International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Six - Charlie's POV

When the ball connected Brett hit the deck and my eyes widened in horror. Brett was in so much pain his complexion was ashen. His natural skin had sunken in tone to something so lifeless it scared me just to look at him. His eyes closed and he sucked himself into a deeper place to cope. But the wail that emanated from his lungs left me shaken to my bones.

I noticed all the guys squirm in pain as Brett rolled over in the foetal position. “FUCK!!!!”

What the hell were they thinking? Surely they had to know that was a recipe for disaster. The tears that streamed down Brett’s face pooled in the lane as the guys tried to comfort him as best they could. Brax raced to the bar getting some ice and brought it over to Brett who looked like a woman in labour at this moment, desperately trying to suck air in. I was relieved when it was Mace that voiced what I had been thinking. “What the fuck were you guys thinking?”

“I was thinking I should have let the ball go sooner?”

My head swung at Monkey when he said it. “Nooooo? You think?”

“Or, perhaps not do it at all! You guys are fucking nuts!” When Kendall mentioned the word nuts we heard Brett groan louder as she apologised profusely.

Chris, Shane, Liam and Chester worked out how they would be able to move him without causing any further discomfort before Chris knelt down next to him. “Stay with us ok bro, we are going to move you upstairs so we can call a doctor out.”

Brax headed over to help them as he agreed with Chris, insisting Brett needed to get seen. “If anyone is going to look at my swollen and bruised sack, can’t it be one of the girls?”

April let out a half hearted laugh “Clearly he’s fine if he is thinking with his dick already.” We smirked as the boys tried to get Brett comfortable before lifting him. It took us longer than expected but we finally got him up to our suite and on the couch with plenty of ice packed on his crotch as Chester ran out getting the bong for him and packed a fat cone.

“Here bro, punch this cone. If nothing else it will help you relax for the moment.”

“Cheers bro, but just so you know, when I recover I am returning the favour.”

The boys all laughed as Chester nervously scratched the back of his head. “Agh, how about we discuss things later. You are in pain and not thinking straight.”

Nick called a home doctor to visit and explained the situation. They advised us the wait would be around an hour but if the situation got worse to head to Emergency immediately. “You right bro, can I get you anything else?” I waited as Brax sat on the coffee table next to Brett, asking how he was feeling.

“Good for the minute, cheers mate. Oh maybe another cone, that did help a little bit.” Brax packed him a cone and lit it for him to help. We didn’t want Brett moving too much and aggravating it. I fetched him some water and put it down beside the couch in case he needed it. Once we got him settled on the couch we headed out for a spliff as we waited.

As we sat, Chester shook his head expressing his guilt and angst over what happened. “Dude! You should feel bad, That was the most idiotic idea yet Monkey.” I couldn’t help it, and while the words were harsh, I had to keep my words soft, he didn’t need to be ripped a new asshole just yet.

“Aww man, don’t make me feel worse than I already do Midget.”

I walked over and sat on Brax’s lap as he wrapped his arm around me. “What were you thinking monkey? More importantly, you stood by and watched that happen Brax?”

“Hey! Don’t you be blaming me evil midget. You know what Chester is like when he gets an idea in his head.” He was right, I had little argument to that. “We did try to tell them not to do it, but those two feed off each other when it comes to mischief. Believe me baby, I am feeling the pain for Brett too.”

“I am sure not as much Brax considering it didn’t happen to you.”

“Want to feel them and check for me?”

“Really?” He grabbed my wrist carefully and moved my hand over the top of his groin. I couldn’t help myself and gave him a firm squeeze.

“Mmm . . . see they feel better already.”

“Yeah, but seems like something else is a bit swollen?”

Brax threw his head back laughing before he kissed my shoulder. “God I wanna be buried between your legs tonight.” I gave him a soft kiss as I grabbed my beer and took a sip before settling back in his lap. “So did you have a good time with the girls?” I told him it was good, and I loved the boys but some girl time was just what we needed. “And Kendall is ok?”

“She is, promise.”

“Anything wrong?” I buried my face in Brax’s neck as I held his cheek softly and whispered into his ear what happened. I didn’t want to risk anyone hearing. “Yeah? That’s a good thing for them both, especially Shane. Huge!” When I told him that is exactly what I said too he patted me on the butt softly. “Well it looks like they have managed to have a talk already.” He pointed to the other side of the patio and I looked over and saw Shane and Kendall in a passionate embrace.

“Yeah she said she was going to smooth it over with him and let Shane know they could talk it out tomorrow.” We heard a knock at the door and quickly realised it must be the doctor. Nick, Marcus and Chester headed inside to let him in as well as sit with Brett while the doctor checked him over. Chris, Liam and Mace were chatting over a smoke so we pulled the curtain to the patio closed to give Brett some privacy while the doctor conducted his examination.

Brax and I shared a spliff and were talking when something dawned on me. “Fuck! I am shit girlfriend.”

“Well lucky you are a fiance then, but what did you do?”

“Don’t you act all innocent mister! You were hoping we would forget because we were on a busy tour. It’s your thirtieth in ten days.”

Brax chuckled as he asked me not to remind him. “I don’t need to remember how old I am getting beautiful.”

“What’s that saying? You’re only as old as the woman you feel?” He smirked at me and hugged me tighter to his body. “I want to do something for you Brax, please.”

“You can give me a blow job tonight if you really want to do something for me?”

“Ha, you funny fucker.”

“It’s fine babe. I just thought we would do something when we got back.”

“Well can I at least organise a little gathering with everyone here. Maybe for next weekend?”

“Gig next weekend babe, so maybe the weekend after. I would prefer to have a fresh head before the show.” When I squealed and said thank you he smiled widely. “Anything to see your face light up like that.” Brax and I kissed softly but it didn’t take long before it turned heated. “Can I take you to bed now baby? I think this night is going to be a bit of a write off after that earlier incident.”

“Since when did you have to ask to take me to bed?” He stood up with me still in his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Off to bed, bro?” I heard Shane ask as Brax nodded.

“Yeah mate, I suddenly feel like this one needs to give me some tender loving care after seeing what happened to Brett.”

Shane cracked up as I turned my head to him confused. “See! I told you Kendall, and you just thought it was a line.”

I rolled my eyes as I asked Kendall if she got fed that bullshit too? “Anything to get their leg over, you know what they are like.”

All too well. Shane insisted they were right and we knew it before he threw Kendall over his shoulder and smacked her ass. Brax reached out as they high fived and I chuckled and wrapped myself around him tighter. “Hang on, has anyone seen Mark or April?”

Shane said he had just assumed they were inside with the rest checking on Brett, while Brax just shrugged his shoulders. “Weird. Maybe they left already babe.”

We decided to have another quick cone before heading off to bed. As we got inside and headed into the kitchen, I nearly dropped the bong in shock. There in front of us was April sitting on the kitchen counter, her legs wrapped around Mark’s waist, tongues down each other’s throat, and yep . . . .That’s Mark’s hand up her shirt with a fistful of her breasts. “YEAH BOY! Get it!”

I slapped Brax when he drew attention to us and interrupted them but Shane had the same idea. “GET IN MARKY! Boooyah!”

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