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Chapter Seventeen - Brax POV

So this sexy evil midget of mine, hands crossed over her chest, glared me down and asked if I thought the police bought her story. What's a man to do? As I bet over grabbing my knees again, the lounge filled the sound of my laughter. I tried in vain to stop as I heard her saying my name, but as the other's roared around me I knew it was futile. "BRAX! Would you stop laughing, I'm being serious!"

Every time she said the word serious, I felt like I was going to cough up a lung. I could have sworn blind a pillow had burst inside me, feathers tickled every crevice as the hysteria of the situation ripped through me. I sucked air as I straightened up and wiped the tears from my eyes that had failed to be contained in my amusement. "You crazy adorable midget, what the fuck am I going to do with you?"

I walked over to Charlie, and bending at the knees I wrapped my arms under he butt and picked her up. I felt her hands grip the back of my neck to steady herself as she shook her head. "What do you want to do with me, Batman?"

That was it. I threw my head back in amusement, that butter wouldn't melt in your mouth, look on her face, all the while her eyes gleamed with mischief. I gave Charlie a quick kiss and hugged her tight as she whispered I love you. "I love you bigger."

When she winked at me and said she loved me most I chuckled and put her down. Giving her a pat on the butt as I hugged Charlie into my chest, I could still hear Chester laughing his head off as the others talked. "Fucking midget, I swear that cops face when she said she did it was the funnies thing I have seen in my life."

When Mace said she was certain she was going to piss herself I couldn't help it and shouted over my shoulder "Welcome to the pissy pants club, Mace!" The rest laughed as she asked what the hell that was. "If my memory serves me correct, you are in great company. Mine was year ten camp when I saw a snake in the toilets, Mark was to avoid getting bitten on the arse by a dog, and Chester just does it because it keeps him warm in winter."

Sometimes I forget we weren't all there that night, because I have become so used to our family as it is now, so when Mace and Kendall still looked confused, Charlie explained. "We were playing twenty questions one night and it came up after we found out Shane shit himself."

The moment Kendall squealed and looked disgusted she went to bed with him we all lost it again. I couldn't stop howling that Charlie deliberately found a way to mention again that he shit himself. "Fuck you midget! I did not shit myself, I had food poisoning. I couldn't help it. And Kendall, you'll still go to bed with me tonight, you love this."

As he stood up and tried to grab Kendall's hand and put it down his pants she ripped it away "Sure thing, shit pants."

Between the hysterics that continued, I saw Dad shaking his head as he stood up. "You all fucking demented. I'm just putting that one on the record." When I threw my arm around Marcus' shoulder and told him he still loved us, he agreed. "And I've got your backs. But seriously, how the fuck is that cop going to believe this evil midget could reach anything above Calvin's belly button?" As he said it, he bought Charlie into a playful headlock as I laughed.

"Stop laughing Brax!" I choked up even more when she threw her evil stare at me. By this stage I was done, tears rolled down my face from the afternoon's entertainment. "You're a bunch of wankers!"

I looked through tear stained, laughter filled eyes as Charlie's thunder face spread and she glared at me, but it only fuelled my amusement. When Chester spoke I knew I was done. "Look! It's 'I'm having a mood midget.' She hasn't come out to play for ages, I bet she stomps her foot next."

Charlie pushed Marcus and I off her as she turned back, hands on her hips. "You nob jockeys think you're so funny don't you?"

When I highlighted it kinda was funny, of all the people to take the blame it was "The gnome in the corner." When Chester cut me off to finish that sentence, that was it. We were all about to face the firing squad.

"When YOU'RE all finished laughing, I will accept an apology from all you bitches as you bow to my evil genius." When Chester pointed out she said Evil Midget wrong Charlie finally threw her hands in the air. "For fuck sake you bunch of baboons! Can't you be serious for once in your lives."

When I heard 'baboon' drop I knew she was about to go full feral on his ass. Little miss could definitely chuck a wobble like a three year old toddler, but fuck it was hard to take serious. She still looked so damn adorable doing it, especially when I wound her up. " The baboon is out, quiet down now guys. We all know that's the code word." I couldn't finish my sentence before the band and I started to chuckle again. A smirk still spread across my face when I tried to grab her hip and pull her into me. "My sexy, intelligent, cute ass midge, what was your evil plan?"

"How about, go fuck yourself, Brax?"

"I like that plan, See ya!" Chester answered again and jumped up with his cock in hand pretending to race to his bedroom. As the laughter infiltrated the lounge again, I noticed in the middle of it, Charlie had started to storm off to our bedroom.

"Aww cutie, you know we are only playing. Come here please."

"Eat a dick, Brax!" When Chester cracked up she said he could also. I turned around pointing at Chester laughing silently as I gave him the finger. "I saw that Brax!"

Now it was Kendall and Mace who chuckled at the stunned look on my face. "You couldn't! You weren't even looking this way."

"You're right. But you just confirmed what I suspected." When I heard Shane and Liam chuckle I pegged my hat at them, much to their amusement.

When Marcus said maybe I should start calling her Evil Genius Midget, Charlie finally stopped and turned. "Maybe you should. And for the record, the reason I said I did it was because, do you really think Calvin is going to publicly let it be known that an evil midget was the one that gave him a smack down? Of course not, he'll drop the charges or my father will make him, because Richard Mornington won't want that kind of publicity."

Holy shit! She's right!

If Richard still thought he had some chance of interfering in Charlie's life there was no way he would let Calvin continue down this avenue. Damn my baby and her evil plans.

I followed Charlie to our room as I heard the guys snicker behind me and shut the door, locking it. "Baby?" Charlie ignored me and went over to her suitcase, packing the last bits ready for tonight. "You ignoring me now, cutie?"

Charlie stopped what she was doing and just turned and glared at me. I looked into her eyes to make sure that she could see that something in me, loves it when she's like this. Does she see it? Can she feel it? Does she know that she makes me need her in such a way that it hurts not to have her?

I strode towards her, licking my lips, as I pushed myself forward off the wall. In one swift movement, I had her pinned up against the wall, my hand tangled in her hair and our lips crushed together. Pulling Charlie closer to me, wanting to feel her body pressed against my own as I ravished her plump lips. My heart raced, my skin was on fire, my hands were shaking as I gripped her back. Everything about my cutie made my body scream and ache for her. "Mmm Brax, stop. Stop. What's gotten into you?"

I broke the kiss and ran my lips roughly over her jaw and down her neck. She might have told me to stop but her hands roved all over my body, over my shirt and jeans. My fingers found her swollen nipple, teased and pinched it until I ached for more. "Aww god Brax! Babe, you need to stop, everyone is outside waiting for us."

"I don't fucking care! I love it when you are like this, it makes me want to do unimaginable things to you over and over." I nudged her feet wider apart, and trapped her against the wall. I could feel how much she wanted this moment. I ran my hand down her soft back, over her beautiful firm arse I loved so much, and round to the front of her jeans. I started to stroke up and down, slowly teasing her.

I yanked her head back by her hair before I bit down on her bottom lip, and kissed every bit of skin I could find. As Charlie moaned I felt her nails dig into my shoulder, a groan rumbled deep from in my chest as I pushed my hips forward. After several minutes of exploring each other inside and out, we finally pulled apart, breathless. "You're incredible, you know that?"

We looked deep into each other's eyes as we calmed down enough to head back out to everyone. With just enough time to share a spliff before it was time to get on the road.

Stepping into the impressive bus that had been provided to us, I took my cutie's bags for her and loaded them into our compartment. As I was putting the stuff we didn't need into the overhead compartment, I heard her phone start to ring. When she didn't answer straight away I turned to see if Charlie was ok and found her staring at her phone. "You alright babe? Are you going to answer that?" When Charlie looked up at me, I saw that fear back in her eyes. "What? Who is it, Charlie?"

"It's dad."

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