Monkey warning him to let me finish.

"I guess stalker is as good a word as any. Overbearing, no personal boundaries, even though I have repeatedly let it be known to him I want nothing to do with him. I am happy for you to ring my parents and verify this? They are privy to the issues I have experienced with Mr Montgomery." I took a deep breath, glancing briefly at Brax before I continued. "Anyway, we were out in town earlier and I was taking a photo of my partner when Calvin approached me, put his hands on me and proceeded to insult me."

The officer sat further forward and I noticed his eyebrow raised in question. "What do you mean touched you ma'am?"

"As I was taking the photo, he put his hand around my arm and grabbed it. At the same time he made an insulting comment directed at me. As you can appreciate officers, being a tourist and not knowing anyone here, I was startled when someone grabbed me from behind and I swung out trying to protect myself. I explained this to Calvin at the time and when he wouldn't leave me alone that is when everyone here stepped in." The officer looked directly at me and asked what relationship I had with Calvin. "I have no relationship with him, not romantic or platonic."

"So how do you know each other than ma'am?" The question I always dreaded, and looked for ways around.

"Long story short? He tried to groom me as a child to be a trophy wife when I grew up. His family treated it as a financial transaction." I saw the guys all choke, they had become so used to me bottling this story up, ashamed of people knowing what I went through. But I was fed up with both him and my father.

"Sorry ma'am, I wasn't expecting that." The officer scratched his head as I watched him try to work out what to say next. "Would you like to lodge a report or complaint against him?" I told him it was fine, it was already dealt with, but if he would like to call my father for verification and assistance he was welcome to do so. "I would appreciate the contact details, thank you Ma'am." I scrolled through my phone and opened up his contact details, turning it to the officer. I saw them look at my screen, and back up making eye contact before they spoke. "This is your father?" I nodded to indicate it was. "Thank you for your assistance. I will take your contact details also so I can get in touch with you if we need any further information."

"Not a problem. Also, just so you are aware, we leave town tonight as the band has a gig in two days, so the phone will be my best contact." The officer nodded and thanked me as he took down the details. I let the police out, following them to the door, before shutting and locking it.

As I turned around the rest of the group were in the lounge room, looking at me. The moment I asked what, they all broke out in hysteria, including my loving partner. "What the hell is so funny?"

"The cops face when you said you hit Calvin!" Brax managed to mumble in between his hysteria, hands wrapped around his ribs as I sucked my teeth at him.

"He looked at you like, really? With what? A stepladder?" When Chester said that, they all lost it again, as I pushed him over on the couch.

"Be serious guys, do you think he bought it?" These assholes just laughed at me like I had told a joke?

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