International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty Three - Charlie's POV

Thankfully after the excitement of last night the kids were on their best behaviour and we had finished the private VIP gig without any hiccups. We had agreed to have drinks tonight and celebrate as Brax turned thirty tomorrow. I had told him tomorrow night was all mine and his, so they had to get it out of their system tonight or wait until next weekend.

That being said it was agreed we would have a huge one at the hotel tonight, drinks, food, smoko and the usual fuckery we got up to. Next weekend we would go out and really let loose. Brax was happy with this and we piled into the bus and made our way back to the hotel. Once we got in the bands decided they wanted to have a shower and get changed first. I think it is easy to forget sometimes that the stage is ridiculously hot during a performance.

Combine the lights, pyro’s, strobes and lasers, the stage soon heats up. Add in the crazy theatrics these guys do and they are soon sweating like a virgin in a brothel. We had got to our room and I started getting the drinks out ready for tonight as we stocked up the sink with ice to put the mixers in. I had just emptied the ice bags and put the drinks in when Brax grabbed my waist and picked me up. “What are you doing you baboon? Go shower, you smell like one too.”

“No way, this is all caveman.” I burst out laughing as I called him a hornbag and told him to get in the shower before everyone arrived. “So, you don’t want to join me? I have a surprise for you.”

My eyes lit up as I kicked my legs around his waist. “Really? What is it?”

“This baboon bought you a big banana this time.” I slapped him lightly as I giggled. This man was incorrigible. “Are you saying you want me to change and stop finding you incredibly attractive?”

“Babe, don’t be silly. We already had one of those nights this week.” Now it was his turn to laugh as he kissed my lips mumbling against them how much he loved me.

“The moment this tour is over cutie, we are planning our wedding.” When I nodded and said yes batman he patted my ass, before grabbing a firmer hold on it. “Good girl, Robin. Now give me a kiss.”

“Where?” I winked at Brax and bit my lip while grinding my hips on to him. Before I could blink he managed to flip me up over his shoulder and was racing to the bathroom. “No Brax, what are you doing?”

“Steaming up the bathroom in more ways than one.”

“Batman, I don’t need a shower, I had one before we left. Wait until later mister impatient.”

“Baby! It’s my birthday.”

“No it is not, it’s tomorrow. And if you behave then, yes you can start your birthday with a bang . . . . . me!” When Brax said he was taking me up on that offer, I had no doubt anyway he would. I finally got away from him and while he washed I made sure everything was ready for when the other’s got back. Sitting down, I rolled up so they didn’t have to worry when they arrived and ordered some Chinese food to be delivered later in the evening.

Sometime later everyone had arrived and the music was pumping, the drinks were flowing and the smoke was clouding the air. The entire group was jovial and enjoying ourselves in each other’s company, although not without warning from Marcus first. Monkey had to keep his pants on and not touch anything that could be used as a weapon, for example a bowling ball.

I was listening to Shane and Liam bicker like a married couple about what happened last night. Liam had expressed his shock at how quickly Shane flipped out, anyone who knew Shane’s history would understand why he is extremely protective of Kendall. It intrigued me that Liam hadn’t noticed he was exactly the same. So when they started getting heated I chuckled when Chester slapped them both across the cheek “I am pretty sure you both carried on like baboons. But let’s be honest, we have had worse horror stories on tour than that.”

April was quick to agree and told them to share. “What’s the most memorable tour stories your band has had, or even as artists yourself? Mine was in Scotland when I first started out as a naive little girl. You used to get extra money for playing in Scotland, because it was so dangerous, although luckily the Scots took to us early on. We were in this brand new room with parquet flooring, and one hell of a fight broke out. I’d never seen anything like it, fifteen hundred people, everybody punching on; men punching men, men punching women, women punching men or women punching women . . . . . it was like the fucking wild west. People bottled each other in the back and neck, glasses flew everywhere. And we were stuck on stage, wondering what the hell to do. Luckily someone told us to get our stuff, get out and come back in the morning as they ushered us through a side exit. We didn’t argue, we just left. We came back in the morning and there were around twenty of them on the floor scrubbing blood out of the new parquet floors.”

The guys all laughed, even more so when Shane said she must have felt right at home last night then. April hinted she was more annoyed at getting sidelined to my amusement. Chester went next as he explained it was with his old band.

“I stood with the rest of the band at the top of the ramp leading down to the field of Shea Stadium. As with the Beatles’ Shea show years earlier, this was not to be an artistic success, to say the least. Commercial jets on final approach to the adjacent La Guardia airport drowned out the sound, when it wasn’t being saturated by the firecrackers, whistles, hoots and hollers of the crowd.”

“In those final moments before walking out onto the field, I was suddenly drenched with warm, sticky liquid from high above, where some of the rowdy fifty thousand strong audience looked down on to the players’ access ramp. Only, as I began the inaudible first verse on my guitar, did I realise with horr that the liquid I thought was just grog from the crowd being thrown, was not. It was fucking piss! We were on our way onstage so I had no fucking choice but to play covered in piss, and it was only later on we released it was the dump of the sewerage from the fucking plane that flew over.”

We mentally banked that one to give Chester hell over at another time as Shane took his turn.

“Mine was also with my first band when I just started out. It was an early evening show, if I remember correctly I think it was before dinner, so on an empty stomach. I had a few drinks before the gig, nothing too exciting, just a rum and coke. Show went well, but before the encore one of our sponsors bought a bottle of Mezcal, which usually comes with a worm in the bottom. Most confuse it with tequila but is actually a lot stronger and can come with a scorpion in it too.”

“It was a weird, fucked up brand none of us could read. And we were told it was the best thing to drink. So we all took a couple of shots then someone decided to take it on stage. During the encore we passed it between us. Shortly after I had an alcoholic induced fit . . . . during the last song. No idea what happened next. I came hours later, a gash on my head from hitting the keyboard on my way down.I still couldn’t see anything except in weird multiple dimensions, so they chucked me in the bath. Apparently I sat there talking nonsense and cackling like a mad man to myself.”

When Shane finished Chester yelled we were all definitely trying that. Of course in return we all screamed ‘NO’ at him. “But bro, you have to try it before you are thirty.” When Brax told him he was a bit fucking late then I giggled.

Once Chester sat back down Brett decided to share his horror story with us next, surprisingly it did not involve getting hit in the nuts with a bowling ball. “This was before we all took off, we used to do pub gigs, covers of artists, that kind of thing. You can imagine the usual venue, people chatting and drinking, playing pool and dancing. So we went on stage and started to play, half way through some guy, completely off his face, marched on stage and snatched the microphone telling us we were rubbish and then said the best band they ever had there was Rush, it is a shame they broke up. Which was hilarious to us given Chris was the lead in Rush when he first started out.”

“Fuck, that’s brutal!” We all nodded and agreed with Mace’s sentiment before April hadded he was a wanker. I cracked up as Brax told her to stop spending so much time with me.

We all lit up another joint as we continued to reminisce and Chris continued for us. “We’d been invited on Tour with Rancid, Canada’s biggest breakout and we went to Australia and New Zealand with them. One night I noticed I had been bitten and by the time I woke up the spot had travelled up my leg in a line. Turned out it was blood poisoning from the bite. It was the day of the gig so the doctor had to cut me, but I still went on stage with the poison pouring out, in all my leathers. It’s called being a pro so the show has to go on. I curse myself now as the pain was excruciating but I couldn’t miss a chance to go on stage with them.”

Mark went on to say his was during a festival in Germany. “I got the feeling they couldn’t understand a single thing we were saying. Everything we said on stage went down like a lead balloon so at the end I said, Thank you for your benign teutonic countenance, and I am sure they still didn’t get it. Gigs like that make you want to bash your head against a brick wall, it is less painful.”

“The gig we did at ANZ stadium in Sydney.” When Liam said that I saw all the guys start to nod before he explained. “It was after the gig, things went to shit. There was total hysteria and we couldn’t get out of the stadium. It ended up being a full on punch on between ten thousand people, police and security guards involved.” When Brax likened it to a scene from Braveheart we all giggled nervously in humour.

“Mine would be that old cougar when we went to Tasmania, getting it on with the kid young enough to be her son.” The band all imitated vomiting when Brax said that as I asked him what happened. “She wasn’t unattractive but even so it was beyond what you expect. I would have said she was in her late forties and he had just come of age. By the second set she was all over him and the whole audience had noticed them. She sat straddled on his lap as they pashed on like their life depended on. I was struggling not to laugh, and then when they disappeared outside I thought thank fuck. That was until fifteen minutes when she returned licking her lips.”

“EWW!” The guys laughed their heads off at the look of disgust on our faces, Kendall and I shaking our heads furiously trying to get rid of the image.

We continued to booze on and a few hours later I noticed it was two minutes to midnight so I said I was going to get another drink. Really, I had a secret surprise for Brax as it was nearly his birthday.

As it hit midnight, I flicked the lights and walked back out, so the guys knew what that meant. In unison we started singing happy birthday to Brax as I walked up behind him and reached over the top placing his cake in front of him, I had especially ordered. I knew he would get a chuckle out of it so I had a cake maker do a basic vanilla cream cake, decorated in maruijana leaves and a few joints. “Happy thirtieth birthday, baby.”

Brax cracked up laughing as he checked out the cake before reaching around to pull me into his lap. “This is the best baby, and thank you all.” Everyone took the turn to come and wish him a happy birthday and it was beautiful to see the family we had around us all wanting to celebrate with him. “Thank you all so much, you guys are amazing. But I need you to all fuck off now so Charlie can give me my real present.” Of course they all burst out in hysterics as if Brax had told the funniest joke under the sun.

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