International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty Seven - Brax POV

It had been two weeks since my party and we had now carried out a further seven shows. We were all starting to feel completely exhausted and still had a month to go on this tour. The shows were crammed with only a day or two break in between because we had a lot of stops to make. Surprisingly we had also seen Chrissy for the last two weekends as Chester had paid for her to travel into town with us.

Of course this was the talk of us all as none of us had seen him so whipped before, and we were definitely using the opportunity to take the piss out of him each chance we got. I was at the pub with the boys tonight. Charlie had decided to stay back at the hotel opting to get an early night. When she decided she wasn't coming, the other girls had opted to go for dinner by themselves so we boys could have a night. "So what's up with midget bro? She was in a foul mood by the time we got in tonight."

"Yeah I know Chester, it wasn't missed on me either. She said she was just tired and needed sleep, so I guess we will go with that." Shane told me I was a wise man for not arguing with that, especially considering she had a face like thunder. "Guess I will find out later. Hopefully she will be in a better mood when I get back."

"You sure you haven't pissed her off?" I thought about it when Marcus asked before saying I was certain I hadn't but would she really tell me if I did?

"If she is like Mace she will just make you sweat it." Yeah she is definitely like Mace I thought to myself in response to Liam's statement. When Mark laughed I saw a chance to change the subject and asked him how things were going with April.

"Really good bro, we have a hell of a lot in common and she's definitely a freak behind closed doors."

"I just can't picture you being one, you are always so reserved." The rest of us smirked at Marcus' statement, knowing better when Chester pointed out he was an animal. "And how the fuck would you know?"

"Chester and Mark banged the same bird a few times, dad." We all laughed when Liam highlighted and Marcus said a good old fashioned spit roast.

"Like you can talk, you dirty bastard. I believe you were the one who suggested the Eiffel Tower." Chester of course laughed when Mark highlighted it and said it was pretty epic. "And besides, three weekends in a row with Chrissy. What's that about?"

"Fucking amazing sex! That's what it's about. That girl is a freak and god damn it, she gets me fucking her like crazy."

"Can we swap?" The moment I replied to Chester's comment everyone of them looked up at me in shock and asked what the fuck did I just say. "I dunno guys, sorry. Since my birthday she's been in a foul mood and not the most enthusiastic when it comes to getting down to it. Maybe she's bored of me, who knows."

When Chester told me to stop my whining and just go upstairs and show her who's boss, Marcus told me not to listen to his advice before Nick second that. "Go home and do the opposite of what she would expect. Go back with her favourite things and pamper her, she is more likely to open up and tell you what is wrong then."

"You've been married too long Nick, you are starting to sound like a little bitch." Even though the boys laughed at Chester's comment they were fast to point out Nick is the one that was still married so maybe he knew what he was talking about.

Liam offered to get the girls to speak to her but I shook my head for now telling him no. "Let's see how it goes later and I will let you know, cheers though bro, appreciate you boys." We all had a few pints and some dinner before heading outside.

As we got out, we noticed a bloke stumbling down the road that had been inside skulling drinks faster than we were. As he stumbled down the cobbled road we saw him swearing into the road and off the path several times, thinking thank fuck he left his car behind because the next minute a cop pulled up to him. We watched and listened just being the noisy pricks we are.

The cop turned the light on the drunk and asked what he was doing out here at midnight. "I'm on my way to a lecture officer."

"And who in their right mind is going to be giving a lecture at this time of the evening sir?"

"My wife." We all buckled over in hysterics, along with the cop and we offered to give the bloke a lift with us so he got home safely. The cop explained he was the local drunk and they would get him home before his wife came out with the rolling pin, looking for him.

Eventually we got back to the hotel and as I unlocked the door, I found the room dark and quiet, except for my bedside lamp which Charlie had left on for me. Being sure to be quiet and not wake her, I quickly brushed my teeth so I didn't stink of booze for her and stripped down to my boxers climbing in bed. I pulled her into me gently so I could her as she stirred awake. "Sorry baby, I didn't mean to wake you. Go back to sleep."

"Mmm Brax? What time is it?"

"Just after midnight babe, sleep." She nodded and soon we both fell asleep. Before I knew it the alarm was going off to tell us to get up and get packed to be back on the bus. I noticed Charlie was being very quiet and sluggish this morning. "What's wrong cutie?"


"Charlie, you're not being yourself babe." When she said she was fine, I was having none of it. "No, you're not."

"Brax! I said I was fine for fuck sake!" Something in me snapped when she bit my head off. I had really had enough of the mood swings the last few days. Did she seriously think I was just asking because I wanted to pester her? No! I was fucking worried because I knew my girl and she wasn't being herself. I wanted to be there for her.

"Jesus Christ Charlotte! Sorry for fucking giving a shit about you!" I walked out the room and slammed the door, deciding to go out around the block to the park down the road and have a spliff and cool off. I was pissed at her snapping my head off. I don't know what her problem was, but it was pissing me off being kept at arms distance, when I knew she wasn't alright.

Moody little midget bitch when she wanted to be.

I found a quiet bench to sit on and lit up the joint, lost in my head. I hated that she was hurting and she wouldn't let me comfort her. But mostly, I hated that she had closed herself off to me like she used to. I had to get out before this escalated into a full argument.

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