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Chapter Forty Six - Charlie’s POV

I saw Brax square up to Calvin when he made the comment about me being pregnant, and implying that having Brax's child was something of disgust to him. I too was raging, but I knew what Calvin was like, and after the last time he tried this with us and ended up on the news, it was just a matter of time before he would come for Brax or I again. "Could be worse, I could have been stuck with you if your disgusting parents had their way."

"Don't you dare bring them into this, Charlotte!"

Brax grabbed his shirt harder, pulling Calvin's gaze from me and back to him. "Like you just brought my unborn child into it? With your two bit plastic hoe hanging off your arm. If you wanted to fuck plastic you know they have sex dolls for that right?"

The trash hanging off Calvin's every word tried to push Brax as she mouthed off at him, not that it did her any good, he was too focused on Calvin. "Fuck you, think you are some big fucking hip hop artist. No one has heard of you here!"

"I'm surprised you can hear anything with the way your flaps must waffle in the wind, you dirty old slapper." When Chester said that, she turned to Calvin expecting him to be the one to defend her honour, he couldn't even defend his own.

"Yeah Calvin, be the big tough man and do something. Little miss gobby, pun fully intended, needs rescuing now."

Brax, seeming to have had enough shut everyone up. "Nah, you know what. I have had it with this shit. Give me your phone please, cutie." I looked at him with curiosity as I said his name. "Babe, give me your phone."

"Oh look, big tough man is going to call the cops again hey?"

I was the one to suck my teeth and shake my head when Calvin said that. "Really? You do know you are the fuck face that ran to them first right? Who's the little bitch now, Calvin?"

"You've got a big mouth on you, Charlotte!"

"I swear to fucking god if you speak to her again Calvin, you will be eating your teeth." And I could tell by Brax's face he meant every word of it. Brax had his phone to his ear, annoyed I hadn't handed mine over yet, and his impatience growing. I had no idea who he was calling but that was soon answered. "Carole, it is Brax. How are you?" My eyes bugged out and I saw Calvin look on puzzled when we realised Brax was talking to my mother.

Unfortunately we couldn't hear what she was saying though. "Carole is dickie boy home yet? We have a little bit of a problem and before I do anything stupid, I need to speak to him. After all, you are the grandparents of my child. I need to be somewhat respectful here." It was obvious mum had asked a few questions as I saw Brax growing impatient. "Nothing, except for this fuck Calvin here, insulting your daughter and my fiance while his whore called her fat. Oh I think the best part was when they attacked our baby." That seemed to have done the trick as Brax thanked mum and said he would see her when we got back. "Of course, we love you too."

I smiled at Brax warmly when he told my mother he loved her also, and I could see the disgust in Calvin's face. I gave him the finger and heard the guys laugh behind me. "Richard, it is Braxton. Thank you for your time. I am well thank you sir, and you?"

Ok what the fuck? How are you? Sir? Am I the one who fell and knocked my head here? Since when did dad and Brax become best mates? "I am sorry to bother you but we have a bit of a situation and I understand Carole has spoken to you about Charlie and I?" I guessed by speaking to, he was referring to the fact I was pregnant. "Yes, thank you. We are too. I actually appreciate your support Ricahrd, I wasn't sure if it would be forthcoming."

I wanted to know what was being said, and it frustrated me. I couldn't, so I stepped closer to Brax, and took his hand in mine. He looked over and gave it a squeeze. "Of course, another day. Anyway Calvin is here and has decided to not only insult Charlie this time, but also our child and with all due respect, I understand you have a personal relationship with both this clown and his parents, which is why I am ringing you before I knock his teeth down his throat to explain our side of the story."

Brax listened for a few minutes and the most I could hear was dad mumbling before Brax spoke again. "Yes of course, hang on a moment. Here cockhead, the phone is for you." Brax passed the phone over to Calvin, and Calvin seemed to step away while talking to dad.

"Babe, what is going on?"

"I was extending the courtesy to your father before I knocked every one of Calvin's teeth out."

When Brax said that, Marcus stood forward letting his presence known. "Brax, you really need to calm down mate. This isn't a good idea for you or the band."

"Marcus, give me a bit more credit please. This is my fight, this time ok. Let me handle it my way. No one is insulting Charlie, or my child. There is no negotiation here." Brax turned away from us and back to Calvin before he spoke again. "Oi, asshole! You are looking a little flustered there. Want to get on with it, so I can smash your teeth in already. Or have you suddenly lost your guts?"

Calvin finally passed the phone back to Brax and turned back to the old hag on his arm as Brax pocketed his phone. I couldn't help but notice he pressed something on his phone. "Well, you have heard it from Charlie's father too. Now get the fuck outside, Calvin. You are the one that keeps coming at us, you keep continually threatening and intimidating Charlie and I am telling you, it stops tonight. So you have two options here. First is I ring Richard back and tell him to talk to his team over here, to follow you for the rest of your stay, or we go to the police and have you charged with stalking. As you can see I have plenty of witnesses. But seeing as I am feeling nice, I will give you a third option. We go outside now and sort this out like men, toe to toe. I know your usual ammo is to attack women, because you're a pussy. But you won't be having one more conversation with my girl after today."

"Your boys stay out of this, it is one on one."

"After what you have done Calvin, I don't need anybody else to help me put you on your ass." Calvin nodded and agreed, but before he went to walk past Brax, he put his hand on his shirt again. "I am telling you once and once only Calvin, after this, any more harassing my family, and I will fucking bury you."

"You need to be able to walk away from this first, to be able to do that." They went to head outside and I grabbed Brax's arm.

"Brax, please don't do this. I don't want you to get in trouble."

"Hold these for me, baby. Please. I love you." He passed me over his wallet, key and phone. That is when I noticed the phone call was still active and lifted it to my ear saying hello.

"Charlotte?" Realising it was my dad, I told him he had to have heard all that and he had to stop them. "Charlotte I know I have done a lot of bad things, and all I can do is spend the rest of my life making it up to you. That man there, loves you more than anyone ever could and I know the day your mother and I are no longer here for you, he will look after you and love and protect both my daughter and my grandchild. We will talk more when you get back, but it was my suggestion to stay on the phone as a witness to Calvin agreeing to fight Brax. I recorded it on this end to prevent any backlash."

"Dad? You did all that for Brax?"

"I did it for you both, Charlotte. It is a start, but that is all it is. I don't know if you can ever forgive me, but I hope someday to at least be able to have some semblance of a relationship with my daughter again, and in time, my grandchild."

"Thank you, dad."

"Just leave the phone connected for Brax alright? To protect him from any repercussions if Calvin does try to go at him. We can talk more when you are all back, if you want to of course."

"I think we both would, dad. It is time you got to know him properly, I believe he has earned that right."

"I think it is time I started making up for a lot of behaviour to you both. I just don't know if I am worthy of your forgiveness, in fact I know I am not. But I can try to be more of the person you need in your life moving forward."

"I would like it if when we got back, you and mum came for dinner, at our house. We need to talk finally, as a family."

"I would like that too, Charlie."

"You called me Charlie, you never call me that?"

"I hear from your mother, you prefer it. And it suits you, don't you think?" I smiled and said thank you to my dad. "Remember, do not hang up, but don't worry. By now all your friends' phones should be on record. I told Braxton to let them know so you had multiple recording devices to back up your events of the story, should he try to go to the police again."

I held the phone in my hand and started walking over to Brax, who was now getting ready to go toe to toe with Calvin. Chester stepped in front of me, picked me up in a big bear hug and started walking back in the direction I had just come from. "Chester! What are you doing? Put me down."

"No can do midget. I am on strict instructions and you are staying right here with me, so you don't get hurt in this."

"But Chester! What if Brax gets hurt?" When Chester promised he wouldn't I flung my head at him. "You can't promise that! You don't know."

"I know two things. Firstly I have seen him fight before, and he can throw a mean punch. More importantly, I have never seen him this angry." As I looked back over Chester's shoulder, I saw Calvin throwing a punch at Brax and I struggled trying to get out of Chester's grasp on me, kicking and flailing my legs and arms around.


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