International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty - Charlie’s POV

We had started to realise tonight was going to be a very long night. Now that Chester knew Brett was ok he was getting loose, and by that I mean he had gone feral. For the last half an hour he had been non stop tormenting me because he knows I will bite every time he winds me up. "God damn it Chester, quit being a pain in the arse!"

"You know baby, if I am such a pain in the ass, we can just add more lubricant." He winked at me as the rest burst out laughing. When he noticed Brax go to punch him, for the first time ever he managed to jump on the way in time.

Being so proud of himself for it too, he stood there giving Brax the finger much to my amusement. "What the fuck are you on tonight?" Chester and I were still going loggerheads at each other when Nick, Chris and April arrived back from the hospital. When Nick asked what the hell was going on here Marcus told him he had a one word guess.

Chris said Chester without flinching as Marcus slapped the table. "Ding, ding, ding, Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner."

Everyone got settled in and I heard Liam and Mace giggling about something when my curiosity peaked and I had to ask. "Oh, Liam was just trying one of his lame pick up lines to get me to go to bed now. Speaking of, what is the worst line you guys have ever heard?"

Everyone had a think about it for a minute or so before Chester spoke. "Do you believe in Karma? Because I know some good karma-sutra positions." Nick laughed and said he might have to pinch that one to use on his wife to our amusement.

"Do you like dragons, because I'll be dragon my balls across your face tonight." I nearly spat my drink out when Kendall said it, and if I thought that was funny, the whole group roared in hysterics when Shane pointed out he was the one that said it. Brax couldn't stop howling and when he said he loved that I was fast to advise him not to try it.

"I may not go down in history, but I'll go down on you." When Brax said that the boys laughed, it sounded about right from some fan girl's mouth.

When Liam said "Pizza is my second favourite thing to eat in bed," Shane cracked up and highlighted that it should be Chester's life story before he added his own.

"The only reason I would kick you out of bed would be to fuck you on the floor." Kendall glared at him when he said it, a curious look on her face wondering if he was serious. "Just returning the favour baby, you want to throw me under the bus, I'll bang you on the floor."

We broke out laughing and Mace asked if Kendall really said that. "Yeah, I was trying to be romantic." Even the guys lost it when she answered.

April said the worst she ever got was if I was a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seed, I nearly choked on my drink and Brax had to rub my back furiously for me as I coughed up.

"I'd like to use your thighs as earmuffs." Chrissy's contribution had Chester reeling as he asked if that was an offer.

"Excuse me, I am about to go and masturbate and needed a name to go with the face." Liam laughed as he hugged Mace tighter and said he remembered the gimp that said it to her also. When Chester asked if it was the nasty fucker off his face on pills during their appearance for Mace's old radio station she nodded yes.

Marcus added 'I wish you were soap so I could feel you all over me' which of course prompted Chester to start rubbing his own nipples.

When Chris added 'You know how your hair would look good? In my lap' Brax lost it. "Fuck, I am definitely using that on Charlie."

"Is that a fact?" I lifted my eyebrows at him and turned to look. He was wasted good love him, but the twinkle in his eye told me he was enjoying himself, and that was all that mattered.

Mark continued with 'What time do you get off? Can I watch?' before we got to Nick. "Let's go back to my place and do the things I'll tell everyone we did anyway." The boys all laughed as Nick took a sip on his beer and added "So I did and then I married her."

Finally it was my turn as they all stared at me. "I'm a zombie, can I eat you out?" We all laughed remembering the clowns or I guess in Nick's case not so much, that said them to us.

I felt Brax tap my butt as he spoke. "They aren't all bad though. What was that romantic one I said to you a while back babe, and you still rolled your eyes at me?"

"If that was your idea of romance you are lucky I don't expect it often." The girls chuckled and curiosity got the better of them as they asked what it was. "I would love to kiss those luscious lips. And when I am finished, I will kiss the ones on your face too." Poor Mark who was rocking backwards on his chair when I said went barreling over as we all broke lost it and howled in laughter.

Things settled down a bit after that as we sat around getting royally stoned and smoking way too much. I saw Brax eyeballing Chester who looked crossfaded and on his way out the door. "What's wrong baby?"

I asked Brax as I snuggled into him more. Not answering me, he tilted his head slightly as he spoke to Chester. "Bro! What are you looking at?" I saw Chester's head shoot up before he threw it back chuckling.

"Tell her boobs to stop staring at me then!" Shane smacked his hat off and asked what the fuck was wrong with him. "I dunno man, I am near ready to pass out." Brax said he wasn't surprised considering Monkey looked cooked. "I am! Even you look hot right now brother."

"Oh thanks baby, I always knew you had a wet spot for me."I nudged Brax in the ribs carefully when he said it.

After another beer I got up to go to the bathroom and break the seal finally when Brax got up and started following me. "What are you doing babe?"

"Following you?"

"Brax, I am going to pee!"

"Okay." I started to walk inside when I noticed him still following me and laughed as I took his hand. "Never mind Chester, you're just as cooked aren't you?"

"Maybe, but I would still spit roast you if you let me."

Shaking my head I pulled him down the hallway with me. "Brax, just wait there please while I go to the toilet."

"Sure you don't want a hand?"

"I am fine!" I quickly went in and came back out to find him sitting on the floor in the hallway with his head resting against the wall. I stood in front of Brax and went to stroke his hair off as Chester and Liam came around the corner to go to the bathroom.

"Yes bro! Go muff diving!" Chester's face caused Brax to look up, first at me, then to the boys before looking back. I had no time to register when he grabbed my hips and pulled me into him and started rubbing his face in my crotch while making munching sounds.

"Up, now Braxton! You need some water."

"I don't know babe, I think you already wet my whistle enough."

Liam took the chance to sneak into the toilet while Chester and Brax were fucking around. "Do I have to babysit both of you tonight? I thought you had a gorgeous redhead out there waiting for you?"

"Oh god, Midget! Have you seen the ass on her? I want to dive in face first."

"Do it bro, don't be scared!" When Brax added that I ordered them both up and into the lounge room.

The pair of the fuckers threw their arms around my shoulder and I managed to finally get their stumbling arses out to the lounge room and onto the couch. Grabbing them both some iced water, I could hear the pair of fuckers encouraging each other still with their antics. "Chester, I am telling you man, I am going to give it to Charlie so hard tonight she will feel me in her stomach. . . . .from the inside."

"Bro, serious I was going to contact heaven earlier to see if they had an angel for me, but decided I wanted a slut instead."

"Man, Charlie gets so fucking dirty when she's off her head."

"BRAX!" My god this man and his mouth when he is wasted.

"Baby, it's true! The way you wrap your tongue arou. . . ."

"You want that ever again, you will shut the fuck up while you still can."

"Ok baby." When he thought I had turned around I saw him lean over trying to whisper to Chester, but the pair of them wouldn't know how to whisper to save their lives at the minute.

"YES BRO! No wonder you hit that ass so much."

"She loves a good spanking too."

"For the love of god Brax, if you don't shut up I will be the one spanking you."

Once Chester finished laughing I heard him say to Brax he told him so. "What did you tell me bro?"

"Remember after our regional tour when she said about kinky being hot. I told you to hit it then, did I not?"

"Yeah bro, I guess I owe you for telling me to do something I already thought about doing all the time." Brax pushed him but given Chester's state at the moment he nearly tumbled off the couch.

"Oi, you pair of gronks. Thanks for fucking leaving without me." Chester apologised to Liam and asked if he had been waiting for them and when Liam said yes I buckled over laughing.

"You do realise Liam, you could have just walked out the hallway a long time ago and you would have found us?" Brax laughed at my comment and asked if I remembered the time we caught him talking to his reflection in the mirror.

We all cracked up as Chester added it was legendary and Liam again highlighted he legitimately thought the guys were just a rude prick and ignoring him.

The three of them were sitting on the couch now in hysterics when Mark came in to see what they were doing, however that soon turned to him diving across the top of them and yelling "Mosh PIT!" Chester screamed back stacks on, before Liam added Royal rumble.

"Oh for fuck sake, seriously guys? Hope you're babysitting tonight Charlie?" Just as the fuckers started wrestling on the couch and eventually fell on the floor, Mace had made her presence known at the door. You'd think we would be used to this by now, but no, it is always something new with these guys,

The boys finally calmed the fuck down and ended up sitting around the coffee table packing cones and getting even more trolleyed. Soon after I decided to call it quits when the rest were getting ready to head off to bed also, except for Brax, Chester, Liam, Shane and Mark who were all monging out around the coffee table. "Right Braxton, I am going to bed. If you are staying up, behave and do not wake me. Go sleep in the other room tonight."

"No way I am coming now, so you can come later." He jumped up to run after me down the wall when I heard an all mighty crash and swung around like the flash to see what it was.

Brax was splayed out on the floor and the roar of laughter that emanated from the rest was deafening. The boys were rolling on the ground and I saw Chester grab his crotch as he swore he was going to piss his pants from laughing too hard. I looked at the girls on the couch who were now cackling their heads off also. "What the hell just happened? Is someone going to tell me?"

Kendall, between chuckling her head off, managed to finally spill the beans. "He flew up out the seat to race after you, missed the hallway and ran straight into the wall. By the time she finished explaining this had just set off everyone again in raucous laughter.

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