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Chapter Thirty Four - Charlie’s POV

It was Brax's thirtieth birthday and I wanted to do something very sexy, wild and reckless for him. We had a wonderful night with our friends, and I could feel Brax's impatience was going the longer the night went. But who was I kidding, I could never get enough of him, always so very insatiable.

My virile man was the kind of guy who liked very hot sex and the more I added to the menu, he enjoyed it with an even greater capacity. I knew that he liked to watch me move when we went out, he loved to see the sway of my hips and his eyes were always on my ass. I would wiggle it at him in a very exaggerated manner at times, knowing it tormented him.

I would tease him unmercifully by shaking my full breasts in such a way that he would be extremely aroused. Knowing he wanted to reach out to grab me and pull me down onto his lap at times was such a turn on for me, especially when we both knew we had to restrain ourselves when out in public. It heightened the arousal and I craved him more.

I took his hand and walked him into our bedroom, locking the door and told him to wait there while I decided to put on a very sexy little two piece lingerie set. I had bought it especially for tonight; a red lace bra and matching thong, attached to a micro mini skirt. I sprayed some body spritzer on and brushed my long hair out, standing up and tossing it around to give it a wild look for him. It looked wanton and so very sexy, just how I knew he liked it.

My face was flushed in anticipation, lips moist and a light coat of cinnamon lip gloss covered their fullness. My breast almost fell out of the shelf bra with its bit of faux fur around the edges, slightly tickled with its softness touching my skin. My midriff was bare and my bottom looked good I thought, with the minimal amount of covering that the thong gave me.

I tossed my head in a very haughty way and then looked at my reflection again, thinking that I truly wanted to be the wanton and vamp tonight, and make him sweat . . . . have him desire me so badly that he would crawl towards me, beg me for some action and I would look down at him and smile in a very enticing way . . . . while he gazed up at me.

I turned on the music in the background, a very seductive tune. I looked at myself for a final inspection and pulled my silk stockings up a little higher, liking the way my thighs looked in this outfit. My perfume was subtle yet so very sensual and it suited me, my mood and the night of passion that I had planned for him.

I stepped into the door frame of the wardrobe to observe him. His shoulders so broad and his face half case in the shadow from the night. I could see his jean covered legs and ass and how tightly they fitted. He must have sensed me in the doorway observing him because he moved forward and his eyes perused me from head to toe, slowly with a lot of passion within their depths. Those gorgeous eyes darkened so intense with passion I felt weak. The smile that hovered on his lips was one of pure delight.

His arms reached out and I moved towards him, almost jumping into his hard muscular strength. His arms grasped me and brought me close to his body. That erection so overwhelmingly large and pulsating with life. Those strong large hands moved over my ass with loving gentleness and he squeezed suddenly, and moved his fingers slowly towards my honey pot . . . . I squealed in delight but forced myself to push them away, as I had plans right now. I could feel the wetness and I so wanted him to continue, but I wanted to perform a little for him first, just like I promised.

I stood on my tiptoes to kiss his lips and he reacted by biting my bottom one. I moaned as he moved me close to him again, almost grinding his erection tightly against my pelvis. My answering thrust was almost my undoing as he grabbed my ass again and kneaded my round cheeks so suggestively. I had to force myself to stop again for the plan to work, and I took his hand and led him over to the settee in the corner of the room.

I walked him over to the couch and pushed him softly down into its plush softness. He looked at me with elevated brows and went to grab me when I laughed suddenly and jumped back. Moving towards the stereo . . . I placed my Spotify on and skipped to Too Close, by Next. I turned towards him and started to move my body in slow sexy circles, gyrating my hips in a very beguiling manner. His eyes showed great interest and I had his full attention.

My body moved sexily and I proceeded to dance in a very sensual way, with abandon and gracefulness. My hands roamed the curves of my body as I took my clothing off, one piece at a time . . . . .starting with my bra, sliding it on to the floor. My full round globes moving in time to the music with a life of their own. . . . His face had taken on that passionate look he got just before he was ready to explode.

I had his full attention and my mouth made soft kisses as I stared at him. Next came the little micro mini with the attached thong and I only had on my stockings now and heels. I went to commence with the heels and Brax couldn't take it anymore . . . .

He got up suddenly and I went to let out a shriek as he walked quickly towards me, picked me up to take me over to the bed and laid me down among the large throw cushions. I looked up into his very passionate eyes that were almost black with desire. He reached down to kiss me slowly, seductively, taking his time and I felt the moistness growing within me.

Brax was sending those amazing quivers up and down my spine as he moved his lips away from mine and proceeded to take his tongue and move the tip over me with slow tortuous movements. I wanted to cry out and beg him to just take me . . . . but I knew he wouldn't do that. He would take his time to make the enjoyment a slow and beautiful process.

His hands moved over me with a symphony of their own, casting their spell upon my body with their graceful beauty and soft seduction. Tweaking my nipples until they were hard peaks and he slowly placed each one in his mouth, carefully sucking back and forth until my hips were coming up off the bed. I wanted to beg him to take me again, end the torture but he was enjoying himself far too much. He moved with a subtle smoothness down over my stomach and tasting me as he moved downwards to my soft mound. There was only a small thatch of hair there for him and his tongue moved over me until he found the entrance to my moist core.

Flicking the tip of his tongue inside of me, in and out and then thrusting it fully up, I was thrashing around on the bed as I felt that beautiful 'O' just about to commence. Brax sensed it and withdrew his tongue and moved it over my plump nub. I gasped and cried out not being able to withstand this much longer. I was ready, so very ready . . . . begging him not to stop as I was enjoying this too much.

I wanted him to finish this beautiful intense pleasure, my cries were wild as I called out his name over and over again. He complied as he moved his tongue over and around me, knowing the sensitive areas that would bring me to a full wondrous and complete climax. "BRAX! Oh fuck . . . . yes baby!"

How very wonderful it was as I lay in the final throes of passion and my mouth wanted to reciprocate and taste him, run my tongue over the tip of his smooth hardness. His clothes had come off somehow during the time he had brought me to that place of no return as he proceeded to give me oral. I looked down over his naked body and his erection was magnificent and large.

I longed to take him in my mouth, to give him so much pleasure. I reached down to touch him softly and then grasped him with my hand. He moaned as I stroked his shaft with my gentle hand, I loved the feel of his cock, it excited me beyond belief. Oh god, I wanted to straddle him, to sit up high and ride him like he was my perfect stallion.

I started to stroke him harder, groaning as he grabbed my hand suddenly to stop me. I felt his pre-cum on to the tip of his shaft and knew that he was more than ready. Sitting up suddenly, I moved my hands over his hard smooth body, loving the feel of his rippling muscles.

Everything about him was like an elixir, an aphrodisiac of erotic delight and I wanted to do whatever it took tonight to give him the ultimate in pleasure. I knew he was close and I had to be very careful. I kissed his lips hungrily, our mouths devouring each other, we couldn't get enough. It was pure beauty and wild bliss, so very erotic and passionate. I moved my fingers over him again and started to slide my lips downwards, kissing and licking him as I proceeded towards his cock. I turned to push him on his back suddenly and he growled deeply in his throat as I found his hard perfect erection, licking the tip and moving my mouth over him with a wild abandon. I couldn't get enough of Brax.

Sucking harder, his body moved in thrusts, groaning and yelling out my name. I slowed my pace and moved my mouth with slow precise movements over him, taking my time to gracefully give him what he wanted. I groaned in my throat as his fingers sought and found those delicate areas that made me want to cry out again. "Shit, Charlie! Fuck. . . . yes baby!"

Moving my mouth over him and up and down, I continued until he grasped hold of my head and held me in place as his glorious hard cock, pulsated fiercely and shot it's load deeply into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat with its hot salty sperm. Brax moaned with him fiercely yelling out my name, making me feel triumphant in knowing that he had enjoyed this so much. I pulled away from him, reluctantly, always loving the feel of him in my mouth, or inside of me.

Brax reached down to me and told me with his masculine voice to come lay down beside him so he could envelop me in his arms and hold me close to his heart. I didn't need any more coaching, I moved up over his body making sure my breasts touched each and every part of his skin.

I reached Brax's neck and nuzzled it, feeling the hard bit of stubble on my lips and enjoying that little bit of roughness. I nipped his earlobe and whispered into his ear . . . . telling him in my sexy voice how much I adored him and how much I loved him, his caresses and his hardness, each and every part of him. I moved towards his mouth again and kissed him with all my passion, every fibre of my being.

He returned my kisses with an intensity and equal desire. I felt his body relax eventually as if he were suddenly fatigued and I saw his eyes close. His breathing changed and I knew he had drifted off in a peaceful slumber. Gently, I found the soft warm pile lined fleece blanket and pulled it over us as it had become very chilly in the room now. The warmth of his body and the blanket made me so cosy and my eyes closed as the slumber took me over.

I was awoken some time later to hands that were moving over my body, like velvet and lovely soft kisses to my neck and breasts. I smiled and stretched like a very supple sensual kitten. My arms moved over my head and I heard him laugh as he moved up to my mouth, to kiss me into full wakefulness. My nipples became hard, those little pebbles standing up proudly.

His wickedly delicious laugh made me feel sexy and loved, I knew he wanted me once again as my hands found their way to him and I smiled seductively as we kissed with a raw, deep and sensual emotion. Brax would take me this time and my body was ready for him to work his magic. After all this was his day, and I was all his.

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