International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty Nine - Charlie’s POV

It had been a few days since Brax and I had that argument and I still felt like something was wrong with him. Neither one of us was addressing there was an issue either. The guys had just finished another show and they were all packing up before we headed back to the hotel. When Monkey asked who was coming out tonight, I said I was going to pass. Of course Liam and Shane were keen but I was surprised when Brax said he would pass also.

"Bro, serious!"

"Serious Chester." Ok something was definitely still wrong with him. It's not like him to turn the guys down.

"You can go if you want babe. I was just going to head back and have an early night."

"It's fine cutie, I am tired and ready for bed." We said goodbye to everyone and headed back to the hotel, neither one of us really said too much. He had things on his mind and so did I. I think we needed to have a talk, and I wondered if tonight was the right time. We got back and put our stuff down as Brax turned to me. "I'm just going to have a shower babe."

Something absolutely wrong with him. He would normally ask me if I wanted to go for a shower or just drag me anyway. That's it, I couldn't take it anymore and walked over to him. "What is wrong with you?"


"Is this about the other day?" Brax stared down at me for a few minutes, saying nothing.

He then grabbed me by the arms and lifted me onto the desk with everything going flying off onto the floor. He forcefully spread open my thighs and I was faltered he was able to get hard so quickly, given the tension of today. I was incredibly excited to finally feel him push my skirt up and panties aside and plunge into my pink swolleness. I could feel my juices dripping and he grabbed onto his hard cock and thrust it into my eagerness again. Brax took my ankles and spread my legs even further.

I felt very defenseless lying back while Brax was giving me this punishing fuck. I began to cry out as he drove in and out of my swollen core. I was moaning with pleasure, taking his massive tool deep inside me. He lifted up my legs and tightened his grasp on my ankles as he grinded inside me. I could tell he was enjoying the sight of fucking me while he explored the recesses of my insides with his hardness. But there was something else on his face . . . . guilt, anguish, I didn't know.

My large breasts were bouncing up and down every time he plowed into me. My legs were becoming sore, spread so wide open and being held so high up. His cock was unbelievably hard and I moved my hips rhythmically to meet him. He was pounding harder and deeper into me with every thrust.

We both were feeling so much pent up frustrations, we hadn't been intimate at all the last few days since our argument. "Please Brax, fuck me harder! Right there, I need you. I love it . . . .ugh I love you Brax."

"Fuck Charlie, I needed to hear you say that! I love you baby . . . . I love you so fucking much." I looked up and saw a small tear leave the corner of his eye and reached up with my thumb.


"Shh, baby it's ok. I love you." My centre was so alive that when I met him with my clit, I felt a wonderful tingling sensation. I began to feel flushed and tensed up, letting out a long, loud cry as I came. Tightening around him Brax moaned over and over how much he loved me. My head moved back and I closed my eyes, moaning with satisfaction, in complete ecstasy. Seeing the look on my face he started moaning his love in my ear again.

With one final thrust, and I honestly thought he was going to tear me open, he spurted into me and gave me his final act of love. I smiled in satisfaction, feeling him pulsing inside me as he collapsed on top of my body, moaning in my ear. "I'm so sorry baby, I am so sorry. Please forgive me."

"Baby, what's wrong? What is it?"

"I didn't mean to say it, any of it Charlie. I was so angry at that moment and I was an idiot. It's fucking eating me up that I could even say because you are everything to me."

"Brax, I don't understand? What are you talking about?" I lifted his head off me and held it between my hands, forcing him to look at me.

"The other night, when I went out with the guys. . . . we had been fighting for two days. . . ."

"Wait! Did you cheat on me?" I pushed away from him, but he gripped me tight and glared at me.

"What! NO, never. I never would. I couldn't."

"Then what are you saying Brax? You're starting to scare me."

"The guys noticed something was wrong with you also, and we were talking about it. I made the worst comment of my life and I physically hate myself for it." I looked up at him and asked him what he said, I needed to understand what was wrong with him. "Chester was saying how good it was with Chrissy right now, and well, well . . . . I asked if he wanted to swap."

He dropped his head the moment he said it, unable to hold my eye contact. "I mean . . . . . did you mean it?"

"No! Never, I was being an asshole because I had too much to drink and smoke. I don't say that as an excuse, there is none."

"And this is why you have barely touched me the last few days, and why you have been acting weird?"

"Yes, I feel so bad for saying it and I had to tell you, Charlie."

"Honestly, you should." We both lay there for a moment on the desk, still wrapped in each other before I pushed him off me and got up, heading to the bedroom.

"Charlie? Say something, please. Scream at me even. But not nothing, don't walk off." I went into the bedroom and grabbed what I was looking for before storming back out to him.

I saw Brax leaning against the desk, hands buried in his head, slumped and defeated. "It hurts what you said Brax, a lot."

"I know babe and I will do anything to make it up to you. We are always honest with each other and that's why I had to tell you. Not to hurt you, because saying it was hurtful enough. But, because I can't keep anything from you, you mean too much to me."

"And that brings me to my next point. I'll get over it. You said a stupid thing but you didn't cheat or step out on me."

"I couldn't Charlie. But even still, I should have been here with you when you needed me, not out being an asshole." I threw what I went to find at Brax and watched as he caught it.

Brax looked down at it, before his head snapped up at me in disbelief. "Well Batman, you have the next eighteen years to make it up to us."

"You're pregnant?" He looked down again at the positive pregnancy test I had thrown at him.

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