International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Four - Brax POV

After having a huge laugh at Calvin's expense we had headed back inside while he screamed at Charlie to return his clothes. Of course we ignored his pleas, just like he and Richard had done to Charlie for years. On the way back to the hotel on the bus, Charlie had thrown Calvin's clothes out the window in the middle of bum fuck no where, much to all our amusement. "Yo Dad! Can we stop at the bottlo on the way back. I need beer." When Marcus told him we had tequila Chester was adamant he needed beer too.

"I need you to shut up but that isn't stopping you." When Brett and April laughed, Chester looked at Brett wounded.

"Brett! My man you are supposed to be my kindred spirit, don't laugh bro." When Brett highlighted Marcus had a valid point, Chester waved him off.

"Will you actually stop whinging for one night if we stop?" When Chester said yes, he continued and asked would he also stay out of trouble?

"Fuck no! He couldn't do that to save his life." Mark was right, much to our amusement. Marcus pointed at him and said we would stop, but he was to go in and out that was it.

"Yeah, that's what she said dad!" We all cracked up as Marcus stood up and asked if the little fucker was being serious? "Alright. . . alright, sorry dad. I will be good from now on, I swear."

"You couldn't swear on a bible Chester, let alone your own behaviour."

The driver pulled up and Chester raced inside with Liam, Shane and Brett in tow. "Oh dear lord, this is going to be bad right?" I nodded at Charlie and said it was going to be bad. "Should we die tonight just know I love you."

I leaned over and kissed her temple softly as I whispered I love you too back to Charlie. As I looked up I saw them walking out, with a carton each and everyone's eyes bugged out. This was definitely a recipe for disaster. "Those two are going to encourage each other tonight aren't they?" I turned around to Chris as I pointed out the window.

"One Hundred percent mate. I was already thinking of what options we have at our disposal to keep them separated for the rest of the tour." Charlie giggled and said she was happy to assist Chris with that plan, and I had no doubt she was.

We all had to laugh as we watched them try to pile it all on the bus and soon we were off. I noticed Charlie staring out the window intently, lost in her own little world. Without realising I had swooped her up into my arms and sat down on her seat with her in my lap. Charlie turned her head to me as she wrapped her tiny arms around my neck, a beautiful smile engulfed her face. As her nails caressed the skin on the back of my neck I offered Charlie a penny for her thoughts. When she said she was just curious if this would finally be the end of Calvin I reminded her we were happy to end him if she would let us. Charlie chuckled and cuddled into my tighter as she told me to be serious. "Who said I wasn't serious?"

"I know you babe."

"Good, so then you know I would do anything to make you happy." My lips touched hers, softly, gently, still holding her to me. I licked Charlie's lower lip with the tip of my tongue, as she pressed her mouth to mine. My tongue searched for hers, finding it, caressing it with little french kisses. I slid my hand up her neck and buried my fingers in her silken locks. My other hand cupped her head in my palm and kissed her more deeply. Closing my eyes, we both breathed out, sinking into the warmth of each other. Just as I went to kiss her mouth again, I felt a wet sensation in my ear before jolting backwards to Chester's hysterical laughter. "Bro! Did you just tongue my ear?"

Charlie looked horrified as Chester said it tasted like ear wax. "Vomit! You're sick Monkey, so gross." Chester sat down across from us while he packed a cone and I kissed down Charlie's neck to the hollow where her shirt collar began and she sighed deeply. Fuck, I loved those cute little noises of pleasure. She touched my arms tentatively, running her fingers up to my shoulders and down over my back until she was holding on to my waist, snuggled into my chest.

I was chatting with Chester as he packed us a cone each and Charlie continued to caress my waist and sides, rubbing back and forth around them while she cuddled into me. I quickly pulled another cone and looked down at her. She knew what I wanted and freely let me take her lips as I passed the thick smoke to her and watched as she exhaled a few seconds later. "Hey, not to talk about our friends behind their backs . . . ."

Charlie cut Chester off before he could finish. "When you start a sentence like that, you are just highlighting exactly what you are about to do."

"I swear it comes from a good place Midget."

I raised my eyebrow at him and asked what it was, but Charlie cut us off as she sat up in my lap, eyes glued to the television at the front of the bus. "Wait! Turn that television up quickly."

Charlie pointed at the television and Marcus grabbed the remote to turn the volume up as we saw a news bulletin flashing across the screen.

"A representative for Great Britain to the UN Council has tonight been arrested in the Canadian County of Winnipeg. The man is accused of flashing women and hiding in a tavern car park exposing himself to several patrons when leaving, according to eyewitnesses and an arrest report filed tonight. According to a report, a woman was walking through the tavern car park when she found the man hiding naked behind her car, before approaching her while touching himself inappropriately. A name has not been released but we will follow this emerging story closely."

The laughter that erupted was so free and pure, so childish despite our adult years. It came to my ears as a tickle and bounce, and only a rocky heart could do anything but join in such generous mirth. "Holy fuck! Please let me ring them and give his name!"

When Chester turned to Marcus pleading with him to let him ring, we laughed harder as tears rolled down our faces. "As much as that was the best thing I have seen in ages, no."

When April said it was a pity they didn't show his face, Chester once again highlighted this was why we needed to ring, much to all our amusement.

We eventually settled down after the hysterics courtesy of Calvin's misfortunes and after pulling a cone I turned back to Chester. "So what was it you were going to say before, bro?"

"Oh . . .yeah, that's right! Midget, I think you and Mace should check in with Kendall. Something is up with her. I haven't heard her say a word today and even when she is quiet we still know she is here."

I saw Charlie try to look over her shoulder without being too obvious. "Thanks Monkey for noticing. I was so caught up with this Calvin mess, I feel like a bad friend I didn't notice. We'll talk to her tonight."

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