International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Four - Charlie’s POV

The party was in full swing and our friends and family that meant the most were all here. I was sitting with the girls watching my mum and Maggie chatting away happily, Karl in deep conversation with Marcus and the boys were in the middle of a game of beer pong. . . using shots of tequila instead. Let's be honest we all knew that was only going to end in disaster.

At around midnight mum, Maggie and Karl headed off but Brax and I had made plans to meet them for lunch before they left. We wanted to spend more time with them before heading over to Canada next weekend. "PARTY TIME! The parentals have gone."

When Brax yelled that, it was Chester who answered. "I dunno, I wanted to part with Mrs Robinson." When I flew at him Brax picked me up by the waist laughing, as I screamed in your dreams Monkey. "Yes, I know she's in my dreams." When he wiggled his eyebrows at me I kicked and wiggled in Brax's arms.

Once he finally let it go we turned up the music and the drinks started to flow more fluently. Brax and I were standing near the lounge, dancing away, watching our friends having a ball and enjoying being in our new home. I stood in front of him while he was pushing his hips into me and attacked my neck with his mouth. Chester walked up and just stood in front of me and stared at him. When Brax finally looked up he pushed me flying into Chester and jumped back. Chester laughed in his face and asked if he got hungry? "No, horny. What do you want asshole?"

"That brunette over there, but she wants to play hard to get." Brax and I looked where he was pointing before I chuckled. She wasn't playing hard to get, she just knew what he was like already. "How, I don't even know her?"

"You dick, she works in HR. She's been there longer than you." I laughed when Brax said what I was thinking and Chester asked him to help a brother out and at least give him her name.

"No chance! This is heaps funnier watching you struggle." When Chester glared at me and told me not to start something he would finish I leaned closer. "Game on mole!"

After he finished laughing, he went back to tormenting poor Laura from work, and yes he had met her several times. Brax and I continued dancing when Shane and Kendall came up to us. "So you kept that quiet Shane?" When he asked if I meant Kendall coming to Canada I nodded.

"You think I am stupid babes? Like hell I was giving that ape ammo to carry on for the last few weeks." We all chuckled, knowing Shane was right.

At some stage through the night as the numbers started to decrease, some genius, and by that I mean Chester, decided smoking, drinking and a spa was a good combination, so we had gotten a bottle of tequila and some blunts while everyone stripped down and got in.

I should have known better than to trust any idea Monkey came up with so when I stepped into the spa first and went barrelling over, I found myself covered in saran wrap this fucker had put over the top of the water. Chester roared in hysteria as he tried to speak. "I couldn't have scripted it better. The fact that midget got in first was perfect!"

When Brax reminded him I would kill him between laughter, Shane was fast to take a photo as I flipped him off. Brax managed to pull me out amongst the hysterics and help me get the saran wrap peeled off. Once we got it all I scrunched it in a big ball and pegged it at Chester.

We eventually got in and chilled with a few shots and drinks, talking about the trip next week and anything we felt like. Some of us were still sitting in the water, while others were now laying around the pavement while they smoked and we relaxed the night away.

It was when we saw the sun coming up that we called it and got out and dried. As the group made their way into the lounge room, I picked up the television remote to put some music on but the fucking thing wouldn't work! "Brax, I asked you to put batteries in the remotes." When he said he did I waved it at him and told him it wasn't working.

He came over and opened it and sure enough, he had put the batteries in. Brax played around with them and swapped them before he tried again, still nothing. I got some new ones out and still it wouldn't work. After ten minutes of fucking around with it we noticed Chester and Liam cackling themselves. "What did you two assholes do?"

When Chester said nothing, I asked why they were laughing then. Thinking they had all the answers Liam said it was just a private joke. Of course, I made it known I didn't believe him. "Why? What have I done to you?

"Don't ask a question you don't want the answer to, you fool." I laughed when Mace said that before Brax caught my attention.

"Found it, you fuckers." I looked to Brax and saw he was holding up a tiny strip of clear tape that those wankers had stuck across the inside of the remote, so the battery wasn't able to read because the tape was separating the base from the battery.

When they both laughed and said it was worth it, our faces were hysterical, even I laughed when Liam highlighted Brax looks constipated too when he concentrates. "I do not cockhead."

Everyone settled and was either chilled in front of the television or passed out, so I got up to make a coffee and start trying to sober up. Brax and Liam came in and we were talking while I waited. "Can you make me one too please babes?" When I said of course to Liam, Mace stuck her head in and said make that two.

Once the coffees were ready, Brax, Liam, Mace and I headed outside to have a blunt with them. The warm morning sun was relaxing on my skin and after I finished the coffee I snuggled into Brax's lap as he held me tight. The combination of the alcohol and the smoke had finally taken its toll and while I could hear the three of them talking, I wasn't actively engaged. I was ready to pass out.

I heard Liam ask if I had passed out yet, and when Brax said give it five minutes, I made it known I was awake. "Of course you are, baby."

Brax stroked my legs as I peeled one eye open and looked at them all. I felt him give me a quick kiss as I highlighted Mace was practically asleep too. "I am not, I am just resting my eyes."

The boys were talking away about shit for a while when something Liam said caught my attention. "When we get back, I am thinking of asking Mace to move in with me." It warmed my heart when I heard Brax tell him to do it, it was the best decision he had ever made in his life. "You do finally look settled bro. I know you have always loved what we do and got a buzz from it, but she's what you really needed. Midget's your natural high."

"She really is, man. We were both dumb as dog shit when it came to getting the girl." I heard Liam laugh but not argue.

"Funniest shit is, the guys and I used to talk about it trying to push you two together, since you wouldn't see it for yourselves." When Brax laughed and said they did the same when Liam and Mace weren't around, I heard him chuckle. "Typical Chester, getting the best of both worlds."

They both seemed shocked when they said they hadn't expected Shane to settle down, we all knew the hell his ex had put him through and as a result, he was apprehensive when it came to commitment. I almost chuckled when Liam said he thought Mark would be the first to settle, especially since he felt he had already lost Mace when she moved. "I thought I was perpetually stuck in the friend zone."

"You almost were dude. How did you guys eventually bring it up? You dragged it on for so long." When Brax told him that he got busted making a comment on the regional tour, Liam chuckled and asked what type of comment.

"You remember the night we played twenty questions and Chester asked if anyone had shit themselves?" The both laughed the moment he said it, all of us did when we remembered that night. Brax continued to explain to him what happened. "Remember when she made that comment about it being kinky. Well when she said 'you'll never know' I made a smart ass remark back, only she heard it."

"Didn't we all go down for a smoke after that though? That was the night Monkey nuts was born, if I remember correctly."

"Yeah man it was, you went back to get the guys and some more blunts." I heard Liam say something but couldn't quite make out what it was. "It happened then. You had gone back and I put it straight on her. I asked her if she heard me because she seemed uncomfortable, Charlie asked me what I had meant by it and I told her everything. Finally made my move, bro."

I knew it was naughty of me to over listen, seeing as they thought I was asleep, but it filled me with so much love to hear him talking about our special moments together. I loved that he remembered them as vividly as I did. I unconsciously cuddled into Brax more and felt his arm tighten around me. "Nice bro, I am glad it finally worked out for you." I heard Brax say so was he, but it was just as good to see Mace and Liam finally get there also. "Funnily enough, it was her that made the move not me."

"Yeah? I'm impressed." So was I, go Mace! "Can I tell you something bro? Just keep it between us though ok, because I might need your help yet." Of course Liam had no problem with that, and after a moment quiet, I heard Brax speak again. "I am ready to ask Charlie to marry me."


"For real? That's great bro, when are you thinking of doing it?"

I was still trying to process what I had just heard when Brax continued. "That's the thing, I need your help with. I really want to do it soon, but I want to wait until after the tour. I think she would like to have her mum, and my parents there as they played a big part in keeping us together, when her father was actively against it. " I don't know if I can wait that long. I need you to make sure I don't blurt it out."

Liam chuckled and said he can try. "Bro, you're not the type to stop when you really want something, that's one thing I do know about you." I couldn't believe it! He wanted to get married? How long had he been thinking about this? How did I not notice? Oh my god! What am I going to do? This is too much too soon.

I have to tell him I heard, right?

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