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Chapter Twenty Nine - Charlie’s POV

Marcus had let us know Brett was taken to hospital when we were out and the concern was painted like a neon sign across Chester's face. For all their fucking around, the guys really had good hearts and hated to see anyone they knew in pain, especially as a result of their actions. All the boys seemed to be feeling the pain for Brett right now, and dumbfounded so I spoke up. "How bad is it Marcus?"

"The last communication I received from Nick was he is in surgery."

Out of my peripheral vision I saw Chester slump in on the couch, head buried in his hands. "Fuck! I am such an asshole."

Making my way over to him, I sat down next to Monkey and wrapped my arm around his shoulder. "Baby, you're not an asshole. An idiot sometimes, yes, but everyone here will agree with me when I say you have a good heart Chester. You didn't mean for this to happen, but you better fucking learn from it. You guys need to be more careful with the stupid shit and pranks you do."

I watched as he nodded his head in his hands and I softly stroked his back. "No more pranks, I promise."

I couldn't help but chuckle softly as I replied. "Yeah, let's not get too crazy, we all know that won't happen." I took his hand to hop up so we could have a cone, but seeing his face made me want to hug him first. "Come here you clown." I hugged him tight, of course it took him only a matter of seconds to return to normal, I knew this when I heard Brax speak up.

"Don't fucking do it asshole." I turned my head while still hugging Chester to speak to Brax as I asked what his problem was? "He's winking at me over your shoulder and his hand is moving towards your ass."

"He's shit stirring you. I know he isn't that stupid because he's aware I will give him a liverpool kiss if he tries." The rest of the guys heckled me to do it anyway, but soon stopped when Brax asked Marcus if he had an idea how long it would take?

"Nick said he would call us the moment he is in recovery." Chester was quick to follow up and ask if it was ok to head up when we got the call. Understanding his guilt Marcus didn't put up any argument and immediately agreed.

"Thanks dad." Marcus just smiled as he patted Monkey on the back. "I don't know about you lot, but I need that cone after that news, I think I am having sympathy pains." All the guys nodded and agreed, making a point of grabbing their nuts.

"Please! Don't even act like you all need an excuse to grab your balls." Kendall and I burst out laughing at Mace, she was right. "And I know exactly what's coming next - It's a comfort thing babe." Even the boys laughed this time as she mimicked Liam's voice saying it.

"Literally Brax every time I pull him up on it." Of course he verbalised his disdain highlighting he was right there and I was talking about him. " I know, that's why I said it. Beside, you don't see us walking around grabbing our tits to make sure they are still there."

"I mean I wouldn't mind if you did." The cheeky shit winked back at me, not before his eyes wandered down to my cleavage, while Chester and Shane added they had no problem with it either.

When Liam asked if we wanted to give them a demonstration now I was shocked at Mark's little quip, usually the quiet one of the group. "You know for research, see if it has the same effect as when we grab our balls."

When Mace told them all to shut the fuck up and pushed pass them out on to the veranda they continued to amuse each other and entice us. The guys were talking about Brett and speculating on the extent of the damage when I turned to Kendall and Mace to talk with them. "You know, if that was Brax he would be carrying on like his life was over." When Mace asked why I added "That's his weak spot babe. He loves his balls played with."

"Does he?" My head flew when Chester piped in. How the hell does that asshole hear everything, even when you are being discrete?

"Cutie! Did you really have to advertise that?"

I threw my hands up in defence as I addressed Brax. "What? I was talking with the girls, it's not my fault he listens in to everything."

"I have a question?" Before he could finish asking Brax told him to fuck off, he refused to give any answers. "Hear me out bro. All I was going to say was, if your weak spot is Midget playing with your family jewels, what's her weak spot?"

"Do NOT answer that Brax, especially if you want your birthday present we discussed last night."

Chester couldn't contain his excitement, his fear of missing out escalated in the knowledge there was something he didn't know. So I wasn't surprised when he asked Brax what the present was? "Nope! I want the present more than I want to tell you."

"So it's that good? What's Midget going to do, juggle your nuts in her throat? Taking tonsil hockey to the next level you two." I wrenched my flip flop off and pegged it at Chester's head, the guys roared with laughter while Marcus' highlighted how wrong that bloke is.

"So right too, I mean I wouldn't say no if you wanted to cutie?" Now it was Brax on the receiving end of a slap across the chest. Not to be outdone, he quickly grabbed my wrist and tried to slide it down his groin.

He stopped when we heard Marcus ask for a spliff. "I need to go and make some calls to get this gig changed around due to Brett's condition. The moment I hear an update I will come get you all alright?"

After saying goodbye to Marcus, Chester decided to return to his interrogation and asked Brax what the plan was for his thirtieth? "Private Party. You're not invited." Chester nearly spat his drink out in disgust as he told him to fuck off and I had to laugh and remind Monkey he was just joking. "I'm not fucking joking."

"Yes you are." I nudged him playfully but he insisted again he wasn't much to everyone's amusement. Shaking my head I explained "We are going out for dinner, as in Brax and I the night of his birthday. Next weekend we will all go out and have a huge celebration. But as for anything else, he wants to wait until we get back so we can do something with our families too."

"Alright Midget I accept your proposal, we all know you are the boss and not that baboon. But I am inviting that cute little redhead."

"Sure, I liked her."

"Not as much as I did." When the animal started humping the air the boys all laughed, when Brax asked what happened with them anyway? "What happened with you and Midget last night?"

"Nope, fuck off asshole."

"Share for share, or go fuck yourself caveman." I had to laugh at Chester throwing it back at Brax, at least until he smacked me on the butt for it. "Wait up, I want to know where you ended up last night Mark?"

When Chester said it, I nearly jumped out of Brax's lap. "YES! Now I want to know too."

"I'm sure you do." He said laughing at me as he shook his head and Shane asked him what happened. Without even giving Mark a chance to answer Chester did it for him.

"Mark was getting a taste for Canadian hockey. The tonsil kind with . . ." Brax cut Chester off and said April as Liam turned to Mark punching him in the arm telling him to fuck off.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Taking that as a challenge from Mark, Brax tried to turn me in his lap. "Come here cutie, let's give him a reenactment to refresh his memory."

"I thought we already did, on the kitchen bench last night."

"Wait! How much ass did your kitchen bench see last night?" When Chester asked that Brax replied more than him as we all giggled.

When Kendall was in a fit of laughter over it Mace asked her why she was so tickled, when her and Shane had something to tell us all too. Not wanting to throw Kendall under the bus for Chester, Shane answered instead. "In the words of the lord of ape balls, I'm not scared. Kendall is moving to live with me. I asked and she finally put me out of my misery and said yes."

"About fucking time." We all agreed with Brax's sentiment. They really were adorable together, but I wasn't letting Mark get off this easy.

"So, that must be your turn to spill Mark?"

"I reckon if anyone was spilling Midget, it was you and Brax on the kitchen bench last night."

"Not just the bench bro!" Brax and Mark laughed as they fist bumped.

"What can I say, I'm a thirsty bitch." I shrugged my shoulders as the boys roared with laughter and Brax wrapped me up tighter.

"Look a lot of what you guys walked in on in the kitchen. We sat up talking most of the night and fooling around. I am taking her out for dinner tomorrow night. Nothing more to see here folks."

We were all happy for Mark, he was genuinely one of the sweetest guys I knew, and he deserved to find his own happiness. After a bit of a chill and a few smokes we got a text from Marcus telling us to meet him in the lobby downstairs in ten minutes if we wanted to go see Brett. There was no discussion as everyone jumped up to get sorted and raced down stairs to meet up. I had to smile when I saw Chester grabbing Brett some real food to take as a peace offering.

We arrived at the hospital and checked in at the reception and were directed to Brett's room. After getting out the lift we headed down towards the ward and when we reached his room we found April, Nick and Chris all with him. "Knock, knock. Am I allowed in? I bought you a peace offering bro."

"Hey Chester, it's all good. Come in guys." We headed in the tiny room and took it in turns of greeting Brett before asking how he was feeling. "Good at the minute. I am still pretty dosed up so I will milk that for as long as I can."

"Well it's the only thing that's gonna get milked at the moment bro." Brett turned to Chester calling him an asshole and thanking him for the reminder as they bro hugged and he handed him the food.

"You're a fucking every day hero brother. I was just complaining I was starving and the food here is shite." As everyone settled in and Brett opened up his food, I asked what the doctors were saying of the outlook. "A few days bed rest and a jock strap for two weeks. Again, thanks for that asshole."

"Want me to wear one with you for solidarity?"

The girls all chuckled when Chester asked, more so when Brax added. "You just want to anal floss bro, I know your game."

Brett explained they had to operate to fix a torsion which occurred during the injury. We had no idea what that was so he explained it is when the tube cord that leads up to the abdomen from the testicle ends up twisted and they have to operate to turn it back around. I saw all the guys winching and wanting to grab themselves again out of instinct. Meanwhile Brax moved closer behind me as he whispered. "I suddenly feel very sore down there for him."

I turned my head slightly, a twinkle in my eye. "Are you just saying that so I might take care of you later?"

"Well, I mean if you are offering I won't say no."

We spent a few hours with Brett keeping him company before heading back to the hotel. Everyone went to their rooms to get showered as it was getting late before we all had dinner together. I was in the bathroom waiting for the water to warm up so I could get in when Brax came through and started stripping off. "Really babe?" He looked at me perplexed. "I need to wax and wash my hair tonight."

"Yeah well I need to wash my balls just in case they end up in your mouth later."

I burst out laughing as I threw my head back. "For fuck sake Brax. I seriously question what the hell is wrong with you boys sometimes."

Not phased at all, he grinned and picked me up walking into the shower with me. After repeatedly slapping his hand away, an attempt to get him to behave, we finally got out and headed into the lounge room, unlocking the door so the rest could head in when they were sorted. "Baby, Chester just text and asked if he could invite Chrissy around tonight?"

"Sure babe, no problem at all. I really liked her." Brax texted him back and we got a beer each and sat outside. A short time later everyone was back at ours and we had ordered dinner to be delivered.

"So, I reckon we should all go out tomorrow night. No point in sitting around when we have a free night for a change, right?" When Chester raised the question the boys all looked at each other and nodded. "Wanna join us Chrissy?" She nodded yes and thanked us for the invite. "You should invite April, Mark?"

"Thanks Chester, but I already told you we had plans."

"Oh, that's right, my bad. I forgot you are to smoke grass, skip class then go and eat some ass."

We all burst out laughing as Mark shook his head and said "Fuck this is going to be a long night."

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