International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Seven - Brax's POV

After we finished having a little jab with Mark, I finished carrying my cutie to bed. As we got in our room and I shut the door and locked it, yes I remembered, I threw her on the bed and Charlie giggled her head off. “Someone’s eager?”

“Always for my sexy evil midget.”

“How good is it to see Mark hooking one in?”

I cocked my head slightly as I placed my knee on the bed and moved closer to her, brows furrowed. “You really wanna talk about Mark while I am trying to hook one in?”

“Sorry my love, but you’re just going to have to wait ninety minutes.” I made it clear as I grabbed her ankles she was taking the piss if she thought I had any intention of waiting. “Braxton, we have set these ground rules before. Do I need to repeat them to you?”

“No dear.” Of course she cracked up again and told me to stop acting like a child that had been chastised. “You could have told me that Liverpool were playing now, and that’s the real reason you wanted to come to bed. I was so excited to get all up inside you.”

Yeah fuck this, I am playing the guilt card . . . .hard! “You make it sound like I never put out for you?”

“When are you going to realise Charlotte Maree, I can’t get enough of you.”

“Aww Batman, now you’re making me feel bad.” Good, that was my intention all along.

“You should feel bad, you tricked me and played on my emotions.”

“Want to make a compromise?”

No, I want to fuck!

“I’m listening?”

She pushed up off the bed and stood in front of me. When her tiny hands connected with my chest and started lifting it over my head I felt my breathing increase with the speed of my desire. Chucking the shirt across the room, Charlie moved closer pressing light kisses on my chest, as her hand wrapped around my neck pulling me closer to her. When she whispered in my ear, I could have dropped a load right there and then. “How about I let you fuck me while I watch the game?”

I gripped her hips tight as the hunger intensified. “Fuck! That might be the hottest thing you have ever said to me.”

“I can see that baby. It looks like you’re about to poke my eye out.”

When she started to grind her hips to me, I slid my hand up her back and tugged her hair, tilting her head up to me “I’ll poke something, don’t you worry about that.”

Little miss stood there and started to slowly remove her clothes as she looked me up and down. I was mesmerised. When I was with Charlie it was like nothing else in this world mattered. She consumed my every thought, my being.

Once she had removed all her clothes, I watched as she climbed on the bed, lay on her stomach and grabbed the television remote, turning the game on, just in time for the kick off. “You’re kidding me right? You’re going to lay there naked watching the game?”

“Come take what’s yours Brax.” I growled noticeably at her as I heard the whistle blow for kick off while I tore the rest of my clothes off. I lay on top of her kissing her shoulders and back as she watched her game, bringing her hand up to caress my hair. I was working my way down her back when I felt her go to jump up, before she realised she was trapped under me. “Get in Virgil! Boom!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle against her skin, as I continued on my path to the holy grail. No sooner had I got to her gorgeous butt and started nipping at it with my teeth she went to bounce up again. “Virgil for the double! Go on, reds!” Charlie was stoked, less than half an hour and her boys were up by two goals.

I sat up on the bed as I spoke “Baby, come here please.”


“So I can bend you like Beckham.”

Once the head of me was positioned outside her, she looked down and the large head literally completely covered her centre. She reached down and spread her legs as Charlie prepared herself for me. She moaned out her arousal as I began to disappear inside her.

I bent Charlie over further, her face pushed into the bed and her arse high in the air as I buried myself deep inside my girl. She moaned in pleasure, eyes glued to her damn football game. I couldn’t even lie right now; it was the hottest moment of my life. If someone had of asked me if I could see myself engaged to the love of my life, a football fanatic like myself, smashing her beautiful core in while watching a game, I would have called them out on their bullshit.

I was in balls deep as Charlie cried out, the feeling indescribable. Hearing her relentless moans of how full she felt every time I went deep inside her was spurring on my passion. Slowly I withdrew and started a sexy rhythm in and out, almost all the way and then slowly back into the bottom.

Hearing the whistle going and looking up to see it was half time, I knew exactly what was coming next. “Oh god Brax! Fuck me hard and fast, now!”

We fucked each other with a passion and desperation I hadn’t felt in a long time, and I had never been more turned on than I was in this moment. Watching sports while fucking the ass off my missus - it was every man’s fantasy. I knew I was close and I prayed she was too, as I couldn’t hold on even if I wanted to. “Aghhh yes, baby! I’m gonna cum. Fuck, I want to fill you up.”

“Mmm. . . Brax, I’m so close, keep going. Right . . . there. . . Braxxx!” I started flowing deep inside her as I felt my orgasm subsiding, I thrust all the way in, holding there and letting her grind on me to bring her own pleasure forth. “Mmm Brax. . . I love you, I’m going. . .”

“I know baby, I feel you. Come for me Charlie.” She threw her head back as she started to orgasm and I took the chance to suck and kiss her neck as her back arched pushing me in deeper. As we lay there spent, I rolled off her to the side and she collapsed on the bed next to me. I felt her soft hand run up along my stomach as she started brushing her nails across my sensitised skin, as I lay panting like an animal.

Of course this cutie just lay there on her tummy, kicking her legs, happy as a pig in shit with her attention firmly back on the game as they ran out for the second half. Once I had calmed down enough, I rolled on my side and watched the game with her, as I reached over stroking my fingers up and down the back of her thighs. Leaning over to kiss her shoulder softly as I spoke. “I fucking love your legs babe.”

“Mmm, really?”

“They are so soft to touch and having them wrapped around me just does something I can’t explain. I want to touch them all the time.” Charlie turned her head to me briefly before going back to her game and stroked my face. As she looked back to the screen, I rolled Charlie on her side and pulled her into me, wrapping her up in my arms. We lay there naked, together, cuddled in each other, watching the end of the game.

“NO! Fuck! Alisson what were you thinking? You can’t touch the ball with your hands outside the box!”

“Straight red card that, baby.”

“That’s gonna hurt with the games we have coming up.” The final whistle blew and evil midget was happy her boys winning streak continued, and even with their goalkeeper getting red carded. The jammy bastards managed to pull it off, playing for another fifteen minutes with one less player on the field.

“Want to go have another spliff before we get some sleep?”

“Sounds good, beautiful. I’m happy for you that you got the win, as much as it pains me to say.”

“Thanks, batman. Come on.” I helped her out of bed as we chucked some clothes on before heading out. Charlie took my hand and led me back to the veranda. As we went to step out, we saw Chester with a mystery redhead, looking like they were about to be in a very compromising position.

I made a very noticeable cough into my hand to draw Chester’s attention, much to Charlie’s amusement. When he heard, he jumped back immediately and turned to us. “Interrupting bro?”

A nervous giggle and cough spluttered from Chester, as the girl’s cheeks started to blush. “Agh . . Nope, no . . . yes ha! Guys, this is Chrissy. Chrissy, this is Brax and Charlie.”

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you both.”

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