International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Forty Two - Charlie’s POV

We had got back after a long day and I had told Brax I was ready for bed. Since finding out nearly a week ago he had been amazing. I have never seen him so happy in all the time I had known him, and he had been so caring and attentive.

I told him I was fine and he didn't need to do everything, but he kept saying he felt terrible about the comment he made while I was struggling. I reminded him it takes two to tango and I wasn't exactly being easy to deal with either, being snappy and short with him. I told him to let it go as I had, and it was time for us to be happy and enjoy this moment.

We had made arrangements with a doctor, and secured an appointment for tomorrow, so of course Brax had made certain I was comfortable in bed with everything I needed before he had headed out to enjoy a smoke with the guys. I was laying in bed watching the Champions League games when I heard a light knock, and assuming it was Brax told him to come in. I was surprised to see my favourite monkey stick his head through the frame. "Hey monkey nuts!"

"Can I come in?"

"As if you even have to ask." He came across the room after shutting the door, and dived on the bed next to me.

"So what are you doing?"

"Football monkey, but I am pretty tired so I am going to get some sleep soon."

"Want me to bring you a beer while we watch for a bit? Thought I would come and keep you company for a bit, I feel like I have barely spoken to you the last few days." I pushed his shoulder slightly as I asked if he felt neglected? "Yes, I had to scratch my nuts all by myself. So, do you want a beer?"

"Nah, I am good hunny. But you are welcome to stay as long as you want."

"Why the fuck is this room so cold?" I cracked up laughing as I told him he sounded just like Brax. "It's freezing outside, why make your room Antarctica also? Why don't you just go lay in a blanket of snow?"

"I sleep better with a cold room. I like to snuggle down and get warm. It took Brax ages to get used to it also." When he said you could never get used to this kind of cold I told him you could at night. "When you jump in bed and cuddle up, keep each other nice and warm. It's cosy."

"Yeah and I bet it doesn't take Brax long to start poking you in the back."

"Sounds like the voice of experience, Monkey. Come here you big sook, I am not putting the heating on." I held the blankets up for him and he dove under, sitting up against the headboard next to me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a side hug as we watched the television.

You sure you're ok midget? I wanted to check, I have been worried about you."

"Thanks Monkey, I am fine. I am sure it is nothing that some sleep and rest won't cure." I had barely finished with the words when Chester told me to hold that thought and he would get us a spliff to share. He went to jump off the bed, as I took his wrist quickly. "I'm all good Monkey, I have had enough already for today. I think anymore and it will give me a headache."

Chester stopped dead and turned to face me, sitting cross legged on the bed. "I don't think I have seen you have one at all today."

"Yeah Brax and I shared a couple."

"But Brax just said out there he was hanging for one, he hadn't had any since breakfast?"

Fuck! Goddamn it!

"Hold up! You won't drink, you won't smoke. You're not exhausted, you have a baby Brax growing in your womb." I choked as I told him not to be silly. "Oh, I am serious right now! I think you forget Midget, we spend all day, everyday together. So did Brax finally get his aim right?" I cracked up laughing as I told him to stop it. "Come on tell me. He filled your tubes like you were a cream bun didn't he?" When I kept looking on amused Chester continued. "I can go chuck a bun in the oven, unless you already have that covered?"

I buckled over in hysterics trying to breathe. "Alright, stop!"

"Tell me, or I will go and get a cheese platter, a spliff and a beer, sit here until . . . ."

"Alright you, baboon! Yes I am pregnant."

"I knew it! Also Brax never mentioned smoking, I just wanted to catch you out." I smacked him with the pillow knocking him over as I called him a wanker and he laughed.

"Is that all you came in for Chester?"

"Midget, I think it was Brax that came in, not me." We both broke out laughing as he asked again if I was really pregnant?

"Yes Chester. But please, we haven't even been to the doctor yet, we have an appointment tomorrow. Let us find out some more information before we say anything, please?"

"You know I am going to be the favourite Uncle, right?"

"You better not corrupt my child, Chester."

"No more than their father will." We both chuckled as I said lord help me. "Hey, and you better give us a baby boy to pass the legacy down to."

"Oh sure, no worries. Let me fix that for you right this minute." When he asked if he could watch I told him to fuck off.

"I am really happy for us all." I laughed as I fell into his side and hugged him while saying thanks. "This little ute is going to be the most loved of all."

"Oh my god! Chester, did you just call my child a ute?"

"Baby monkey?"

"Not you too! Brax has already taken to calling our baby, peanut."

"Well that is just weird, Midget. We have monkey nuts already." I turned to Chester exclaiming I said the same thing. "How about bam bam since his father is a caveman?"

"You don't know it is a boy yet, you can't do that." So of course he said we can just make it pebbles then if it is a girl. "I love your ass, you crazy monkey."

"We love you midget, and I am so happy for you guys." Chester and I settled back down while still having a hug and were watching the game when I noticed Brax standing in the frame.

"Oh, hey baby. I didn't hear you come in?"

"I noticed. What world destruction were you two plotting this time?"

Chester answered for me, much to my amusement. "The one where you didn't tell me we have a peanut coming along to compliment your monkey?"

Brax broke out laughing as he asked really? "For fuck sake, I should have known."

"He figured it out baby."

"Of course he did. I knew there was another motive as to why he wanted to come and see you so badly." Brax came over and jumped up on the bed over the other side of me and put his hands on my stomach rubbing it softly. After a few minutes, Chester smacked his hand away. "What the fuck? You little prick."

"You stop that right now, look what you already did to our midget! Not cool man, leave that peanut alone." I burst out laughing as Brax was immediate in highlighting it was his child. "Our kid Brax, ours! That's the band's baby, don't be getting selfish."

"You are off your rocker bro if you think I am going to let you corrupt my kid."

"Yes I am a rocker, but corrupt? Nah man, that kid is going to have the best family ever, second to none."

"Damn right they will." I looked at Brax and Chester fist bump and smiled at how lucky I was to have this family. "Baby, I have something to tell you too."

Nevermind that Brax was speaking to me, Chester replied "Which baby are you talking to?" When Brax said to me of course, he continued. "Do I need to cover Bam Bam's ears for this?"

"What the fuck is Bam Bam?"

I giggled, remembering Brax wasn't here for that conversation. "He said you have to give hima boy to take over the band's legacy and he is calling our baby Bam Bam because you are a caveman." Brax laughed and asked what if it was a girl?

"Pebbles of course, for fuck sake, you really want to have a kid with this bimbo, Midget?" Brax rolled his eyes before reaching over and punching him.

"So what did you want to say before, baby?"

"Mark knows also." My eyebrows flew up as I asked him to repeat that.

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