International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Two - Charlie’s POV

It had been five weeks since Brax took me to see the home of our dreams. We signed the paperwork the same day and we moved in a week ago.

Our home! Not my house, not Brax's house. Our home.

While the move had been mayhem, we had never been happier. And tonight, we were hosting a housewarming, to celebrate with our friends and family. It was also a farewell party since we all left next week for Canada. "Babe! You don't need that long in the bathroom. You're gorgeous already. Now let me have a damn shower."

"Okay, and yeah you definitely need a shower. Sorry, I was distracted and meant to tell you it was fine to use." He came through and I was finishing my make up at the sink. "Make sure you open the window though babe. I don't want the steam getting into my hair. It will go frizzy."

I watched in the mirror as he started to strip out of his clothes ready for a shower. Brax walked up to me and grabbed my hips, kissing my neck, mumbling against my skin between soft caresses. "You'll still be beautiful. Wanna bend over for me? I promise I'll be quick."

"Want to shower for me first so that actually sounds more appealing?" I pinched my nose for added effect.

Brax chuckled as he slapped me on the ass. "Rude. If someone didn't have me working my arse off all day, I wouldn't stink." I laughed and told him I might have exaggerated, it wasn't too bad. "So you'll bend over for me then?"

"No." Brax got in the shower finally and I finished getting ready before I headed out to get changed. I was coming back from outside where I had put the music on ready, when I saw Brax sitting in the lounge downstairs, about to open the drinks already. "Don't do it mister!"

Brax looked up at me and immediately started whining. "Why Charlie?" I looked at him, brows knitted, not a clue what he was on about as I asked the same question back. "Why you gotta do me like this babe? Now all I want to do is fuck your brains out."

He waved his hands up and down at me, like a man in pain. "Who said you couldn't? We get smashed, we fuck like crazy, it's what we do babe." When he groaned that he meant right now, I waved him off. "Give over already. You are such a hormonal teenager sometimes." Brax jumped over the table and raced at me before I could move, as I chuckled and asked what he was up to.

He grabbed my hips and pulled my body closer to him, pressing his hips to mine firmly. "Does that feel like a teenage boy to you?"

I threw my head back laughing and slapped him across the arm. "Get off already you baboon."

"No baboon tonight, baby. It's all caveman." Brax bent down and threw me over his shoulder as he smacked my ass while I giggled hysterically.

Saved by the bell! This man was definitely on his way back to bed. "Put me down so I can get the door batman." When Brax said I was very lucky, I didn't argue and agreed much to his amusement.

He slapped my ass again after putting me down and I headed up the stairs to answer the door. Opening it, I instantly regretted not putting ear plugs in when Chester jumped in my face. "MIDGET!"

Then I heard Brax "MONKEY NUTS!"

"MIDGET FUCKER!" Everyone laughed, except me as I slapped Chester playfully. "Where are you bro?"

"Downstairs asshole." Chester looked shocked and asked how much I got paid if we have a downstairs too. I told the little fucker to watch himself and get inside already. I greeted all the guys but spent a bit of extra time saying hello to Kendall and Mace. I was really excited to see Kendall after so long and started firing a million and one questions at them.

"Well this part is the long story, so let's all get a drink and smoke so we can talk before everyone starts to arrive?" Kendall and I agreed with Mace as we headed downstairs and grabbed some glasses to pour the drinks from the bar.

When I shouted to Brax to keen an ear on the door as us girls were going out the back to talk it was Monkey that answered. "Fuck, that didn't take you guys long. When don't you talk?"

When Kendall shouted out shut up monkey nuts we heard Shane from the lounge. "That's my girl."

The boys came in and asked if they could go for a quick cone first. "Alright, chop chop."

"Yeah that's what we are doing. Going for a chop, a cone, a bong. Same same, baby." Before Chester could register, Brax kicked him in the side of the thigh much to my entertainment. "Fuck! Sorry, sweetcheeks. You're a prick bro!"

"Also you fool, I meant chop chop, as in get your jog on, not get distracted."

Chester started clicking his fingers at me, as he leaned on the bar. "Speaking of distracted, is that a bra or a boob tube under your top?"

When Brax screamed out at him and tried to kick his legs out they ended up in a headlock wrestling each other. "He seriously needs to find a girl." Kendall and Mace agreed, with Kendall adding one that could train is crazy ass.

I got us all a drink and grabbed a bunt for the girls each. When Brax had said earlier I made him work today, he meant roll plenty of blunts to get us started, and make sure there were enough cold drinks. These boys will never grow up, but that's why I love them.

The guys finally came back in and we got up to head out. Of course Brax made no secret of grabbing my ass as I passed him. "Quit it you sex pest!"

"It's those damn pants! They feel so good. You should feel them." He said to Chester when he laughed. When Chester said ok and jumped up to run at me Brax shouted. "STOP! I just realised what I said. Do not touch her!" They all chuckled when he said to wait until he had got me out of them first.

The girls and I headed outside and sat down on our lounge to spark up when I told them to tell me everything. Kendall was the first to go. "I guess the biggest question is, can you put up with me for the next six weeks?" When I asked if she meant she was coming to Canada too, Kendall nodded to say yes.

"AGHHHHHHHHH!" We heard the boys race to the door when I squealed, and stick their heads out.

"Babe? What is it? What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing, it was good news. Oops!" I shrugged my shoulders trying to look innocent.

"Fucking women when they gasbag." Kendall immediately turned on Shane telling him to watch his mouth if he didn't want to sleep in the spare room tonight. "You will. I will sleep in my own bed, woman." The guys all snickered and encouraged him when Kendall asked him to repeat that and stood up. "Nothing babe."

And when he backed the fuck down it was Mace and I laughing now. The guys headed back in and we went back to our conversation. When Kendall confirmed she was here now until we left and said there was more news, I got super excited. "Oh my god, you're pregnant."

"Fuck no!" Kendall spat at as she did an over exaggerated shiver. Jesus babe, you trying to give me a heart attack?"

" I know, I'm sorry. Believe me, my uterus just jumped in front of a bus also." When mace said that wasn't the other news, that it was in fact both of them coming to Canada with us, I got over excited again. "YES! I want to scream again!"

"YOU JUST DID!" Brax yelled back from inside as I flipped him off, even though he couldn't see it. Mace went on to explain she flew out a week after us as she had work commitments she wasn't able to get out of but would be flying back with us.

Just as I clapped and mentioned how epic this was going to be, I heard Marcus behind me. "What's going to be epic?" My head flew and I jumped up to give him a hug and a kiss. "You know I only saw you yesterday right?"

"Quit being an old bitch and come have a smoke with us." He laughed as he gave me a side hug.

The moment Marcus sat down we heard motormouth at the door. "Hey! Stop picking favourites, you wouldn't let us come out."

"Fuck you're a whinger man. Just come out already." The rest of the guys came out and I got Brax to leave the front door unlocked so people could come in as they arrived.

When he finally came out, I waited until he sat down and sat on his lap, with Brax rubbing his hands on my thighs. "I think you should wear these pants to bed." I looked at him and asked why. "I really love the feel of them." He pushed me down on his groin as he rubbed my legs.

"You're such a weirdo." I laughed at him as I wrapped my arm around his neck. We all sat and had a few cones quickly and then relaxed.

I was talking with the girls while we watched the guys fucking around with each other, Chester and Brax doing their usual wrestling shit. When Mace said she loved this more than anything, as we watched our slightly dysfunctional family in front of us, Kendall and I couldn't argue if we had tried.

"This is home." The moment I said those words, is the moment I heard the splash.

Of course Chester and Brax had to be the two who took their fucking around too far. And now can you guess which one was floating in the pool?

Yep this was home. My home.

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