International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Forty Four - Charlie’s POV

Following his happy ending, Brax had raced off to have a shower, highlighting there was more to come tonight. I couldn't argue as I was still feeling horrible for being sick on him this morning. His reaction though made me realise how truly lucky I was to have that man. I couldn't imagine anyone else being the father of my child.

He was incredible and he was the glue that kept our family together. Not saying we all didn't play our parts, because as Chester and Mark proved to Brax and I the other night, none of us would hesitate to drop and run for the other. We are so in tune with one another, so we were aware when something was wrong, or someone needed to talk.

I was thinking of these friends who had become family while I was getting dressed and as I finally walked out the bathroom, I saw Brax sitting, waiting impatiently. "Have I ever told you how ridiculously sexy you look with your glasses on?"

"Too cute. Are you alright?"

"I am fine babe, why? What's wrong? You don't like this?"

"Babe, I love it. I just meant you look tired. Are you sure you are up for this?"

"I am fine. I think I am going to be tired for a long time to come, Brax. It is just something we will have to get used to. I feel so bloated and puffy though."

"There is nothing puffy about the beautiful woman standing in front of me." I looked around asking what woman? "Cheeky shit, come here." I walked over and stood between his legs as he wrapped his arms around me, grabbing a firm hold on my ass. Brax leaned forward and kissed my stomach softly as I removed his hat and threw it across the room, running my hands through his hair. "Hey!"

"What have I told you about hats in restaurants?" When Brax said yes mum, I reminded him that is mumma bear. I winked down and as he went to say something, I held my finger up to his lips. "Don't say baby mumma again, Brax."

He laughed and asked if I was ready to go as I nodded. Brax took up my coat and put it on me before taking my hand as we walked down to the restaurant to join the others. When the others saw us walking across the lobby, it was Shane that looked up and spoke first. "Holy shit! I feel like I have barely seen you in the last few days, woman!"

Mace agreed and asked if I was ok as her and Kendall came over to give me a hug. Once they moved back I finally gave April a hug and said hello to the rest. "I am alright. I think I just needed a really good sleep."

When Chester opened his mouth to speak, I cringed, hoping he would remember to be quiet. Thankfully he just made a joke about it not being sleep I was doing so Liam saw a window to take the piss out of Brax. "So that's why you disappeared all day Brax? Lying prick."

Brax smirked as he told him to shut up and pulled my chair out for me. As I sat down, he pulled his own seat next to me and wrapped his arm around the back of my chair. I could feel his hand rubbing carefully up and down my arm as he leaned closer to kiss my shoulder. We placed our order and had a catch up since it had been a hectic few days.

Mark highlighted we only had three weeks left of the tour, and none of us could quite believe how fast it had gone. "It's been hectic. I am not going to lie, I am looking forward to a long rest once we get home." I looked to Brax and agreed with this sentiment. When Chester said he would need it I glared at him, hoping he wouldn't put his foot in the grave. "Is that right, asshole?"

"Well you are thirty now, you're getting as old as dad." When Marcus looked up and told Chester to fuck off we all laughed. I had finished my meal and Brax was still going as he had been talking too much. I started picking at his food, earning a death stare from him every time I did. The waiter came back and asked if anyone would like their drinks refilled, and when I said none for me the girls looked on horrified questioning who I was?

"Come on girl, we definitely need to let loose tonight, while we can." When Mace said that April followed up by adding she didn't have many more weeks left to part with us.

Mark understanding my predicament tried to come in with the rescue. "You can, when you come out to Australia to visit me later this year. I'll take you around to catch up with everyone." Hoping to change the subject I said it was fantastic to hear April was coming out to visit, which only spurred Kendall on to say we now had an excuse for a double celebration.

Brax and I looked at each other and I nodded to him, indicating it was time to tell them. We already had a bit of a plan on how we wanted to do it. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in, giving me a soft kiss. "Sorry girls, no can do. No drinking for Charlie for the next seven and a half months."

It was Liam that spat his drink first in shock, quickly followed by a 'Holy shit' from Mace. "Brax can drink for two, while I eat for two." I reached over and pinched a few more french fries off his plate before dropping them into my mouth.

"Fuck! You guys are pregnant?" When Kendall realised she swore a bit too loud her hands flew to her mouth as we all laughed. Brax and I looked at everyone and nodded.

The moment we did, the girls all squealed and I could see the guys instinctively cringe the moment they did. It was that nails down a chalkboard sound, that sent a chill up your spine. Everyone raced around to congratulate us and thankfully Chester and Mark didn't let on they already knew. Mace asked how long we had known for and I explained we found out about a week ago and just had it confirmed. "So when you were being a moody midget bitch?"

"I will cut you, Monkey!" The boys all laughed before Brax explained we went to the doctor this afternoon and it became official. Marcus wanted to know how far along and I explained it was still early days. "Just over six weeks she believes, but we have to go for an ultrasound when we can book it in, to confirm exact dates."

When Marcus said he was really happy for us both and pulled me away from Brax for a hug, Chester raised his glass. "To peanut!"

"Who the fuck is peanut?" When Shane asked we watched the penny drop.

Chester realised he had almost slipped up and was fast to backtrack. "Well obviously it's the nickname I just picked for the baby, you moron."

As the boys laughed Shane shot back at Chester "Dude, when you're a fucking Monkey, you can't call their kid peanut. That is just wrong."

"Says you. But nobody asked you, Shano shit pants."

"Haven't you got a television with porn hub to go and spray over, Chester?"

We were all in hysterics as Shane and Chester went at each but when Chester told him not to hate because he didn't have to return the favour for anyone, Kendall slapped him faster than he could blink. "You watch your mouth asshole. Don't bring me into your shit show." I had to giggle as she waved her finger at Chester and he threw his hands up in defence. "Wait, I have a question. Does this mean we can all come back and celebrate for you? And our newest addition to the family?"

I smiled at Kendall, I really did love my girls, and seeing how happy they were for us. "It sure does. But I expect you to walk through the door with a foot long spliff and smoke that fucker for me."

"Baby, you're probably the only one out of us that could roll one that long." The boys all agreed when Brax added that, and I had to chuckle at the pride on his face with that sentiment. We all got up and headed up to the room to celebrate and as everyone filed in, Brax stopped me and pulled me into him. Holding my waist, he moved down and kissed me on the nose as I gripped his arms tightly. "Can I have five minutes before you get settled babe?"

"You can have all my minutes, batman."

"We need to make a phone call, cutie." I raised my head to look at him curiously but all I saw was his beaming face. "Don't you think we should be calling Grandma Carole, after all she wanted this more than anyone?"

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