International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Eight - Charlie’s POV

Liverpool had just secured another win to go ten points clear on top of the league, so I was a bit hyped up to say the least. Brax and I had chucked some clothes on to head out to our veranda to have a joint before bed. As we got to the glass doors we saw Chester with a striking redhead pinned up against the railing, and from what we could both tell, Chester was definitely trying to pull his best moves on her.

Being the cock blocking shit he always is to us, it gave us the perfect chance to get a little payback of our own. He was not impressed when Brax let it be known we were outside, and we were definitely staying. "Hi Chrissy, nice to meet you. I'm Brax and this is my fiance Charlie."

"Hi Chrissy, nice to meet you." I reached out to shake her hand, hoping to make this situation less awkward for her sake, not Chester's

"Likewise, I hope I am not intruding?"

"Not at all, can't say the same for Chester though, can we Brax?" We both chuckled when Chester took the chance to remind us he had feelings. "Oh, so we are having one of those nights again?"

When Chester said he was fragile Brax spoke up "Pretty sure if anyone is feeling fragile right now, it is Brett and not you."

"I want to argue with that, but I really can't." When he mentioned them, I enquired where they were, and how he got on? "The doctor has put him on bed rest for the next three days, so we had to push out the show for next weekend. If the swelling and blood to the area doesn't go down by tomorrow afternoon he has to go to the hospital."

When Brax called them a pair of fucking idiots and asked if he had learned his lesson, Chrissy enquired what happened. "Chester here smacked another one of our mates in the nuts with a bowling ball."

Chrissy's head swung at Chester as her eyes popped out. "Why would you do that?"

Before Chester could find an answer appropriate, Brax beat him to the punch "Apparently the two of them don't even have a whole brain between them."

We all laughed but Chester did not seem at all amused by it, as he asked Brax if he could answer something for him. "Is buttcheeks one word or should I spread them for you so you can kiss my ass?" Against my better judgement I couldn't stop the chuckle that came out. Brax called him a little worm as they put each other in a headlock. "I'm not scared!"

"Fuck off to your own room already, I just wanted to have a smoke with my girl in peace!"

"Well, now I am just staying put all night and going to cock block you, like you did to me."

"It's good that you thought you were going to get anything, I must have missed that memo." Brax and I broke down laughing when Chrissy said that, just as Chester smacked him across the back of the head for making fun of his misfortunes.

"Ouch! But you know you wouldn't say no to me baby."

"True, I would probably just laugh instead." Oh I loved this girl! She was exactly what Chester needed.

Brax cleared his throat as he scratched the back of his neck, a trait I knew well when he was a bit nervous. "Chrissy, I am just going to be straight up with you, we are going to have a joint. Do you mind?"

"Oh, not at all. Thank you for asking first though, I appreciate the courtesy. Would you mind if I joined you?"

When I told her not at all and to please grab a seat, of course Chester went straight back to his A-game. "Here, sit on my lap and we can talk about the first thing that pops up."

"Like your ego?" Even Chester had to pay that one, she was all over his ass right now, and Brax and I were loving it. We rolled a few blunts and lit up as we sat around chatting. I could listen to her talk all night, she had a beautiful accent.

"So how did you end up being lumped with our resident Monkey nuts?" I was glad when Brax asked as I was just as curious, Chester was definitely punching above his weight with her!

"We were talking downstairs earlier and he invited me up. I said I would see how the night went as I was having dinner with friends . . ."

"But she couldn't refuse me."

"There is only so much whining from a grown man you can put up with." Chester continued and said the real reason was because he was sexy. "No, I just wanted to do my bit for charity babe."

Brax and I lost it, I loved how quick witted she was with this little shit. He was laying it on thick and she had him on his toes and bouncing. As we settled down, Brax and Chester who are the biggest gossips I have ever met got talking about April and Mark, and Chester's shocked reply reminded me he had missed it. "No! Really? Yeah boy, get in there. Although, also a selfish prick, he could have shared!" When Brax high fived Chester I slapped him. "So legit hey? Go Mark! I wonder if they left together tonight. I was still helping Brett to his room, and when I came back Liam, Mace and Chris were the only ones around. You two were going hard at it so I figured I better not knock."

"So . . . you just decided to listen instead again?"

"What can I say Midget, those grunts Brax makes really make me tingle in all the right places."

Brax throw his hat at Chester as he spoke "No seriously, you can fuck off now." After a few smokes we let them know we were going to bed and walked Chester and Chrissy out. Of course being the nosey little snoops we all are, we pretended to shut the door and continued to watch where they went. Our heads stuck around the frame like a pair of meerkats and when Chester opened his door and Chrissy stepped in first, he turned back to us and grabbed his crotch while flipping us off.

After laughing at him, we finally shut the door and Brax walked over to me and picked me up giving me a gentle kiss. "One more smoke and then cuddles?"

"One more smoke and cuddles, batman." I sat on his lap as he rolled up before we cuddled up and enjoyed the quiet of the night. "Can I just say how excited I am right now. It's shitty we had to postpone the gig for a few days but this means I can now take you out for your birthday."

"I thought you wanted to do a party with everyone cutie?"

"On the following weekend, didn't we agree? But on your birthday, I want just the two of us to do something together."

"I will never complain about spending all my minutes with you." I smiled at him lovingly and asked if I could plan it all as a surprise? "Sure Robin, if you want to surprise me with my other fantasy that night too, I won't complain. Although I bet you don't remember it?"

"I bet you I do."

"Alright alright then missy, what is it?" I turned in his lap so I could straddle him and wrapped my arms around Brax's neck. I watched as he took a long draw on the spliff and then leaned forward to take my mouth. I opened my mouth as he blew the smoke in and inhaled it before exhaling.

"You get a raging hard on at the thought of coming into your room, finding me on your bed in some sexy lingerie for you, and as you go to take my panties off you see I have already been getting myself ready for you."

"Mmm. . . . so you did listen."

"I did listen, and I remember that night. We snuck off on the other's while out clubbing and went and sat in the park together. Once we got back to your room, you ate me like a kid with birthday cake." Brax's head dipped back as he chuckled and added the next morning was when we found out we had been filmed without our knowledge while dancing. "Well how about for your birthday, I give you your own private dance?"

"Mmm. . . fuck yes! I would love that baby. Only if you let me pick the clothes for you to strip out of?"

"I accept." Brax moved forward and kissed me on the forehead as we finished the smoke and packed up to go to bed. I was putting all the glasses in the bottom shelf of the dishwasher when I felt Brax come up behind me and quickly pull my track pants down. "What are you doing?" He didn't answer me, but rather picked me up and sat me on the kitchen bench. Brax wrapped one of his powerful arms around my waist, as the other hooked behind my knee and pulled me leg up over his hip as he stepped between my legs.

After several minutes of a very heated pash session we decided to take it back to the bedroom and go for another round of earlier.

Waking up around lunchtime the next day, to banging on the door, Brax got up and answered it to find the guys there and Liam's was the first voice I heard. "So, we have a free day. Let's go exploring?"

I could hear the other's all chattering before Brax agreed and said to give us half an hour to wake up properly and get dressed. I walked out, just wearing Brax's button up shirt, when Chester saw me. "Damn Midget! I dropped my phone, can you bend over and pick it up for me?"

Reflex saw Brax punch him in the shoulder as Chester grabbed his arm furiously rubbing it between laughter. "Cutie, the guys want to go play in the snow?"

"Alright, we can go have a look around babe. Just make sure you wear your shoes this time boys, and no following stray cats." The band all laughed as they headed out to our veranda to wait and Brax and I took it in turns getting read.

We got in the cars and drove around for a bit having a look, before I asked Brax to pull over as I found a spot I wanted to get some photos of the boys for the social feeds. They got out and I smiled taking as many photos as I could while they mucked around like the maniacs they are.

After a few hours on the road, we headed back to the hotel and hadn't been back in our room long when we heard a knock at the door. I opened to be greeted by a very stressed looking Marcus. "What is it dad?"

"Brett was taken to hospital a few hours ago guys."

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