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Chapter Thirty One - Brax POV

I woke up and my head felt like it was ready to explode. Quite literally the worst hangover of my life. I tried to focus on the room as I opened my eyes and immediately I saw the world spinning before my eyes as I gripped my head and winced. Where the fuck was I? I didn't even remember getting to bed.

As I sat up too quickly I felt the rush of nausea and the light headedness. Why am I not in my room? And where the fuck is my midget! "CHARLIE."

Fuck! I definitely should not have yelled. I swung my legs off the bed to get out and nearly went arse over tits sliding across the wood. As I looked down I started to dry reach. "Yuck! Fuck, what the hell." Did I actually just stand in vomit? Is it my vomit? Holy shit, why can't I remember anything from last night.

I flopped back on the bed, brushing the hair out of my face and rubbed my hands over my face. Desperate to try and remember something, anything . . . . .

"Well, well, well. Don't you look as rough as a badger's asshole."

Peeling one eye open I could see Charlie leaning against the door frame, a peculiar look on her face. "Baby, please do not yell. I know I fucked up bad. I can see it and smell it."

Charlie pushed off the frame as she chuckled. "I wasn't yelling, baby. I am pretty sure that is just the hangover pounding inside your head. But I did come bearing gifts because I love you."

I couldn't even open my eyes to acknowledge her properly, a result of the wrecking ball bashing my brain into sludge. "Hmm what's that cutie?"

"Sorry batman, but there is no way in hell I am coming in there, that room stinks!" All I could do was mumble an apology. "I know you are sorry, and I am sure you will be feeling it all day. How about I make you a deal?"

"It depends on what it is beautiful. I am about as useless as tits on a bull at the moment."

"All I was going to say was, go have a shower please because you reek, actually stink. Brush your teeth and get changed, then come out and I will sort your hangover. In fact I guarantee it will be gone within the hour."

"Houdini if you can pull that off, I will get down on my knees and worship you for the goddess you are."

"Well while you are down there, you can make yourself useful can't you?"

"Whatever you want Queen of the Midget's." I heard her chuckle and tell me to get up again and sort my shit out. I made a mental note that I will have to pay a shit load to the poor cleaning staff of the hotel. This mess is putrid, even I wouldn't want to be them.

Fuck my life, what did I do?

I headed into the bathroom and hissed immediately since Charlie had already pulled the blinds open. "What's wrong baby?"

"You ever feel like growing up, you never truly understood how or why vampires hated the light? Then all of a sudden, you're older, you open the blinds when you're hungover as balls and bam! Your whole life flashes before your eyes."

"Are you being dramatic again batman?"

"No I am not, I am raising a valid point." Charlie walked into the bathroom to see me half stripped off and sitting on the edge of the bathtub. I felt her soft hand run through my hair, stroking it back before giving me a kiss on the top of the head. I rubbed her hips softly as I rested my head on her stomach. "Baby, should I die today I really do love you."

"You're not dying, you might be hurting, but that is all." I looked up at her not fully understanding why she was being so patient with me after the mess I had caused. "Holy shit Brax! Have you seen your face?" When I said several times she sucked her teeth at me. "I meant this morning, you cockhead."

"No, do I want to?" When she said I needed to, I stood up slowly and looked over her shoulder into the mirror. "How the fuck did I end up with two black eyes?"

"I believe it was from when you ran into the wall, my love." What? I did what? "Braxton, I love you but fuck you need a shower and to brush your teeth. It's a mixture between a brewery and a toilet. I promise I will explain everything and take care of you once you have had a wash."

"Ok boss lady, whatever you say." After telling me I was a good boy, she walked out all chipper and for the life of me I couldn't understand why Charlie was so perky. Considering the shit mess I had made, I expected her to go off her tits at me. I felt like maybe I was being set up. It definitely did not make sense.

After I got washed, another vomit and brushed my teeth, I dragged my ass out to the lounge room. Mace, Liam, Shane, Kendall, Chester and Mark were all there and looked up when I came in. I must have looked like death as Chester cracked up and threw me a spliff. "I don't know why you are laughing prick, you don't look any better. The only difference being I have the black eyes." When they all chuckled and asked if I knew how I got them, I said did it even matter? It was done now.

The group got up and headed outside to have a smoke as I started to walk out, Charlie called me into the kitchen. "Baby are you doing a fry up?"

"I am darling - Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomato, hashbrown, baked beans and fried bread." This girl was something else, and normally I would have died and gone to heaven.

"I appreciate you so much baby, but if I eat that I am likely going to be sick again."

"Take these babe, with a bottle of water and have a spliff. I promise by the time it is ready you will be singing a different tune and ready to sit down to devour it." I raised my eyebrow and asked if she wanted to put a bet on that. "Sure. When I am right I am tying you to the bed and you will do everything I tell you to."

"And if I win?" When she said roles reserved I agreed and asked for the magic pills. Charlie smirked at me and handed over four tablets and a bottle of water before I headed out for a smoke. It took me longer than normal to be able to finish it but as much as it pained me to admit, by the time I had I was feeling slightly better as the thumping in my head dulled.

Charlie obviously noticed that I had started to get more colour back into my face and stroked it gently while looking into my eyes. "How are you feeling my darling?"

"Better, nearly good as much as I hate to admit you were right. What were those tablets anyway?"

"Witchcraft baby." She winked at me and I smirked, giving her a hug.

"So, you alive yet bro?" Shane nudged Chester when he asked and told him to stop being a nob head he didn't look much better. "I know, I nearly vomited trying to smoke that spliff." Charlie turned to Chester, extending her hand and told him to follow. "Why? Are you going to finish me off?"

When Charlie said there was only one way to find out I told him to go. "She is Houdini and believe me, whatever she gives you . . . . take it! I almost feel back to normal, just tired and lethargic, but the hangover is all but gone.

"If you are fucking with me bro, I will give you two more black eyes when those heal." I shook my head and promised him I wasn't. Chester followed Charlie in and I watched as she fetched the tablets for him and handed them over with a bottle of water. Checking the food and turning it to low, they came back out to have a smoke while breakfast finished cooking.

When Charlie sat on my lap and looked at my face worried, having a good inspection, I had to ask what happened. I really couldn't remember any of it. "So, is someone going to tell me why or how I got into this state?"

They all started talking at once as the group cracked up laughing at the antics from last night, when Liam added "So when Midget said she was going to bed, you tried to race after her down the hall. Bro you were fucking white girl wasted and ran straight into the wall."

Every single one of these assholes fell over howling when Kendall added "Oh god, you literally just bounced straight off the wall. Fucking gold!"

"How the fuck did I end up in the spare room then with my clothes off?"

"After you nearly knocked yourself out by head ramming the wall, the guys got you up off your ass before you started to vomit down yourself. You tried to piss in the linen cupboard in the hallway, before arguing with me that it was the toilet until I showed you where it actually was. You then proceeded to piss all over the floor and your feet so I told them to dump you in the spare room for the night so I could get some rest."

Truthfully, I was still dubious as to the legitimacy of this story. I knew Charlie, and if this was all true she wouldn't be nice to me. "Hang on, if that is all true, then why aren't you pissed off with me cutie?"

"Oh that's the best part of the night, I almost forgot about that. . . ." Chester piped in and I saw everyone nod and agree, a humorous look plastered to their faces.

"What? I'm confused? What does that have to do with Charlie not being pissed off?"

"Mark, Liam and I had to wrestle with you to get your clothes off, all the while you screamed at us for being thirsty bitches. Ranting that you loved your midget and you were getting married soon."

When Shane explained I flipped him the bird. "Fuck off, I did not."

"Brax, you really did baby."

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