International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty - Brax POV

Chester had just yelled out to us that Carole was on the phone, however neither of us were in a position to be able to get the phone. "Agh. . . bro, can you slide it under the door?"

I heard him burst out laughing, before sliding it under. Thankfully he didn't say anything more than that and passed the phone underneath. I managed to reach over and pick it up as I passed it to Charlie who was still sitting on top of me. She put it on speaker as she placed the phone on my stomach. "Hi Mum! Brax and I are both here, you are on speaker."

"My darling Pixie! How are you? I hope that handsome young man is looking after you for me?" I lifted my head off the pillow to tell Carole there was no doubt about it. "So I hear you two have a few things you need to tell me?"

Charlie looked down at me, the twinkle in her eyes sparkled brighter than her rosy cheeks. "We do? And who might you have heard this from?"

When Carole asked if we really needed her to clarify we both chuckled. "So it is that good hey?"

"With any luck he will do me a favour and give himself an aneurysm tonight."

Charlie's knees slammed against my hips in shock as her mum said that and she pressed on my stomach as she fell forward laughing. "Jesus christ mum! And I thought I was bad."

"Well my young love, where did you think you learnt it from? Now tell me everything." We spent the next half an hour filling Carole in on what happened with Calvin and then Richard's phone call. Of course she wasn't surprised by the conduct of either, but she was apologetic we had to put up with it. What interested me most was when she mentioned Richard seemed more demure than normal and not his usual demanding self. Whatever it was had obviously had an impact on him, Carole seemed adamant. "So, that is all you have to tell me?"

"Pretty much mum. I may have also asked Brax to marry me for Richard to hear, no biggie."

Now it was my turn to laugh as I reached up and grabbed her ribs to tickle her. "No biggie? Like that is it?"

"Well was there ever any doubt?" I heard Carole chuckle with me as I tapped Charlie on the nose and told her I would remember that.

"Well I am delighted for you both. I am even more excited for myself because the sooner you have this wedding, the sooner I will have some grandbabies."

When Charlie squealed her mother's name I snatched the phone away from her and put it to my ear. "Sure Carole, no problem at all. How many would you like?"

"Brax! You two are terrible!" She tried snatching the phone back as I wiggled my eyebrows at her. When all else failed, this wicked little thing of mine grabbed my nipple and twisted!

"Awww you evil midget!" As we both laughed we heard Carole come through the phone again.

"Well my loves, I am going to leave you to it. I just wanted to check in and make sure you were both alright."

"Thanks Mum, I love you." I thanked Carole as well as she said her goodbyes and we hung up. Charlie and I lay back down for a few minutes as we weren't in any rush. Our first top on the tour was Winnipeg and it was a twenty one hour or more drive.

As Charlie wrapped into my arms, I looked down at her and nudged her carefully with my elbow. "Wanna sit on my face?"

"Brax! You're terrible." She slapped me across the chest as I made a play for her wrists, to pin her down.

"Yeah, well you're delicious. Come on, you know you want to."

Just as Charlie went to answer we heard the voice we should have expected but didn't necessarily want to hear. "Hurry up and sit on the man's face midget, then we can get to the bathroom that is out the back there."

"Oh my god . . . . I thought we had got past this listening in bullshit Chester!"

As I chuckled in amusement Chester remained indignant. "I was not listening this time, thank you very much! I just have terrible timing from your perspective and excellent timing from mine. I only just walked up to knock on the door." I saw Charlie roll her eyes and I laughed again as we started to get up and dressed.

"Give us two minutes bro and we will be out." I said as I pulled my boxers and pants back on.

"So she's not going to sit on your face and pedal your ears then, bro?" That was me done as I fell back on the bed roaring in laughter. As I held on to my ribs I heard Charlie squeal at him for being a sick fuck. "What? There is nothing wrong with some muff pie Midget."

"CHESTER!" When Charlie's voice rose about ten octaves both Chester and I cracked up, we expected it, but it still amused us all the same.

Once we finally got dressed and straightened up I unlocked the door and pulled it open. We were immediately met with everyone staring at us. "What?"

"Fuck off Brax! Don't you, what me! What did you say?" Still tickled by the whole situation, I asked Mace what she meant? When Liam told me to fuck off and just tell them I cocked my eyebrow and asked what I was supposed to tell?

Just as I finished saying it I heard Charlie giggle behind me as she walked up and wrapped her arms around my waist. I felt her head rest on my back as she gave me a quick kiss. "Dude! Are you going to marry midget or not?"

I tapped Charlie lightly on the arm instead of answering Shane. "I don't know, am I baby?"

Before Charlie could answer we were greeted to one of Mark's spectacular outbursts. "Are you really saying you are such a shit fuck you didn't answer your missus? Dude, I don't even know you anymore." Mark pushed me in the arm as I tried to pull away and Charlie's head shot up. Of course the rest just encouraged him. Then deadly silence as they all turned back to me.

"Of course we are getting married, would you drop the fucking looks already." The noise that flooded the bus was electric, with our friends equally excited to celebrate this moment with us.

"This calls for Celebration bongs!" The band knew what Chester was like, any excuse would do but when Kendall asked him if there was such a thing he was quick to wink at her. "There is now."

Chester grabbed out the bowl and packed a cone passing me the bong. I pulled the smoke through and turned to my fiance. I know, my fiance! I loved it! Charlie looked up at me and knew exactly what I was doing. I kissed her deeply and blew the smoke into her mouth before she inhaled it. As we pulled apart she slowly exhaled. I was nearly ready to rip her clothes off again when we heard Mace "Ugh! Fuck that's hot."

"Yeah? Wanna come up the back with me then? Surely it must be our turn after listening to those two." The guys all laughed but Liam's fortune just turned when Mace agreed.

"Yes, yes I do Liam. Let's have a cone first."

"Cone and cum." I fucking lost it, as did Mark when Chester mumbled that under his breath, and I swear I even heard Charlie try to suck back a giggle. "It's true though right? Or am I the only one that feels more sensitised if I smoke first then fuck?"

Shane nodded "Nah bro, it's legit. I feel you."

"Shh that's supposed to be our secret big boy. No one else needs to know you feel me." Kendall's horrified face was priceless when Chester wrapped his leg over Shane's hip and grabbed his face licking it.

We all sat around having a laugh and a joke, giving Mace and Liam some time alone. What did we talk about? Not a fucking clue. I couldn't stop staring at my fiance. She had curled into my side not long ago, relaxed and high and doing that gorgeous little rub she does against my body when she is buzzing like this. As I looked at her chatting with Kendall I realised I wanted to do something special to celebrate this moment, so I had a look through my phone trying to rustle up some ideas.

It didn't take long thankfully to find exactly what I wanted and I sent a group snapchat to the guys asking them what they thought. Of course Chester agreed because he said it would score me some hardcore sexy time. I'm not going to argue with that shit at all!

I let Marcus know and he said it was fine as long as it was the first night. We were booked solid on this first stop so we didn't have much room for error in our schedules. I booked it and once finished checked my watch to see how much further we had to go.

After nearly a day on the road we finally arrived at our hotel and got our shit off the bus and into our rooms. As Charlie walked over to our luggage and went to undo the suitcases, I wrapped her hand in mine and took it to stop her. "Cutie, leave that for tonight please. We can sort it out tomorrow."

"Really? You don't want anything out of it?"

"I have to run out for a little bit but when I get back I need you to be ready. Just the clothes you have on now, a nice dress as I am taking you out for dinner tonight, and a swimsuit if you have one. If not your sexy lingerie will work just fine for me." As my hand roamed down over her butt and started to grab a handful she tilted her head sideways, a bemused look on her face as Charlie asked what I was up to. "I just wanted a night away from the rest. So we can celebrate our engagement properly."

Seeing her nose wrinkle that I loved gave me the answer I had hoped for as I told Charlie I loved her and I would hopefully not be long. I got a taxi down to Notre Dame Avenue to pick up the bits that I needed and just over an hour later I was on my way back to my cutie.

I headed to our room to get Charlie, and made sure to let Marcus know we were leaving now and would be back before lunchtime tomorrow. Our ride was waiting out the front when we got down and after putting our overnight bags in the boot, I helped Charlie inside.

As we got out at our new resort for the night, I saw Charlie's eyes bug out. I had to pay through the roof to make this happen, but I would have paid double again to see the reaction on her face. I had found a chalet at Thermea spa for the night so we had a beautiful private cabin covered in a blanket of snow and a steaming outdoor private spa for us to enjoy tonight under the stars. "Really Brax? You organised all this for us?"

"Of course my darling. Come on." I paid the driver and took our bags as we headed to check in and make our way to the cabin. Charlie and I took the chance to have a hot shower and get dressed for dinner at the restaurant in the main lodge. When she came out I lost my breath like I do every time this woman enters a room. "You're perfect."

"Thank you. You are incredible, Brax." We headed to the restaurant and took some seats in a private booth I had booked. I was quick to order a bottle of champagne to the table as we perused the menus. "You ready to order baby?"

Charlie ordered the lamb shanks over a bed of mash with asparagus and I had the steak with salad and potato bake. The champagne arrived and the waiter uncorked it before pouring us both a glass. "To you, Charlotte."

"To us, Brax." I smiled as our flutes met before we pulled away and took a small sip. I put the glass back on the table and stood up out of my seat. Charlie looked curious as I walked over to her side and started to kneel in front of her.

I took Charlie's delicate left hand in mine and looked up to her beautiful eyes, sparkling down with me, the emotion we both felt was prevalent. "I know you already asked, and I know I have told you yes. Cutie, I want you to wear this as a symbol of my love, friendship and devotion to you. Forever is a measure of time used by people who share an ordinary love. Our love is immeasurable, and because of that, forever just won't do. For most people home is a place they go together, for me it is you. Will you marry me Charlotte Marree Bancroft?"

I carefully opened the tiny red box I had purchased this afternoon to show her the white gold band, encrusted in diamonds that paled in comparison to her beauty, and a stone that didn't come close to representing how much she meant to me.

"Can I think about it?" My head flew up as our eyes met, and we both burst out laughing. "I love you Brax, yes." I slid the ring on her finger and pulled her down to me, and wrapped the love I had always wanted in my arms while we shared a passionate kiss to cheers around us.

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