International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Forty Five - Brax POV

It had been a week since we had the new confirmed and of course we called Carole to let her know, as well as my parents. We knew even though it was early on, if they found out the band knew and we didn't tell them, I was going to be the one to cop it since they wouldn't touch Charlie at the moment.

The travel this last week had been hell on her as the morning sickness had kicked in big time. I had never seen Charlie so ill before. It was a shitty feeling because all I wanted to do was help when I saw the woman I loved suffering, but there was not all that much I could do, other than comfort her.

The rest of the group had been really sympathetic also and on travel nights they were respectful and let Charlie have an early one, and wouldn't pester her too much. Except monkey nuts of course, but I honestly think she would be disappointed if he changed his ways. As much as they fought like cats and dogs, they loved each other and had a relationship many would long for.

We had three days in Thunder Bay which was right near Lake Superior so it gave Charlie a bit of a reprieve. She was starting to get herself upset and frustrated that she was always tired, which had translated into being my fault at times for getting her pregnant. Of course, I didn't argue, I knew better, plus I couldn't. Because as much as I won't say this to her, I didn't even feel guilty that I had. This was the best thing to happen to me.

Tonight Charlie had decided to come out with us for a little bit. Not that we were doing anything too exciting, dinner and a few drinks downstairs then likely we would end up hanging out at someone's suite for a bit. Charlie was feeling a bit better and wanted to make an effort while she could, and of course that suited me perfectly fine. I had gotten so used to it being her and I, so it was nice to have her on my arm with me again tonight, I had missed this. "Baby, are you nearly ready?"

"Don't you rush me! I am trying to make an effort for you, instead of just going with my sweat pants and the jumper I have been living in."

"Cutie, you know you could wear nothing at all and I would still love every minute of it."

I heard her burst out laughing and I loved the sound of it, it felt so good to hear her almost back to her normal self, even though I was all too aware it probably wouldn't last long. "You are so wrong sometimes." I walked into the bathroom and stepped up behind Charlie, wrapping my arms around her smooth waist as she finished her makeup. I rested my head on her shoulder and rubbed my finger tips of her taut stomach, my baby nestled safely inside there.

"You know, scrap my last comment, this is a good look for you. She was just wearing her lingerie, while finishing getting ready and I couldn't help but notice the little changes to her body already. Most would not be noticeable to many but I knew her body so well, that even the slightest change was not missed on me. I loved the little tells knowing that was my child, and I couldn't help but get lost in my thoughts looking at her reflection in front of us.

"Stop staring, you're making me feel paranoid."

"Why? You're beautiful. That's exactly what I was thinking." As she brushed some bronzer across her cheeks to bring a bit more life to them she asked if I was just saying that so I wouldn't be in the bad books. "I never want to be in the bad books baby, but no. I think you look amazing. And the fact my child is right here, makes it even more beautiful." I said as I rubbed her stomach with more effect.

Charlie turned her face to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, looking up into my eyes. "You know what Batman? For the first time in my life, I am not scared for what comes next. I can't wait to marry you and have our baby together."

My heart all but burst hearing her say that. I knew how much the thought of marriage and settling down had terrified her in the past, because of all the hell her father put her through. To know she wanted that with me, and was no longer afraid to admit it, made me appreciate even more how lucky I was to have everything in front of me. "I love you, cutie."

I moved down and kissed her softly, but it didn't take long for me to deepen our intimacy. Our tongues danced as one, our bodies moulded together, in sync, in unison, two pieces came together to make a whole. She tried to pull away but I held her tighter, pulling her back into me as I kissed her deeper than I even thought possible. My hands ran up her sides, and I started moving them across to her gorgeous breasts. The moment I squeezed one slightly Charlie practically jumped out of my arms. "What? What's wrong? You love it when I play with them, babe."

"Normally yes, but that really hurt."

"Aww are they sore? I can kiss them better?"

"Later! Let's get dressed before you get distracted." I laughed at her and smacked her butt as we went into our bedroom to get changed to meet the others.

"You look beautiful baby."

"It's about the only thing I could fight right now, my pants are already starting to get a bit tight."

"That's because they fit you like a glove. Don't think I don't know you pinch my track pants especially at dinner time."

"But they are so much more comfy, and they smell like you." We grabbed our keys, phones and I took up my waller and headed out to the elevator. We were walking across the lobby to everyone else that was waiting and got inline to be seated at the restaurant.

Of course, Chester didn't take long to carry on, especially when it came to food. "Don't they know who I am? Why do I have to wait in line? I am going to starve to death!"

Shane who had seemed to have enough of his shit this tour decided to fly at him again much to our amusement. "First of all, they don't know or care who you are, and secondly you have enough cushion for the pushin, you won't starve. Thirdly, stop being an asshole! If Charlie can wait without whining, so can you."

"Yeah well, just for the record Shano. . . . I am not the asshole, you are. I am a haemorrhoid, I annoy assholes." He gave Shane the finger and his dumbest, goofiest smile as we all laughed.

"You're a fucking idiot, bro." The moment I said it I heard a voice behind me that was enough to rattle my bones. I was ready to explain, a rage that I had bottled up for far too long.

"From what I have seen, the majority of you are idiots, especially Charlotte. Have you started to regret your choices yet? You are clearly letting yourself go."

Who the fuck is he calling an idiot? Because I know he did not just speak to my girl like that. When I turned on Calvin I saw a girl all over his arm, and she was laughing at his arrogance, clearly highlighting her for the bimbo she was. I didn't get a chance to explode when Liam stepped up and pushed him flying. "What the fuck did you just say to her?"

This bint on Calvin's arm decided she was going to get some courage and interfere mouthing at Liam "Shut up and go wash that filthy mop on your head. I believe he was talking to the fattie there, thinking that ill fitting dress is hiding her bulges." The chuck barely finished what she was saying when Mace pushed her backwards causing her to fall in one of the potted plants behind her, dirt ending up all over her and the floor.

Chester burst out laughing as did the rest of the boys, highlighting that actually was funny as Mace stood over the top of her and mouthed back "She's pregnant you arrogant slut, and don't speak to my man!"

Calvin turned to Charlie, a look of disgust on his face and spoke. "You're pregnant Charlotte? To him?"

I squared up to Calvin the moment he said it as I grabbed his collar. "What the fuck does that mean?"

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