International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty Five - Brax POV

Tonight was the big one. The guys and Charlie had organised a huge night for my thirtieth. It was mid afternoon and I was chilling on our bed, getting some rest before we went on this bender. I say bender because I knew exactly the type of shit that was going to go down tonight. And with any luck by the end of the night, I could have my girl going down too. I was playing fifa when midget came in and jumped on the bed, laying between my legs as she put her head on my stomach. “What are you up to?”

“Resting before tonight.”

“Oh so now you’re scared? Wasn’t this your idea?” Her head shot up nearly knocking the controller out of my hand in the process.

“I’m not scared.” I laughed as I called her Chester and reached down to smack her butt. “I’m just really tired babe, that’s all.”

“So have a sleep cutie, I will wake you up.”

“I am, I want to sleep here.” I adjusted myself on the bed and rolled on my side slightly so she could cuddle in. Wrapping my arms around Charlie, I held the controller behind her back as her head snuggled into my chest. To be honest, I half expected her to try something but when I looked down she was fast asleep in my arms.

I kissed her softly, stroking her away from her face as I finished my game then turned the playstation off and flicked the hockey on. Laying down I pulled her tiny body into me tighter, rewarded with a sweet moan as she gripped me back.

The game finished around three thirty so I figured I better wake my cutie up so we could start getting ready. Nuzzling into her neck, I licked my lips moistening them before pressing them to her soft kiss. Whispering into her ear as my hands ran up and down her ribcage “Cutie, it’s time to wake up.”

“Mmm, not yet.”

“If you don’t wake up right this minute, I am going to take advantage of you.”

Charlie buried her face into my chest further as I heard a sweet groan from her lips “I am fast asleep.”

“Cheeky! Get up already. You aren’t allowed to be tired today, this is your show.” Her slender tan leg slid up my own as she threw it over my hip. Gripping my neck she mumbled to give her a minute and I know she called me a baboon. “Right, I’ll give you a baboon.”

Not giving her time to react, I rolled over on top of her, pinned down with my elbows either side of her shoulders. Charlie opened her eyes and stared up at me, an expectation of lust to come. Her tiny hands gripped my head sweetly as she leaned up into me. When I saw that lush pink tongue I loved to dance with, moisten her lips, I dove lower and started blowing raspberries on her stomach as I tickled her ribcage. The sound of her merriment filled the room as she squealed for me to stop. “Alright! Quit it you wanker. I’m getting up, Brax you’re a cockhead! Stop.”

“Get your sexy ass up and get in the shower with me.”

“You know how to wash yourself, you’re a big boy.”

“Yes, I am. Don’t make me show you how big I can get, now up.” Charlie closed her eyes for a moment as she finally said alright before opening them again and smiling up at me.

“God, I love you. I love waking up to your face every day.”

“I love you too cutie. You have know idea how lucky I feel every day when I see you laying next to me.” Our mouths found their way to each other, dancing a tune that only we were privy to. I wrapped her tightly in my arms, never letting our lips part as we rolled around on the bed, two autumn leaves flowing freely in the wind. Just as I started to push my hips gently into her she slapped me on the ass. “Hey! Like that now is it?”

“You said we have to get ready?”

“You’re right we do.”

After showering, it didn’t take me long to get ready and while Charlie was blowing drying her hair, I told her I would go skin up. “Ok sexy, I will try not to be too long.”

“Heard it all before, cutie.”

“It might be your party Braxton, but don’t be an asshole, nobody likes an asshole.” I smacked her on the ass as I told her not to get her panties in a twist. “Who said I was wearing any?”

“Pics or I don’t believe you.” Charlie chuckled as she told me to fuck off and I walked out into the kitchen pouring myself a shot of tequila before grabbing a beer. I smoked a blunt first before rolling some for tonight. Charlie was still in the bathroom getting ready when I heard a knock at the door. “Come in you bunch of cockheads, it’s open.”

When the door went, the first voice was Chester. “Hey you old bastard the party is here, and so is everyone else.” It wasn’t until they all came through I noticed Chester had Chrissy with him and he was holding her hand very protectively as they made their way inside.

“Hey Chrissy, nice to see you again.”

“You too Brax, and happy birthday.” I stepped up giving her a kiss on the cheek as I thanked them and asked who wanted a drink?

Chester offered to help as we walked back into the kitchen. After grabbing some mixers out of the fridge I came over to the island bench where Chester was. “So Chrissy, bro?”

“Dude! I just had to see her again.”

“I know that feeling. Don’t worry mate, I won’t give you shit . . . . anymore than you do Charlie and I.” I laughed at him as he called me a wanker and slapped me across the face much to my amusement. We took the drinks back out to the patio and lit up when I finally saw Charlie walk out of our room. Damn! I was one lucky son of a bitch. This girl was everything!

I excused myself quickly as I saw her standing there in a white ribbed body con skirt, perfectly clinging to every curve. A long sleeve white matching midriff top with just the right v cut to show her ample cleavage. I was barely aware of Chester speaking as my attention was fixated to her. “Bro at least fix your hard on before you jump up next time, you nearly blinded me!”

“Alright man, that’s easily fixed. Let me go bend my fiance over then.” Walking through the glass sliding doors, I quickly slammed it shut behind me drowning out his hyena laugh and walked up behind Charlie. She was in the kitchen pouring herself a drink when my fingers slid across her exposed waist, down over the soft fabric of the front of her skit before resting on her thighs. I pressed down on them, popping her ass out to me as I pushed my hips into her and started to nibble my way up her neck. “How will I get through tonight? I desperately want to bend you over right this minute and fill your belly full of me.”

“Fill my belly? Geez Brax, the size of that thing, it hits my rib cage you donkey.” When I laughed into her skin and whispered my love again, she turned in my arms. Her fingers brushed up my arms before reaching my neck and wrapping around them. “I love you, happy birthday baby.”

I gripped her ass as we stared deep into each other’s eyes for a moment. The ocean of wonder that swam in her eyes, the passion and need grew and my heart was pumping through my chest cavity. She was the true object of every desire in my being, and with each day I searched and ached for more. It was a never ending labyrinth I wanted to get lost in.

“Get out of Midget’s womb, it’s time to go.” Fuck I hate that Monkey nuts sometime. We both shook our head as I leaned forward and kissed. Charlie picked up her drink and I looked on amused as she threw it back in one. I felt that, I needed it too.

“And for the record Chester, you leave my womb alone tonight.” When Charlie realised what she said the look of horror on her face sent us all into a spiral of hysteria. I smacked her ass as I took her hand in mine and we headed down to get a rid over to the clubs.

It didn’t take long to arrive and a lot of the fans from our shows this week were there and wanted to buy or have drinks with us. Instead I got Marcus to organise a drink for everyone in the place and put it on our tab while we headed to our booth, so I could get settled. Marcus and Nick came back with several bottles and poured everyone a glass. “To Brax, Happy Thirtieth you old prick. Alright, serious for a minute. I am proud of the man you have grown into kid, it’s been a pleasure to grow alongside you.” I thanked Marcus as we all cheered and had a drink. The place was decent and the music was flowing and after a couple of drinks, Charlie took my hand and started to pull me up.

“What’s wrong cutie?”

“I want to dance.”

“I know the way you dance, it leads to sex.”

“Alright, no worries Brax. I am sure I can find someone else who wants to dance with me.” After a wicked look over her shoulder she started to slink away that gorgeous ass a beacon to me. I jumped up and wrapped my arms around her waist as we walked across the club to the dance floor.

“What’s wrong cutie?”

“Nothing, you’re being mean. I wanted to dance with my man for his birthday and he’s turning me down.”

“Is this some reverse psychology shit?”

“Yes, is it working?”

“Yes.” We both laughed as she took my hand and led me out onto the floor. For the first few songs we danced normally, then we started getting more intimate and handsy. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I tried to keep up with her seductive moves. The dance floor itself was quite dark, with rays of light bouncing off and on and I could just make out Liam and Mace, Shane and Kendall, April and Mark, Chester and Chrissy dancing nearby.

As Charlie started coming closer and grinding herself against me, I found my pants getting tighter. My beautiful vixen was doing crazy things to me. I placed my hands around her shoulder drawing her in as she reciprocated by placing them around my waist. We stared deeply into each other’s eyes and closed in for a kiss right in the middle of the dance floor. The kiss itself was completely electrifying and the passion that ignited with it was real and extreme. I knew that I needed to have her tonight.

My hand slowly made their way down to the small of her back, carefully feeling her curves as my hands moved along. I pressed over her ass, slowly rubbing and squeezing as she remained grinding against me in rhythm. Charlie’s hand reached between us and slowly traced the outline of my cock. I whispered into her ear “If you don’t stop, I am going to fuck you right here, right now. I won’t stop.”

“Shall we head back to the hotel then? Because I don’t want to stop.” When she looked up at me through her lashes I knew she was right. I didn’t want to stop either. I nodded in agreement. It had been a few hours anyway so I was definitely ready to get back and get changed into something comfortable, have a smoke and a drink with my mates and my love. I waved to the guys letting them know it was time to go. I knew the moment I signalled I wanted a blunt they would all be in agreeance.

We headed out and got back to the hotel, the whole drive Charlie and I couldn’t stop touching each other. I didn’t give a shit the others were there, and when I did look up it didn’t seem to matter to them either as they were all getting hot and heavy themselves.

We arrived back and Chester and I went to the kitchen, stopped and looked at each other before both asking . . . . tequila?

When Shane spoke, I think he just came up with the best idea of the night. “Fuck yes Tequila! I reckon these beauties should have to do body shots on us, it is only fair for our boy’s birthday.” Every single one of us boys agreed, without any hesitation.

“Sort it out then. . . . . if you think you can handle it.” As if I needed any encouragement when Charlie said that. We grabbed the tequila, lime and salt and set it on the table. “Alright, lay down and take your shirts off.”

Yes ma’am! Myself, Chester, Mark, Liam and Shane all lay down and took our shirts off as Charlie, Chrissy, April, Mace and Kendall walked over to each of us, respectively. Standing over the top, my eyes were fixated on Charlie as she straddled my lap and rubbed herself against the growing bulge in my pants. When I heard Chester groan next to me, I looked over to see Chrissy and the other girls putting us all through the same torment, a pained look on each of my boys faces.

Charlie opened the bottle of tequila and started pouring it into my belly button before passing it to Chrissy, who did the same Chester. When he looked over to me and said “Fuck bro, I might not survive this” all I could do was agree.

After each of the girls had poured a shot they made a trail of salt from our stomachs to the chest before placing a slice of lime between our lips. Charlie’s skirt was hitched up on her hips and I could see just the smallest patch of silk covering between my girl’s legs as she started to grind herself down on me. When I heard the other boys groan I realised the girls had planned this and they were all doing the same torture. When Charlie asked if the girls were ready I roared laughing when Liam looked up at Mace and said she better do it before he made a mess in his pants. I cracked up when I saw Chester reach for Chrissy’s hips, grinding her down onto his lap more as she scratched his chest.

Forgetting them, I looked up and saw Charlie with a smirk on her face as she bit her lip and started rotating her hips. And before I could blink she slinked down on me sliding her body up as she tongued my belly button claiming all the clear nectar before I watched her tongue slid up my chest and finally she captured my lips. Sucking the lime briefly she flung it to the side before returning to devour my lips. Her hips pressed harder to mine as she gripped my head and started dry humping me over my clothes. When Charlie finally pulled away I was confident she sucked the air out of my lungs at the same time.

Looking over we all saw Chester, his hands gripping Chrissy’s ass tight as he pushed his groin up into her as they sucked the hell off each other’s face. “Go on Monkey, slide it in.” We cracked up at Liam’s comment as they both pulled apart blushing and panting hard.

Charlie lost it as she pressed on my chest, her head flew back and she cracked up. “Monkey nuts!” Everyone looked down to see what she was laughing at as we saw Chester’s raging hard on, with no way for him to hide it.

“Holy shit Chester! There is no need to take my eye out, that thing already has an eye of its own.”

Charlie flopped on my chest howling as did the rest of us when Chester tried to pull Chrissy further up his lap to hide his excitement. “I don’t know why the fuck you girls are laughing. Get on the floor now, it’s your turn!”

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