International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Nineteen - Charlie’s POV

Holy Shit! What did I just do?

As the adrenaline pumped through me, my eyes connected with Brax's and I suddenly found myself unable to speak. My stomach contracted and a thousand butterflies erupted from their cocoons. A cold shiver ran up my spine and raised the hair on the back of my neck.

I watched as he reached over to my phone on the table and hung up on my dad before my head turned back to Brax. His gorgeous eyes stared back at me, and I felt myself jolt as he stood up in front of me, using one of his hands to tug me off the floor. An unspoken beckoning to come with him.

He walked us up past the rest of the group and as we got level with Chester, I heard Brax speak. "Do not disturb us, anyone." His voice was so stern I wasn't sure what to expect and I could see everyone else knew how serious he was. Even Chester didn't comment back, just nodded.

As we stepped in the back, Brax shut the door and locked it, then spun around to me pulling my arm softly. Before I realised it, I couldn't stop myself and tumbled towards him. He pushed me gently up against the wall, and used his body to pin me to it. I inhaled sharply as his lips slid almost nonexistent over my right cheek, tickling the sensitive skin there. He dropped his head and kissed my shoulder lightly as he reached down to grasp my wrists. "Yes, Charlotte Maree Bancroft I will marry you."

I moved my head to the side slightly as the elation flooded my face. "Yeah?"

"Yes baby. But I don't care what you say, I am buying you a ring." I lunged at Brax kissing him deeply as he returned it. Brax raised my hands above my head, as he pressed his hips against me and I could feel the growing bulge at the front of his pants.

"Brax. . ." I managed to breathlessly whisper. One of his hands dropped from my wrists and disappeared under the hem of my pants, his fingers grazed lightly over the skin on my hip. I struggled to catch my breath. His chest rumbled with a smooth chuckle when his hand slid even further downward and he discovered only skin.

My throat dry, and constricted as one of his fingers gently trailed a line from my lower abdomen on down. His hair tickled across my skin as he lowered his head down and pressed his lips into my neck, still not saying a word. I was dying to talk but he had me lost in him.

My eyes flew open as his finger slipped between my legs. One of his knees slid between mine and forced them apart. I struggled to maintain my balance as I moved my legs wider to accommodate his other leg. "Mmm Brax. . . Baby, I need to stop before I get too worked up. We are supposed to be talking. . ."

"Who said we are supposed to be talking?" I started to point towards the door, reminding him what he said when we came in. "I said, do not disturb us. I didn't say we were talking. Right now, I want to spend a moment with my fiance."

"Mmm. . . I love you." His teeth dragged along the skin on my neck and my legs turned to water the instant his teeth bit into my flesh. His finger withdrew and slid around to cup my ass. Without even thinking, I reached for the waist of my pants and pushed them down, kicking them across the floor as my legs rose and wrapped around his waist. I lifted my chin slightly as he shifted his head for a better angle.

Brax's mouth crushed down on mine sending my senses exploding in a million different directions at once, as I instinctively ground my hips against his. A small grunt of surprise rumbled from his throat and he released my wrists, using only his hips to pin me to the wall.

His hands cupped over my breasts and I could feel the heat radiating from them even through the thick cotton of my shirt. I murmured an inaudible protest as one of his hands withdrew from my chest and pushed between his. His other hand slipped down to my waist as he moved slightly back from me.

I lowered my eyes to where his hand rested on the waistband of his pants. His fingers played with the snap, teasing me with quick glances of his flesh. Heat flooded my skin as he slowly pulled down on the zipper, each tooth on the metal popped like gunshots echoing in my ears. I gasped silently to myself as more skin became visible with each agonising pull on the zipper. It seemed like forever before the zipper finally made its way to the seam in his pants, and I was left staring at the entire length of him.

Desperate hunger to have him inside of me must have become evident on my face as a sly smile spread across his. The raw hunger was now visible on his own. He pressed forward and released his hand from my waist and once again used his hips to pin me to the wall. Flesh contacted with flesh and a heat began erupting between my legs. He roughly pressed his mouth over mine and I felt as if I was being eaten alive. Consumed by a wild, untamable beast. Even with my eyes closed I felt the world tilt and I struggled to maintain my bearings.

Brax shifted his hips down and back slightly and I heard myself whimper in pleasure as he pressed himself against me. My arousal was so high, he slid inside of me with little resistance. Brax cupped his hands around to the backs of my upper thighs again and shifted them slightly higher before burying himself inside of me completely.

A loud intense roaring buzzed in my ears as he filled me, making me think I would surely burst. He made no effort to move, as if he sensed that I needed this. I lowered my arms down from above me and slid them over his cotton covered shoulders, stopping only when I reached his lower back. I grasped the thin fabric and pulled it slowly from the waistband of his pants. He shivered slightly as my fingers brushed across his bare skin and his hips thrust forward causing me to gasp.

My nails dug into his skin, hard. I needed what was soaking from his skin, what his eyes silently promised when he had stared at me earlier. He shifted slightly and withdrew, dropping his head next to mine. I cried out softly as his teeth sank into my shoulder and he thrust forward. Within seconds my lower back was beating against the wall behind me. His teeth grazed up my neck and he shifted my legs higher again, allowing himself deeper access. The need to mindlessly mate devoured us both. A raging beast inside, fighting and tearing for release.

My vision exploded into a thousand lights, then plunged into pitch blackness as every muscle in my body contracted at once. Muscles deep inside of me, clenched tightly around him and I heard a low groan in my ear.

The world shattered.

My body went rigid as the climax ignited deep inside of me, a torrent of shockwaves overrunning my system so powerfully that I could barely breathe. I was dimly aware of his continuing movements; the powerful strokes making me feel as if he was going to pound me into the wall. Despite my head screaming I could no longer go on, my body refused to listen and my fingernails dug into the flesh on his lower back, demanding, pushing him to continue. He raised his head and I could see his eyes were darker, his control slipping. I raised one of my hands from his back to slip through his thick hair and pulled his face roughly towards mine.

Our mouths and tongues met and I was slammed against the wall, his hand sliding from my thigh to slap against the wall for support. Strong, pulsating flesh against flesh caused my body to defy my brain again and I crashed over the edge one last time. "Aww Brax! Yes!"

"Fuck Charlie! Yes. . . Yes, baby." He broke the kiss and buried his head back into my shoulder and he thrust upward one last time. A loud pounding in my ears brought my back slowly to myself. I realised that it was my heart hammering against my chest at a rapid pace. Swallowing slowly, I struggled to regain my breath as I felt Brax mumble into my neck. "What you did out there today was the most amazing thing I have ever seen you do. I could not be more proud of you Charlotte. It would be my honour to be your husband and love you for the rest of our lives."

Brax lifted me off the wall and carried me over to the fold down bed in the room. He carefully lay back, bringing me down on top of him as we laid together making out, loving each other, and excited for this next step in our relationship.

A while later we were interrupted by a knocking on the door. "Bro, sorry to bother you but it's important." I could hear the flatness in Brax's tone, and slight irritation as he asked Chester what was so important? "Charlie left her phone out here and it kept ringing so I answered it. Mrs Robinson is on the phone."

"Chester!" I sat up on Brax's hips, my hands on his stomach to steady myself as I screamed at the door.

"Sorry! Carole is on the phone."

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Much Love, Luci x[0]=68.ARCU-eswlCHZsvOwmbPzxw9Gp1a1mqgH8-TS-tNDBalDQZboUq4UlbeSIovsaKG-ffX5u3_9hGkmYK_Kb_z6vShZXaioJhmCxjDEKk2Lp7qY5_uZRekcuF6Mb5Fm-ZRHSolWTaivlICgxpwB6Sk89dtcLz__3z9f06BEcCaKce4bvkaE60StDCzLX2EBfXwYfmMG430SiQegwxncyYiTgM9P_Rz164xdv3Mvy9A6A9pC64AHjfqmtgyoZMYeiAkUM7eh0wrTO3huVWMOne9l4nH9oggBusrcIqsHceSxJ-oDMUzJNMCMiO_p0QlYCv5VFV48P3iqsgORbqcOyKQ&__tn__=C-R

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