International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty One - Brax POV

Last night was the most amazing night of my life. The woman who stole my heart many moons ago was now my wife to be. We had spent hours celebrating last night, spending time in the hot springs at the resort, and between the sheets, cherishing the time we had alone.

Just when I thought things couldn't get better, I was woken to the best surprise a man could hope for. I looked down towards my feet and couldn't believe the sight in front of me. I knew I felt something when I woke, and when I glanced down and saw Charlie with her mouth around me, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

My eyes were wide open and I couldn't believe how incredible it felt. She was sucking away, my erection covered in saliva. I could feel her tongue press against the bottom of my shaft, almost as if she was licking it like an icicle. Charlie noticed I was now awake and watching, and opened her mouth with me still inside and smiled.

She moved up a little bit and began to talk to me, while she continued to rub me up and down with her hand. "Mmm morning baby. I woke up and went to the bathroom when I noticed how erect you were this morning. I figured you didn't get enough last night?"

"Mmm maybe I was dreaming about what we did last night?"

"Well, when I saw that you were pitching a tent, I figured you were inviting me in to go camping?"

"Ahh. . . it's all your baby for the taking." She smiled wickedly at me before she went back to sucking, and I just couldn't complain. I laid back and just let it all soak in. She was like a sex machine, sucking furiously and even deep throat me several times.

Charlie fondled my balls while she blew me, which made me almost squirm, it felt so good. She knew how much I loved her touch down there. It didn't take long before I began to climax, it never did. Her mouth was like a vacuum when it came to suction.

"Fuck! Charlie. . . I'm gonna. . ." She just kept on going as I felt her soft hand press on my stomach, inviting me to lay back and enjoy. I let out a big breath and it wasn't long before I began to climax. As I flooded into her mouth she closed her eyes and took it all. She sucked the tip of me, making sure she got all she needed and ultimately moved towards me to watch her swallow. That alone instantly left me wanting more.

Charlie crawled closer to me, leaning over my body, her chest pressed to mine as my arms wrapped around her, gently squeezing her butt. Our mouths connected in an electric current as we explored the depths of each other's mouths. I took her face softly in my hand, held her other hand in my own and leaned towards Charlie. It was a soft, gentle kiss lasting just a moment, our lips still clinging together when we broke apart. We kissed again, our bodies so close as I rubbed the side of my thumb against her chin.

She opened her mouth, accepting my tongue. My nose nestled against hers as we continued to kiss, her tongue pushing into my mouth. Her lips were full and soft, the pouty flesh expanding the more we attacked each other. Charlie put her hand onto my chest, feeling the hair against her palm as I let go of her to grab her waist and pull her closer to me. The kiss grew more passionate with each passing moment.

Our lips smacked against each other, she wound her other arm around the back of my neck as I ran one hand up and down her body. She was so fucking sexy, and I could never get enough of her. Her tongue was so hot against mine, so overwhelming.

She nibbled at my lower lip, just for a moment, before returning her mouth to mine. Her warm breath against my own as I slipped a hand down to her thighs, squeezing them before moving to her backside, my tongue still deep in her mouth. Eventually we pulled apart and smiled at each other lovingly. "I suppose we have to get back to reality?"

"Hmm sadly we do babe." When Charlie thanked me for last night and described it as perfect I shook my head at her. "No cutie, last night was amazing, but you are what made it perfect."

"You smooth criminal." She rolled off me and started to get up. I took the chance to smack her across the ass. Charlie jumped as she gasped out loud and turned to glare at me. "I love that ass, even more so with my hand print across it."

"Dirty stop out." She threw my shirt in my face.

"What did you call me?" I pulled her by the wrist back on to the bed and pinned her with my body. Her amusement echoed off the walls as I started to tickle her.

"Ok Brax, give! Stop." I kept going and started blowing raspberries up her stomach to the point she was cackling her head off. I could never get enough of that laugh, and I loved the playful side to our relationship. It is what helped to keep me grounded when everything else was getting on top of me. "If you don't stop I am going to pee on you!"

"You wouldn't dare?"

"Oh I would, I will make sure you really hate yellow by the time I am done." I smirked as I tapped her on the butt and let her get up. Charlie took a few steps towards the bathroom before she turned and poked her tongue at me. "Tricked you."

I raced off the bed at her as she bolted into the bathroom chuckling her head off. We hopped in the shower together and took our time washing each other, talking and laughing. After getting dressed and packing our stuff we headed back to meet the others.

The elation we felt was immovable, as our eyes stayed glued to each other. We were so consumed in our own happiness when we walked up to the entrance, we didn't notice Chester above us. Not until he had hung over the balcony and thrown a container of rice down. "What the fuck, bro?"

Charlie and I tried to shake the rice from our hair and clothes as he shouted back. "Aren't you supposed to throw rice on people for marriage? I see it in the movies all the time."

"Not until after the fucking wedding, Chester!" When he said consider that a practice run, I couldn't help but mumble wanker after my breath. Obviously he heard when he cracked up as we headed inside and up the elevator.

As we headed into his room and found everyone there, Charlie was the first to speak. "Where is that ape descendant, Monkey prick" When Chester stuck his head around the corner, grinning from ear to ear and promising her loved midget she sucked her teeth at him. "Wipe your mouth monkey nuts, you're dribbling shit."

We sat down with the group and had a joint before it was time to get ready to see the venue for the show tonight. We had a radio interview that had been organised to do first. Charlie and I headed to our room to get dressed and it didn't take us long before we were ready to go. When she walked out though, the only place I was ready to go was back to bed. "Fuck! Are you serious right now Charlie? Black and Lace?" She raised her eyebrows and asked what my problem was? "Did you know your ass is so hot, I reckon I could boil an egg on it?"

"Don't you start with me, Caveman!" After making a point to grab a handful of it, we made our way out to join the rest.

The interviews went well and Charlie was excited with the photos and marketing material she had obtained from today. We headed back through to the bar to grab a drink while she was showing me the photos. Just as we were discussing them, we heard Calvin's voice behind us and turned to look at the bar. Sure enough there he was with some bird hanging all over him. "Brax, what the hell is he doing here?"

I felt the tremble in Charlie's hand as she grabbed mine. I threw my other arm around her waist as I started walking faster. "I don't know baby, but let's get out of here." We walked straight past the bar and to the exit when he turned around and saw us. I kept my eyes glued to him and as we passed, I saw him wink and smirk at her.

No fucking way, Fuck this guy . . .

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