International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Two - Chester’s POV

We had been in the local pub following our interviews today before the gig and it wasn't long after I noticed Brax and Charlie pointed out that Calvin had followed us. I was not a huge believer in coincidence especially when we just travelled for nearly a day to this destination. I remembered Brax mentioning that the first night they ran into Calvin he made mention of some ski trip, but even still, I wasn't buying it. Shit like that didn't just happen, more often than not it was intentional.

As we made our way out of the pub, I noticed the smug bastard look at Charlie and Brax, and when he winked at Charlie with a smug look on his face, I saw my bro ready to explode. I am generally a pretty easy going person, even if I do like to shit stir, so it takes a lot to rile me up. But this prick, pushed me too far and when you want to mess with my best mate and his girl, that shit isn't happening on my watch.

Before I had a second thought, I grabbed the prick by the scruff of his collar and dragged him out of the bar. It didn't take Mark long to realise what had happened and he was fast to assist. Of course the bimbo hanging off his arm was all mouth, squealing like a pig in shit at us, however it wasn't long before Mace made it very clear to shut the fuck up if she didn't want to be the next one. "I think we need to have a little chat, don't you Calvin?"

"I think you need to get your filthy hands off me, you peasant."

Well I burst out laughing, if this arrogant fuck thought that was going to phase me. "Hey Mark, we are peasants as opposed to this piece of shit who is a predator. I will take a peasant any day of the week Dr Doolittle with your bullshit accent."

As Mark held Calvin, this cock head still thought he had some power in this situation. "You really don't know who you are messing with, do you?"

"You really think we give a fuck?" I looked at Mark behind him when he spoke, we knew the score.

So when Calvin said we would be sorry, I shook my head. "I really don't think I will be Cal. YOu see, if I wanted I could bury you under this snow."

Mark leaned closer behind him "And no one would ever find you, Cal." When he tried to turn to tell Mark that was a threat, he pushed his head away. "You do know you have no witnesses right now, and it is our word against yours."

"And look at you Cal, who is going to believe you?" When Mark said he wouldn't we both nodded at each other. "So here is what is going to happen Cal, you are going to get in your car and leave town."

"And if you come near Charlie again, you'll find yourself buried under a convenient avalanche next time you decide to go skiing." Mark added, as he went to let go of him and I held my finger up indicating to wait.

"Just one thing before you go Cal, do you like football?" When he replied only neanderthals enjoyed that game we both shook our heads. "Did you know it is Midget's favourite game? I am guessing not since you don't really know her at all." When he asked what that had to do with anything I saw Mark's smile grow as he realised where I was going. "Her favourite team have this special thing they do, I guess you could call it a parting gift. Would you like to see it?"

"I would like to see it Monkey Nuts, what is it?" The moment Mark asked I headbutted Calvin on the bridge of his nose moving just in time to avoid the blood spray. "Hey, I know that! It's called a Liverpool kiss right? Let me try that."

And just for good measure Mark gave him another headbutt. Being careful about what we did and knowing Cal won't be opening his mouth this time after the way it ended, we picked him up and dragged him back in the pub, as Mark held the door open for me and yelled in. "Can someone help please? We were leaving and he slipped on the ice being half tanked already. Lost his footing and fell face first onto the concrete path."

The publican of the bar came over with a first aid kit to help and said he would call the local doctor out. Not that we really gave a fuck. We thanked them all the same and headed out, leaving it in their hands to sort.

As we got back to the hotel, we saw Midget on the veranda and she waved for us to come up immediately. Mark and I laughed at each other as we made our way to their suite knowing she was about to have a coronary at us. "I can't believe you two! You are so bad!"

"Woman, are you seriously complaining at me right now?"

"Well I didn't expect anything less from my favourite monkey, but Mark! You are always so quiet and reserved. I am shocked."

"Not quiet Midget, just observing." He winked at her and we all pissed ourselves laughing before I asked where Brax was? When she said he was in the shower I turned to Mark and said I thought I smelt something funky.

"Close your legs then cheese dick!" Of course the fucker would walk back in now.

"Rude four eyed prick!"

"Oi fuck face! You know glasses and contacts should be free because I didn't fucking ask to be blind at times."

"Yeah well based on that theory food should be free because I didn't ask to starve!" I laughed, fucking Shane coming in with the truth.

When Liam said Alcohol should be free because he didn't want to be sober I realised these plebs were missing the most important. "Prostitutes should be free then because nobody wants a dry nob."

As my boys burst out laughing Dad shook his head as he walked through. "You guys are seriously fucked up."

"Babe, wanna go skin up before we have to get to the gig?" When Brax said and then, I saw Charlie wave her finger at him. "No! Don't go there Braxton!"

We sat around chilling with a smoke before we had to head to the gig. When I got the bong out too and dad tried to stop me, I reminded him he only said no alcohol, he fucked up on a technicality not me.

We got to the venue and this show was slightly different to what we were used to in that it was a maximum of one hundred people. It meant we had a personal meet and greet with everyone following the show. I sat out the back once we were done, having a blunt with Liam and Mark when Brax stuck his head looking concerned. "Charlie out here with you guys?"

I said I hadn't seen her since the show ended and Mark said he spoke to her earlier when she took some photos for him with the fans. "Sorry bro, last I saw her was during the show." When Liam said he also hadn't seen her, I saw the panic in Brax's face amplify and I was fast to stand up.

"Fuck! Marcus spoke to her about half an hour ago, but no one has seen her since!" We all split up and started looking everywhere, while still trying to mingle with the crowd and fans inside that tried to stop us. Eventually I found April and Nick and made my way over to see if they had seen her.

"Hey good looking." I wrapped my arm around April's shoulder as she asked what was up? "Have you guys seen Midget?"

"About half an hour ago I saw her near the door having an argument with that guy Marcus hit in the city the other day, I asked her if she was ok and she insisted it was all fine. When I finished talking to one of the sponsors and turned around she had gone, so I assumed maybe she found you all?"

"Cheers bro." I raced back to get Brax and the boys. "Brax! Calvin is here. Nick saw him bugging her a little while ago."

Without saying a word, Brax pushed past me racing to the door. We looked everywhere around the front of the pub before heading outside when we still couldn't find her. "FUCK! Chester, where is she? If he has done anything. . . I swear to god!"

"Bro, calm down she'll be fine. We'll find her." He didn't hear a thing I or any of the other boys said as panic set in.


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