International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Forty Three - Brax POV

It was finally the day we got to go to the docs and confirm what we were both now excited and looking forward to. The last week had been long, especially because of my heightened excitement. Charlie and I discussed it this morning and even though it may still be early days, given Chester and Mark had already worked it out, we would tell the rest of the band. They are all family and deserve to know equally.

For now, the only other people we were letting know was our parents and Charlie's best friend, Tina. The morning had been slow and I could tell my impatience was starting to get on Charlie's nerves. "Do I have to start bribing you Brax? You're driving me insane." When I said it would be good practice for when the peanut came along she laughed and called me an asshole.

"Bribe me then baby, what you got?" When she told me to hold that thought I looked at her confused and asked why?

"Because that milk smells rancid." Charlie took off to the bathroom and I went and checked the milk. It had five days to go and I smelt it and it seemed fine. I took a mouthful and didn't see any issue, I don't know what she was smelly. I went back to finish off the coffees and Charlie finally came back in.

"Are you alright baby?"

I hugged her and went to kiss her when she started dry reaching . . . . "You drank tha . . ." Before she could finish her sentence or move she vomited down the front of me. Like actually puked all over my chest. Fuck my life! I just stood there, looking up at the ceiling as my poor girl tried to catch it in her hands, only causing it to spray everywhere. I did the best I could with us both covered in vomit, and stroked her back as she finally stopped heaving. "I'm so sorry, Brax."

I looked down and saw Charlie's body shaking in sobs. "Shh baby, don't cry. Shit happens. Come on." I picked her up and walked her into the bathroom and peeled off her clothes and my shorts. I stepped under the shower and washed it off the both of us, as I held her to me trying to calm Charlie down.

"Baby, I am so sorry but you are going to need to brush your teeth. You drank that milk, didn't you?"

"Yeah but cutie there was nothing wrong with it, it is fully in date and tasted fine." Fuck Brax! Wrong thing to say. She burst into tears again and I realised it was the morning sickness, milk wasn't agreeing with her. "Hey come on. Let's get cleaned up and go see our peanut alright? I will get the kitchen cleaned up while you finish showering and make you a black tea?"

"I love you, Brax. Thank you."

"I love you more, baby mama." Charlie glared at me as she asked how long I had been dying to say that. Of course I just grinned at her and reminded Charlie she was beautiful. I gave her a sweet kiss and headed out, leaving her to finish showering. The good thing about that whole little escapade was it chewed the time so when Charlie finally got sorted she told me to go have a quick blunt with the guys and she would meet me out the front in fifteen minutes.

I headed off to Chester's for a smoke and found the rest of the boys there. As I walked in Liam asked where the fuck I had been hiding. "Just promised to spend the day with Charlie, so we are heading out in a minute. We should be back to have dinner if you all want to go downstairs together?"

Shane was quick to call me a rude prick and say yes. "You can't just blank us all day and think that is acceptable man."

"I feel like a side chick, bro." Of course you do Chester I thought.

"Don't you mean side dick Monkey?" Chester turned and punched Mark before we had a smoke. I excused myself and headed downstairs to see my baby waiting outside for me.

"Baby, why didn't you wait inside where it was warm?"

"I hate the heat, you already know that Brax." True, but still I hated the idea of her waiting out here on her own.

We got a car and headed off to the doctor's appointment and filled in all the relevant paperwork. We explained the circumstances of our tour and they were very understanding. They would arrange copies of the relevant files and paperwork to be sent to our General Practitioner back home as well as give us a hard copy just in case.

The thirty minutes wait for them to come get us was getting on my nerves now. "Stop twitching Brax."

"I can't help it, cutie." When she said I was so impatient I agreed, I really was. I wrapped my arm around her, kissing the top of Charlie's head as she cuddled into my waist. Another ten minutes and we finally got called through. After explaining everything to the doctor, Charlie answered some questions she had, along with the results of the urine sample before the doctor went through her relevant paperwork with us.

"Congratulations Miss Bancroft and Mr Carson, you are pregnant. You are just over six weeks Miss Bancroft, but as suggested I would recommend booking an ultrasound test when you can around your schedule. They will be able to give you a better indication of gestation, as well as allow you to see how your baby is growing." Charlie and I both thanked the doctor before she asked if we had any further questions and we said no. "I have written you some scripts for prenatals and recommendations for yours and your baby's health."

"Thank you." We shook hands with the doctor and headed out. I honestly couldn't wipe the smile off my face. The moment we got out of the surgery, I picked Charlie up and started kissing her lips like crazy. "I love you, So freaking much!"

"I love you too baby. Now if you hurry, I will reward you for being on your best behaviour and apologise for this morning's mishap, before we have to join everyone for dinner."

"You don't have to tell me twice." I quickly flagged down a ride and we got back to the hotel. Once inside Charlie locked the door and told me to go sit on the couch. I did as I watched her remove all her clothing. She was bent at the waist wearing nothing but her boots she had just worn out. The moment she bent over, I couldn't help but start stroking my cock, while watching. She knew I loved her legs and seeing her like this was a visual spectacular for me. Not to mention, thinking about what I would do to her. Oh the things I would do.

Fuck her? Duh! I'd grab her heavenly hips and slowly slide into her eager centre. She'd already be slick and swollen of course, waiting to be taken. She would moan as my girth gradually impaled her. Charlie would push back into me, encouraging me deeper, her hips would pump me like she always does, her rhythm increasing faster. Her moans would get louder, encouraging me to fuck her harder.

Or maybe not fuck her. Maybe instead I would kneel behind her and gently penetrate her with my tongue instead of my cock. Yeah, that's what I would do. Since she's already slick and swollen, I would savour the delicious taste of her pretty pussy. Her feet wide enough apart for me to fit there nicely, pressing my eager face to her. I would luxuriate in the aroma of her arousal. Her scent is like nothing else, sweet but intense, feminine yet raw, drawing me in. I'd tenderly nuzzle her apart as she cooed her appreciation. I'd lick her lips slowly, softly. I wouldn't force my tongue into her, I would tease her into coming to me. As her pleasure progressed her centre would open for me. The slickness would turn to wetness, titillation to excitement, cooing to keening.

Her back would begin to arch, leading my tongue from her lips deeper into her. She would be sopping now, now longer would there be any pretense, just unabashed humping. She would shamelessly ride my mouth and gasp in pleasure. Her back would arch further to reach her clit to my eager tongue.

No wait! This is my fantasy, not hers. She's bent at the waist, wearing nothing but her boots. She's rubbing lotion into those sexy legs atop of those seductive boots. I pumped my cock and admired her adorable ass, while I conjured up another fantasy of what I would do to her.

Her ass was quite adorable. Classy and charming, alluring, enchanting, enthralling. Oh yes, I find it fascinating. It entices me, it seduces me. My attraction is perhaps not so classy, my reaction more primal. Her ass was lovely, but the thoughts it provoked were lurid. Rough, raunchy, fantasies. As her hands massaged the lotion into her cheeks, my mind wandered into taboo territory. Shit! That fantasy almost went too far. She was just about finished lotioning those lovely legs. What began as a necessary chore to keep her legs soft and silky turned into a risque show of her enticing me with the things she knew I loved the most.

When she was done flaunting her lovely body for me, she put away the lotion and came over, giving me a sumptuous kiss. While that ending would have been romantic, I still had a very hard dick and she was still wearing nothing in front of me.

Charlie knelt in front of me, it was no fantasy this time. She was really there in all her naked glory. Warm, soft and beautiful. She looked up at me and licked her lips, sometimes this could go slowly and sensuously as she teased the head of my cock languidly with her tongue. Not this time though, with her face so very close to my cock, my urgency was blatant, even vulgar.

So she dispensed with the pleasantries and just took me fully in her mouth, savagely. She was sucking me and sucking me hard. I closed my eyes and threw back my head, I swelled, I thrust, I exploded. I didn't just come or even come hard. It really felt like I exploded from the distended tip of my raging dick. Something in my head was driving me insane, the thought of the woman I love who was currently carrying my child, buried between my legs, pleasing the hell out of me.

It was incredible and she never missed a beat, nor a drop. All of that pent up energy and excitement released into her lovely mouth so suddenly, and she just took it. No, she didn't just take it, she welcomed and invited it. She relished it and looked up at me adoringly as she swallowed.

Charlie smiled as I helped her up and we kissed, really kissed. No quick peck on the cheek would do after such an intense moment together. Our lips met with the passion and fire of a few moments ago, but also with the memory of our familiar passion and the hope of many more years of similar fire. I was so in love with this woman.

"You ready to get through tonight now Brax, so we can go share the good news with the rest of peanut's family?"

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