International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Forty One - Brax POV

A few days ago I found out the greatest love I have known, because until her it was all about my music, was going to have my baby. While we hadn't planned on it, I couldn't be happier. I always knew one day she was going to be the mother of my children, and sure it happened earlier than expected but I wouldn't change this feeling I have for anything. Charlie and now our baby, are what I lived for.

With two of the last four days on the road between gigs, and while they were only a few hours drive apart, I could see it was taking a toll on her. Mostly fatigue, but there were a few times I had noticed certain smells or tastes were starting to set the sickness off. The biggest smell . . . . Marcus' cologne. The only reason I was laughing is because I was thankful it wasn't mine she was whining about.

Even funnier, was when she told me she was loving the smell of gasoline, which just made me roar with laughter. Every time we made a stop to refuel, I had to pin her down to stop her sticking her head out of the window.

We had finished another gig and were heading back to the hotel to have a quiet night. We had to leave at four in the morning so we didn't want to be wrecked before getting on the road. The next stop was a bigger city and Charlie and I had managed to get in for a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

I was excited to finally have this appointment and couldn't wait for tomorrow to come. I noticed Charlie was already nodding to sleep on the bus on the way back to the hotel, and put my arm around her and pulled her closer. I felt her head snuggle into my chest as I asked if she was alright, or just tired? "I just can't seem to stay awake at the moment."

"So sleep baby, if your body is telling you to rest."

"I got some really good photos at tonight's show, you want to see them?" When I said always she reached forward and picked her camera up, turning it on. Charlie turned in my lap so her back was pressed to my chest as she started flipping through them. To see myself through my girl's eyes was unreal, it was incredible some of the images she managed to capture of me, and it made me feel honoured to be loved by her so much.

We got back to the hotel and the guys said they were going to change and come back for a beer and smoke. Charlie and I got to our room and once inside I picked her up and started carrying her to our bed. "What are you doing batman?"

"Making sure you rest. When the guys get here, I am going to tell them we are going to one of their rooms tonight. You're tired baby, you said so yourself and they don't know how to be quiet."

Charlie insisted it was fine, and I raised my eyebrows as I asked if she was sure. "Of course, just pull the bedroom door shut. I am so tired, I probably wouldn't even hear them to be honest."

"I love you baby, message me if you need anything." As I went to stand up she took my wrist and said she did need something. "Anything babe, what do you need?"

"Your lips."

"Mmm is that so?" I walked back to the edge of the bed and leaned over her, hand on either side of Charlie's body on the mattress as I kissed her softly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and deepened the kiss, her tongue exploring mine. I started to undo her jeans, and slid them off so she was more comfortable for bed.

"Thanks baby, go have fun." I headed out to the kitchen shutting our bedroom door, and opened a beer as the guys came in.

"Where's Midget? The girls decided they wanted to chill and watch movies over at ours, if she wants to head over?" I thanked Liam on her behalf and said she had already gone to bed, when Chester asked why. I looked at him pretending to not understand what he was on about.

"Why has she gone to bed already?"

"Usually people do so when they are tired Chester." Shane added or getting laid as we all laughed. When the prick kept going and asked why she was tired all the time lately, it was Mark that shut him down.

"Dude, chill the fuck out. We have all had exhaustion at some stage from these tours. Let the fucking girl rest in peace for christ sake."

"Only the dead rest in peace Mark." Liam called Chester a fucking idiot as we all shook our head, but Marcus turned to me.

"She is ok, Brax? Does she need a day or two off?"

"Nah man, she's good. She will let one of us know if she does. You should see the photos from tonight too, they are unreal."

"Can I go see them?" The moment Chester asked, Mark smacked him upside the head and told him to shut the fuck up, I had just said she was sleeping. "Dude! Calm your farm, she's not your missus." I turned to Mark and reminded him that the pain in the ass wouldn't take no for an answer so just let him go. Charlie will tell him off anyway. "So that's a yes?"

"Fuck off already you dickhead." The nob head ran off through the apartment like an excited kid and knocked on the door. I heard Charlie answer and he went in, shutting the door. I turned back when I heard Mark ask if I wanted to go for a smoke. "Yeah man, you guys coming?" Marcus said he would be out once he finished on his phone call, and Shane and Liam were too busy focused on the playstation.

Mark and I headed out, sitting down and sparking up a blunt each. After a couple of draws Mark looked at me and said it wasn't exhaustion. I was taken off guard at first and barely managed to stumble over 'what' in reply. "Come on bro, it is written all over your face."

"What is?"

"Midget is pregnant." I choked on my blunt as I had just taken a draw when he said it.

"What makes you say that?"

"That ridiculous smile on your face for the last few days, you constantly being extra affectionate when you think no one is looking, and don't think I haven't clocked the few times you have rubbed her stomach when you thought no one was looking. So how far along is she?"

"You sure you aren't some fucking spy sent in by Chester?" Mark laughed and asked if he was right then? "You're right bro, just please don't say anything yet. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon to confirm everything so we will know more after then. We have only carried out a home pregnancy test at the minute, but it said plus three weeks, and that was a week ago."

"You're really stoked about this, aren't you?"

"I honestly couldn't be happier man."

"Cheers bro, I am mad happy for you." We tapped our beer bottles together and lit the blunts again. I loved speaking with Mark, he was probably the most level headed out of the lot of us, and talked a lot of sense when you needed to hear it.

Eventually Shane and Liam came out but I was curious when Chester still hadn't followed. "Is that monkey ass prick still in my bedroom?"

"He didn't come out when we were in there." When Liam said that, I excused myself and said I would be right back.

"He's probably trying to wind her up again, you know that." I turned to Shane and said I was aware, that was why I was going in. I headed up the hallway into our room and opened the door to see Chester and Charlie sitting on the bed together, laughing their heads off. My best mate had his arm wrapped around her shoulders and they looked thick as thieves, deep in conversation. I couldn't help but smile at the pair of trouble makers, watching them plotting away.

When Charlie looked up and saw me the smile that engulfed her face was breathtaking. "Hey baby, I didn't hear you come in?"

"I noticed. What world destruction were you two plotting this time?"

Chester decided to take it upon himself to answer that one. "The one where you didn't tell me we have a peanut coming along to compliment our monkey?"

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