International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty Six - Chester's POV

These fuckers thought they were so funny taking the piss out of me for getting a hard on. Seriously! I could almost guarantee they each had one too. That was fucking hot and if they otherwise they are bullshitting. But fair is fair and the girly thought they were so clever, but it was our turn to play. “Right, our turn. Shirts off ladies!”

The girls all stared at me before looking at each other, deciding if this was a good or a bad idea. Meanwhile us boys smirked at each other waiting in anticipation. It was midget who spoke first and said she wasn’t going to do that, Mace said maybe after a joint and before the rest could answer Brax cut them off “Oh, look guys now they are scared. Alright when it was them in control.”

I nodded agreement to my boy as Shane said if you can’t handle the heat, Liam finished it adding “You really shouldn’t step in the kitchen.”

“Perhaps it is because they realised they won’t be able to control themselves, the shoe on the other foot is hard to bear.” I told Mark I believed he was onto something there. Of course we were goading the girls because we knew each and everyone of them hated losing. They all looked between themselves, seeming to use an unspoken girl code because they all knew what to do.

Who was I fucking kidding? The moment they started to slowly take off their shirts, teasing us and wiggling their hips to add emphasis, I knew we had already fucking lost. I am pretty sure I heard the other guys groan at the same time as my own frustration left my lungs.

Once they were down to their bras, each of us stared back at our respective girls with a wood, hard enough to have a sword fight with. I had the words of Mortal Kombat ringing in my ears ‘Finish Her.’

“So where do you want me?” My head shot up when that sassy little red head smirked at me.

“How do you want me Brax?” I heard my brother groan, his frustration on par with my own.

“Do you need my skirt off too, Liam?” When Mace asked that all the girls agreed and nodded at each other. We stood like cartoon characters, eyes bulging out their sockets and jaws hitting the ground as the girls wiggled out of their skirts and then slowly lay down in front of us.

“Fuck this, I am done already guys.” Brax shook his head in frustration as he rubbed his hands over his face.

“I poked my own eyes out the moment Kendall took her shirt off.” We laughed at Shane understanding his frustration.

“I need to go back to my room and change my boxers.” Me too Liam, me too. I gave the boys one last look as we all silently agreed they weren’t winning this one. We grabbed the tequila and started filling the girls belly buttons, passing it down the line before the salt and taking the lime. As I went to put the lime in Chrissy’s mouth this cheeky vixen took the opportunity to bite the tip of my finger and brought me a flashback. Remembering how much she loved to bite and tease me last time. It drove me wild.

We each took our body shots and as I grabbed the lime from her mouth, I didn’t waste any time in getting rid of it and capturing her lips with mine. She wiggled her hips against me as I sat over the top of her, pressing her body tight to me and whispered “So you want to tease me tonight, hmm?”

“I do, and you love it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to get me to sit on your cock right now.” I bit her earlobe teasingly as I sat back and pulled her up.

“Charlie put your clothes on, or we are not partying anymore tonight.” Of course that little thing just laughed in his face, meanwhile I was too focused on the handful of Chrissy’s ass I had.

“Don’t hate the player boys, hate the game.” Kendall was right, I really did hate the game sometimes. The girls got dressed and we picked up the rest of the tequila and another bottle, some smokes and headed outside.

As we got settled Brax asked where the other’s had disappeared to and April explained Nick had his wife arrive today and Chis left early with Brett to make sure he got the rest he still needed. “Marcus was talking to some OAP last I saw him.” Why does everyone laugh like I am joking when I say that? “Fuck them all anyway. After that little show in there, we need to continue to spice this up so it is truth or dare, but if you take truth three times in a row you have to take a shot for every round there after.”

When Brax said he wasn’t scared, I told him he should be at his age. “Eat a dick Monkey.”

“Fuck! He’s morphing into Charlie.” Brax threw his cup at Shane much to my amusement not being on the receiving end this time. April asked who was going first so I said one girl to one guy ratio, and offered to let the girls go first.

Chrissy said that seemed fair when Charlie piped up “All is never what it seems with Monkey nuts.”

“Alright sweetcheeks, stop rubbing them up on Brax’s dick, don’t think I don’t know that’s why you always sit on his lap. You can go first.”

Charlie picked Liam and asked truth or dare. He chose truth this time until he had another spliff and some dutch courage. “Is it true Adrian, Marcus’ boss caught you and Mace fucking at the studio?”

Mace was quick to slap Charlie and remind her the question was for Liam and not about her, when Brax said you get dragged in by proxy, he knew too well. “Yeah we did. She text me saying she didn’t have any panties on that day. What’s a guy to do?”

All us boys said at the same time ‘Fuck her’. The girls pissed themselves laughing knowing they couldn’t argue with that. Kendall looked to Brax and asked him truth or dare. “Yeah I am going to soft cock it and go with the truth too, mostly because I can’t be arsed to move.”

Kendall turned to Charlie and said sorry in advance as we all chuckled saying this would be good if she was apologising in advance. Charlie went bright red and tried to hide her face in Brax’s chest. “Is it true that your weakness is your balls? You get off on Charlie playing with them?”

April lost it as this was new information to her, not the rest of us. We had just never got Brax in a position he had to admit it openly. “Yeah sorry April, apparently my friends go straight for the jugular. And yes you wankers it is true. And she knows just how to do it.”

“Brax! You did not need to add that extra detail!” Doing his usual trick to wind her up he looked at her blankly asking why not. “Pretty sure if you didn’t like it we wouldn’t be getting married, so that says it alone it is done right.” Yeah he hadn’t thought about that and his face gave him away.

When it was Mark’s turn next he decided to go for a dare and Mace reached over and fist bumped him right before telling him to eat the worm out of the bottom of the tequila. Everyone cracked up laughing as April added “Thanks a lot girl, way to cock block me. He won’t get it up later if he is paralytic.”

“I’ll take that bet baby.” Mark winked at April as he swallowed the worm, all the while the girls cringe in disgust. We were a few rounds in and getting pretty smashed between the smoke and the booze when Midget asked me if it was truth or dare.


“You have to give a lap dance to Chrissy, and she gets to choose the song.”

“Oh I’m not scared Midget.”

“In your boxers only.”

“Is that the best you’ve got?”

“No the best will be when you poke her eye out for the second time tonight. Only this time I will record it.”

“Send me a copy for when I need to wank next time alright?”

The boys laughed as she sucked her teeth at me in disgust. I watched as Chrissy went through her spotify and eventually decided on a song. I took my clothes off and told her to hit play when she was ready. She did, and a few seconds later I heard Nasty Girl by Notorious BIG, P Diddy and Nelly come on.

“Yes Girl!” Mace yelled as she fell back laughing. I saw all these fuckers start recording so I made damn sure I gave them a good show of it. I walked over to Chrissy and straddled her lap, picked her arms up and wrapped them around my neck as I started grinding down on her. I could barely even hear the music anymore over the hysterical laughter. Pressing harder into her, I ran my hands up her rib cage and down her arms, grabbing her hands in mine and bringing them to my bare chest. I started dragging her soft hands down to my stomach and once she got to my stomach I let go of one of her hands and pulled my boxers waistband out a little. With the other hand still holding hers, I shoved it down the front, right where I needed her.

Brax fell off his chair as he hollered “FUCK YES! Get in bro!” and the others soon joined in. To my surprise she got the better of me and gave me a squeeze before running her fingers up and down my length. Just as I heard the last of the song coming to an end I leaned forward and licked up the side of Chrissy sweet neck.

“To be continued.” I swung my leg off her and got up, turned to the rest and bowed as they clapped. When midget told me well played, I turned on her face. “Now you little evil midget queen, truth or dare?” There was no way she would say truth to me after that show, she wouldn’t want me to have one over her so I wasn’t surprised when she said dare. “Game on mole.” She cracked up laughing in my face giving me a few minutes to think. “I dare you to show us exactly what it is you do to Brax’s nuts that has him so pussy whipped.”

“Fuck off bro, are you serious?” I didn’t get to answer Brax because Charlie who was crossfaded now, did it for me.

“I’m not scared, if you’re not batman?”

“You know if you do that we are going straight to bed afterwards?” When I laughed at Brax Charlie held her finger up to my lips.

“He’s not joking, and yes I know Brax. So?” I could see her smirking at him as she licked her lips. Yeah she wanted tonight to end so she could sit on the dick and this was the way to do it.

“Do your thing cutie, I will never say no.” We all looked on as Charlie sunk between Brax’s legs and he just fucking smirked like the cat who caught the cream, and spread his legs for her. We watched as she wrapped her hand around the base of him. He didn’t have a stonk on by any means at the moment and quicker than we could blink she squeezed the base firmly as she started to massage his balls just as tight. Within seconds my bro was ready to poke her eye out but that’s when I noticed her index finger moving.

“What are you doing with your finger?” I asked Midget to which Brax asked why I was looking so intently.

“I’m rubbing just behind his balls, it’s a highly sensitive spot for men.” She hadn’t loosened her grip on him so when Brax moaned it really was we all burst out laughing. “Happy now?” All we could do was manage to nod and chuckle again, when Brax told everyone to fuck off.

He picked Charlie up and threw her over his shoulder and walked off without repeating it. We heard their bedroom door slam shut and lock and looked at each other for a few minutes in silence. “Yep I think I am ready for bed too, come on Chrissy.” There were no objections as we all quickly made our way to our rooms.

The moment we got back to the room I had her flipped around and pinned to the door. I pinned her shoulders against it and started undoing my pants, pushing them down around my ankles. Ripping her panties off as I guided my throbbing cock into her, I was able to get before she started moaning wildly. “Of fuck! Yes Chester.”

I pressed into her frantically and wildly as she slowly loosened her legs up and spread them further apart. I pushed her back lowering her and pulling her hips out so her ass was pressed against me tightly, giving me more room to sink into her. Chrissy took all of me and I kept fucking her faster, smashing in and out of her gloriously wet hole. “Yes, fuck me Chester!”

“Fuck! You like that don’t you? You want me to fuck you harder, don’t you?”

“Please, fuck me harder!”

“You need more don’t you, my sexy little slut?” I pushed her back down further so her ass was now fully pushed out on me. I grabbed her by her hair pulling her head back and smacked her ass hard. Once I had her head back, I wrapped both my hands carefully around her neck and started to nibble softly on her cheek. “Fuck yes baby, do it! Do it more, I love how dirty you get. Give me it.”

“Mmm yes! Right there, I want to cum on your cock so badly.” This put me over the edge and a sort of carnal, animalistic instinct took over. I fucked her as hard as I could, she clawed at the door, throwing her head back more. Both of us moaned and fucked like wild animals. We both came together which could only be described as incredible. Her gorgeous eyes dilated and her breathing deepened, mouth hanging wide open and I could feel her contract while I pushed as far in as I could.

My cock throbbed and started to shoot deeply as I slowed my thrusting and ended with my cock deeply seated inside Chrissy. Her legs were shaking and she lost most of her tense body. I remained inside of her for a few more moments then pulled out. She was soaked and I could see the remnants of our act spilling out of her. I held her head back as her back arched further and we kissed deeply. “Get in that fucking bed woman, we’re doing that again.”

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