International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Three - Brax POV

So Chester and I had been fucking around. And it led us to this point.

Yep, here I was floating in the middle of my fucking pool.

I heard Chester in hysterics as he buckled over and grabbed his stomach, Charlie wasn't far behind him. "Oh my god, Brax!" I heard the lot of them laughing their heads off, but what do you do? It is what it is.

I swam over to the edge and hoisted myself out of the pool. "Don't suppose you want to get me a towel, cutie?" Charlie giggled as she said she better and put her drink down to head inside. All the while Chester was still in hysterics. I finally cracked up laughing with him.

Charlie got back and I jumped up to race inside to her. "Agh, no. Wet clothes in that basket please. I do not want water all through the house." When Chester yelled out it was a lie, she was just trying to get me naked Charlie turned and smirked at him. "Oh Monkey, I don't need to try. He does that all by himself."

"You want me naked baby?"

"I want you to hurry up and stop being a man child. Our other guests will be arriving soon, and I would prefer you dried and dressed please." I got my jacket and shirt off and chucked them in the washing basket. Charlie passed me the towel and then stepped closer so she could hold it up behind me while I undid my pants and slid them off.

"Hey! SMILE." We heard Chester yell out and I noticed Charlie duck down behind the towel. "That's even better! Fuck, I could make a shit load of money off this photo." I looked over my shoulder and I saw him running over as he held his phone up.

There I was with my pants around my ankles, Charlie holding the towel up for privacy, no shirt, and she ducked just in time so all you could see was her hands the towel around my midsection and 4 feet poking out the bottom. Dodgy as fuck I chuckled to myself. "Can you send me that bro."

"NO!" Charlie glared up at me.

"Shh baby, just concentrate on what you're doing." I put my hand on the top of her head and pretended to push her back down as the guys laughed." Charlie stood up and wrapped the towel around me as I headed off inside to get dried and dressed. When I came back down more people had arrived so I made a point of greeting them and thanking them all for coming.

I excused myself when I saw Carole arrive and went to greet her. "How are you dear?" I told Carole we had never been better as she looked around quickly. "Where is my little Pixie hiding?"

I told Carole she was out the back as I escorted her through while we chatted. Carole asked if my parents were coming also and I said they were. "They wanted to catch up with us before we headed off next week. You're staying overnight in the city? We should all do lunch or dinner tomorrow?"

"Sounds wonderful. Now where do we get a smoke in this place?" I laughed and told Carole to follow me as we made our way down. "Now this place is wonderful. It suits you both well. I'm thoroughly impressed."

We stepped outside as I told Carole the moment I saw it I knew it was the one. I was just happy Midget felt the same. The moment I said her name she turned "Hey I heard my na. . . mum!" Charlie came racing over and threw herself at her mother and the smile on my cutie's face was everything.

"My sweet Pixie, look at you. You just get more beautiful each time I see you." When Charlie blushed and told her to stop, I agreed with Carole.

"Ok, both of you stop." Carole and I chuckled as she hugged Charlie and complemented our home again. "I nearly died when Brax bought me out here to show me. It's perfect, just like him."

Charlie stepped closer to me and I wrapped my arm around her shoulders as she cuddled my waist. "Well there is plenty of space here so when you get back from Canada, I can expect some grandbabies right?" Charlie and I both choked and looked like deer in headlights as Carole casually dropped that grenade and walked off asking "Now if I just follow that monkey laughing, I know I will find that smoke you were supposed to get me Brax."

Charlie and I stood stunned as Carole disappeared, both of us silent for the first time in our lives. After several awkward minutes I finally turned to Charlie "So, ah Carole's here."

"Yep. I got that one." Charlie turned to me and looked puzzled. When she pointed to where her mother had exited and asked if that just happened I nodded and said yes. "Good chat." I hugged her to me as she buried her head in my chest shaking it from side to side.

I leaned down and kissed Charlie's cheek as I whispered "It's not the worst idea ever you know babe." She definitely wasn't expecting that because quicker than the flash her head shot up. Unfortunately for me, as I was resting my head against hers, it meant she head butted me on the chin in the process. "Agh fuck!"

"Fuck Brax!" We both looked at each other as she rubbed her head and I my chin, before we burst out laughing. "Are you ok babe?" I said I was just about to ask her the same thing but she insisted she was fine. I took her hand and led her outside, after that shock, I needed a cone. I let go to allow my hand to wander down to her beautiful arse, in those sexy as fuck pants. Every time she slapped my hand away I went back grabbing a bigger handful. "Quit it already, Brax! My mother is right over there and your parents will be here shortly."

"I'm just trying to keep your mother happy, babe."

Charlie stopped in her tracks and turned to look at me as I smirked down at her. "How is feeling me up all the time going to keep my mother happy?"

"Did you not just hear what she asked for, cutie?" How do you think I give her the grandchildren she wants?" When I wiggled my eyebrows at her, Charlie slapped me while she sucked in a breath and shook her head.

"You little fucker! So now you're going to use that shit show to your advantage?" I pulled Charlie into me and gave her a quick kiss reminding her I loved her. "I bet you do."

"I'm still going to bang you tonight." When she replied I bet you do again I chuckled and kissed her on the forehead. We joined the other and I sat down with her while we shared a blunt. When Chester made a beeline for her mother Charlie was ready to pounce. Once I settled her down, I noticed she was still watching him intently with Mrs Robinson.

Fuck! Carole.

Thankfully he was on his best behaviour . . . for now. We headed back inside after our smoke so we could mingle with the rest of our guests when I saw my parents arrive. I took Charlie's hand and led her up the stairs so we could greet them. "My boy, how are you? And sweetheart don't you just look as beautiful as ever."

Mum came over and hugged Charlie and I tightly before dad could even get a word in. He soon got to say hello to us both and we gave them a quick tour of upstairs before heading down to join everyone. "I'm proud of you son. You've done well."

"Thanks dad. Actually, do you have a second before we go down?" When dad said of course I let Charlie know. "Babe, could you take mum down. Carole is already downstairs mum. Dad and I are just going to have a quick chat."

Charlie and mum said they would see us soon as they headed off, dad and I went and took a seat in the lounge room, which afforded us some privacy. "So how can I help you son?"

"Dad, I've been thinking a lot about where to from here, you know? It's not like I can just go on tour or play gigs forever right?"

"There is no reason why you can't do it for as long as you enjoy it son." I said I understood that part, but I felt like I was at an age where I wanted more. "How so? You don't want to do it anymore? The music?"

"Yes! Of course I do. It's everything to me dad, I mean other than the music what else do I have?"

"Well, for starters you have a beautiful girl downstairs who seems to love you just as much as your mother and I do?" I explained to dad that was my point. We had this beautiful home now, so what next? I didn't want our story to stop there. "What is it son? You know you can always talk to myself and your mother."

"I want to ask Charlie to marry me." Dad's expression didn't change, I guess he expected it. But he did ask what was stopping me. "I keep thinking it is too much, too soon. We just moved in here, what if she's not ready? What if after everything her father tried to do, it freaks her out? We've never spoken about it before so I don't know how she feels. I don't even know how to discuss it with her."

Dad sat thinking for a moment as I watched him, anticipating the guidance he has always given me. "Thinking will not overcome fear son, action will. We can support you, but only you can choose to act. And if there is one thing I know about my son, he doesn't give up on what he truly wants."

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