International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Three - Charlie’s POV

The show had gone superb. Small, intimate, atmospheric and the fans had all had the chance to mingle and meet the bands. I also got some outstanding photos as a result.

I wandered around the room, taking as many photos as I could for fans and for the bands marketing when someone ran into me. As I looked up I was stunned, then an anger filled me. "I'm so. . . .Calvin! What the fuck are you doing here? Will you ever get the hint?"

When that arrogant smile spread across his lips I was ready to explode. "That's no way to talk to an old friend."

"You might be old Calvin, but you're definitely not a friend. Leave me the fuck alone you creep."

When he stepped closer to me, I tried to step back and felt a table brush against my back. "Such a dirty mouth on you young lady. I bet that's not all that's dirty about you."

Seething, I stepped up in his face, making sure to dig the heel of my shoe in his toes . . . hard! "What did you just say to me?"

"Charlotte, I see you grew a backbone when you matured. So feisty. No wonder your little band there likes to share you. Tell me how many of them are you sleeping with?" Before he could blink, I lifted my heel slightly and dug it down again in his toes as I punched him in the stomach.

"You dirty. . ." Before Calvin could finish his statement I felt a presence behind me, before I heard Nick's voice.

"Finish that sentence, I dare you." I turned to thank Nick and apologised for the imbecile in front of us. When Nick asked if I was alright I promised I was fine. "Are you sure? I can stay?"

"Positive. But I will signal you if I need you." Nick nodded and moved back over towards April, but I found comfort knowing he was still watching for the moment. "Get outside now Calvin. I am not asking you, I am telling you. You want to have it out, then let's go, because this shit stops tonight. Or I am taking a restraining order out against you! And don't kid yourself for one minute that I don't have plenty of witnesses, including your precious Richard's wife. How will that look for a UN Councilman?"

Calvin stared back at me for a moment as if trying to see if I was joking, before turning and heading outside. I followed shortly afterwards.

Once outside I moved away from the entry so no one else heard this, that is another headache I did not need. Once I was comfortable we were far enough away, I turned to Calvin. "Go on then, let's have it?"

"You do realise you are in a precarious position don't you? After all, here you are, along out in the dark with me." He stepped closer to me as I shuddered, a combination of anxiety and the bitter cold. "Where no one could hear you. . . ."

Shit Charlie! You clearly didn't think that far ahead in your pig headed rage. Think! . . . . I tried to buy myself a few minutes while I glared back at him, praying my face didn't give me away.

Then it hit me!

"That's quite a show you put on Calvin." He raised his eyebrow as he asked me to repeat, crossing his arms over his chest in a power stance. "Your little act, it's still highly amusing."

"What act?"

"This intimidation doesn't work on me anymore, because I see straight through you." When he said I should feel very intimidated, a giggle released from my lips. While mostly nerves, I was able to control it without Calvin realising. "Really? Did you convince yourself then, because that wasn't even a Bollywood level performance for me. This thing is Cal, I see straight through you finally. Your parents, even my own father might buy this little . . . ." I pointed my finger circling it at him "Act you having going, but I see straight through it. If you were anymore transparent you may as well be invisible. See, you put this persona on because deep down you're just a scared little boy stuck in a man's body."

"I can assure you there is nothing 'boy' about me."

"Cute! If you say so. You stomp your foot and chuck a tantrum, throwing ultimatums or threats at people, all while you hide behind the guise of the good guy act, in order to get what you want. But if push came to shove Cal, I could have you on your knees weeping quicker than you can blink."

"You must be mistaking me with . . ."

I raised my voice and cut him off mid-sentence "Did I say it was your turn to speak? No! You speak when spoken to. You want a little girl to be a trophy on your arm because she won't see through your well built armour but I am not a little girl anymore Cal. Get on your knees!"

"I beg your pardon? I will do no such thing."

I slowly stepped closer to him as I spoke with more purpose. "Get . . . on . . . your . . . knees! You wanted your one shot big man, so here it is. And you better fuck the ass off me or like you said earlier, someone in that band sure as hell will." It was none of his business that it was the same man I shared my bed with every night. If he can't work that out by now, that is not my problem. "Down, NOW!" I glared at Calvin as he never took his eyes off me and slowly knelt. "Stop! Pants off first."

"I am not doing that."

"Pants now Cal. Unless you're really just a scared little boy." He hesitated for a moment before sliding them down. "Completely off, kick them over here." As if trying to imply he still had some control here he threw them at me. "Boxers too."

"Are you insane?"

"I must be because I am here with you. Boxers!" He eventually slid them off and passed them over. "Shirt too." He pulled it over his head and passed it. I stepped closer to him and grabbed his cheeks, squeezing them between my fingers and thumb. "Who's a good boy Cal? Are you a good boy?" He just blinked and nodded, unable to do much more. "Now, what was it you wanted? Oh. . . That's right, you think you're man enough to keep me happy?" He nodded more vigorously at me this time. "You're a joke!"

And just like that I sprinted off before he could even react and raced back towards the building, his clothes in hand, leaving him sat on his knees butt naked. "CHARLOTTE!"

Once I was far enough away, I turned around and screamed back at him. "Come near me again Cal and expect a restraining order!"

"CHARLIE! Is that you?" Suddenly I heard Brax screaming my name. Shit! I forgot to let him know where I was. He'll be freaking out.

"BRAX, over here!" It wasn't long before I could hear his footsteps as he ran closer. "Brax, I'm here."

By now I could see Calving trying to work out how he could run at me, so I started moving further away until I finally saw Brax and Chester racing towards me. "Baby!"

"Brax. . ." He scooped me up in his arms as I dropped Calvin's clothes, gripping Brax tight.

"Baby are you ok? Where were you?"

"You evil midget bitch! I was so fucking worried." Brax laughed as Chester pushed him out the way and picked me up in a hug.

"I love you too Monkey nuts. I'm fine, I promise. Calvin just . . ."

"We know Midget. Where is he, I'm going to kill that pig."

"It's ok Monkey, I took care of it. Those are his clothes, and over there he is butt naked." I pointed to where he was and the guys looked up. The moment they saw him, they looked back at his clothes scattered at our feet, then back to Calvin as he desperately tried to retain some decency.

The pair of them buckled over in hysterics unable to hold it in any longer. "You fucking evil midget genius!"

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