International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty Two - Brax POV

Brett had finally been released and after five days we were back on the road to our next stop, Regina Saskatchewan. Little missy was hyperactive as hell because my birthday was two days away and this weekend she had something up her sleeve, but wasn’t telling me. She was even letting me get loose, which surprised me given my latest escapade. Thankfully my black eyes had now disappeared also.

Tonight we had a gig and as a thank you for our audience patience, given the hospitalisation of Brett we were putting on a VIP show tomorrow night for a hundred lucky guests. This gave the band and the fans a chance to do a meet and greet with each other.

The trip from Winnipeg to Regina was comfortable as we went straight down the Trans-Canada Highway and arrived a little under six hours later, getting checked in quickly as soon as we could. We were staying at the Ramada Plaza as it was one of only a few hotels in the area that was able to accommodate our requirements.

I was pleasantly surprised when we got into the spacious suite Charlie and I had been assigned, I was even more excited at the idea of getting her half naked and bent over the edge of the indoor private pool and spa we had. Due to the downtime we had suffered in Winnipeg we were on a very tight schedule. Marcus and Nick were keen to make up as much time as possible, so that left us just thirty minutes to get changed and ready for tonight’s show.

The show had gone really well and even though we had pushed it out by several days, due to unforeseen circumstances, the crowd were really appreciative that we didn’t cancel and still made the effort. With that in mind we decided to invite all valid ticket holders back tomorrow for the meet and greet. Marcus was ready to pull his hair out at us, but we had already announced it on stage, so there wasn’t much he could do about it now. Unlucky dad!

Both bands had played an awesome show and we were loading the bus when out of nowhere, a hail of rocks and chunks of red bricks came raining down on us. We all turned around to see a group of teenagers, chucking stones from a nearby empty lot at any cars or people that went by. Shane turned to me and the other boys as he questioned “Anyone else feel like fucking those little punks up?” Chester jumped straight onboard having just been hit on the back of the head by a projectile, and Mark followed suit shortly after.

When Mace got hit in the arm, causing a laceration Liam was already on his way over. “Liam, you really think this is the best idea?”

“Yeah Marcus, I really fucking do! That little fuck there just hit Mace, you can’t see her arm?”

“Wrong guys to draw blood with Marcus, you know that.” It bewildered me I even had to draw that to his attention. Chris was straight on our side offering their assistance. We put our shit on the bus and went to head over when we all heard Kendall scream and turned to see one of the cinder block pieces they had thrown caught her across the thigh, and when we saw Mace and her both injured, we all saw red.

Shane immediately took off yelling back to Marcus “Don’t you dare try and fucking stop me Marcus.”

“Fuck that, I am coming with you!” And he did, Marcus took off straight behind Shane, with the rest of us to follow.

“Charlie, help Kendall on the bus babe and get that cut covered. None of you girls leave the bus. And lock the door!” Everyone had already taken off the moment they saw Kendall get cut and I followed with Mark not far behind them. I turned a few times to make sure Charlie and the girls had locked themselves on the bus safely.

Heading back into the venue, I saw a kid dash past me holding a skateboard with about either other little fuckers trailing behind him. We took off but Marcus and Nick had already got there when I arrived. “Who’s got him? When’s the son of bitch that hit Kendall?

I shook my head at Shane not sure, having just arrived. “I’m not sure who got him first bro, but they caught up to him right behind the backstop for the ball diamond.”

We raced over to them and sure enough Marcus and Nick had him and his mates cornered. We restrained his friends while the little prick that hit Kendall was left for Shane to sort. He didn’t waste any time as he tackled him and pressed him up against the chain link fence, feeding him punch after punch. When his mates tried to break free to help, we all joined in and gave them a beating of their own until they were on the ground.

Shane was still laying into the kid that hit Kendall, and was now using his own skateboard as a weapon against him. Once Shane had finished Liam picked up the kid, recognising him as the same one that hit Mace and dumped him head first into one of those barrel garbage cans that was full of rubbish at the time. Kicking the can over with the kid inside, Liam booted one more time in the legs for good measure. We turned our attention back to his friend making sure they got a nice facial touch up also. A few minutes into the beating, two cops pulled up, and watched from the safety of their squad car.

Eventually they called out “Alright boys, I think they have had enough now and learned their lesson.” One of the cops shouted, as he emerged from his car to drag the bloodied youths away from the melee. The other cop told us that these kids, ages ranging from fifteen to seventeen were the town’s biggest shit stirrers. They had been known to fuck with every visitor that came to town and no one ever did anything about it. “While I am pleased to see someone finally put an end to their shenanigans and teach them a lesson, I think you all should probably leave and let me get these little punks home to their parents.”

We all laughed and had a quick chat with the cops, thanking them for their discretion and passed them some VIP tickets for tomorrow. As we were leaving we heard the cops yell “Make sure to throw the beers on ice to celebrate.” We chuckled and headed back to the girls on the bus to make sure they were alright.

Getting back on the bus, I could see the relief on Shane and Liam’s faces when they saw it was just superficial injuries, and I took the time to check Charlie over and make sure she was fine as well. We got settled on the bus and started heading back to the hotel not before she wrapped her arms around my neck and nuzzled my neck. “That was so hot Brax.”

I chuckled softly, not wanting to draw attention from the motor mouth sitting near us as I asked what it was with her getting worked up everytime I did? She insisted she didn’t but I knew otherwise. Running my hand down her back, I slid it into the back of her pants and grabbed a fist full of her gorgeous butt. “Don’t lie to me evil midget.”

Teasingly she bit down on my neck before moaning. “I don’t know, but I promise you the moment we get back you are fucking me in that pool just like you wanted.”

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