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Chapter Forty Seven - Brax POV

I heard Charlie scream my name, but I had to stay focused on this fucker. I didn't trust him not to make a cheap move. Plus I knew Chester would look after her and watch her for me. I trusted my boy to look after my girl and our baby. "BRAX! Watch out."

I heard her scream again but I was already watching. What I didn't tell her was, I wanted him to hit me first. And the moment he did . . . . I burst out laughing. "Try again, pretty boy." Hearing the band laughing behind me, only seemed to infuriate him and he swung at me again.

"Chester stop them! Why is he letting Calvin hit him? Brax!" Oh baby, if only you knew. I had dealt with bigger and harder than this fool. Sure, I had taken a flogging from it too, but I had also learnt. The moment he hit me the second time, I smiled and he looked back at me confused. Not having time to register a blink, I headbutted him on the bridge of the nose as he dropped like a sack of potatoes, blood pissing out of his busted face.

"You need to learn when to shut your fucking mouth, pretty boy. Especially when it comes to Charlie, she is mine! Make no mistake about it. And secondly, any fool can see a fist coming, you are lucky I let you get two shots in first. Bet you didn't see that coming though? You see that's the difference between us. I know my girl well. She loves Liverpool. And you asshole, know exactly what a Liverpool kiss feels like."

By this stage Charlie had run up to me and was grabbing at my arms, trying to turn me to face her. "Brax! You have blood on you."

"It's alright baby, it's not mine. It belongs to that fool on the ground." The guys all laughed and I heard Chester calling him not so cocky now. "Oh and before you decide to run to the cops, this was all recorded." I paused only momentarily when Kendall added that she filmed it. "So all they are going to see is you hit me twice, first. My shot therefore is self defence. Now fuck off back to the rock you crawled out from."

"Or get your two bit dirty hooker to kiss better for you. I am sure she has fucked uglier, just look at the state of her." Of course Chester always had to get his two cents in.

"Seriously though Cal, I am going to call you Cal. If you come near my family again, next time I will bury you. And I will smile the whole way through it." Calvin didn't say anything he just sat on the ground holding his nose, stunned. I took Charlie's hand and started leading her inside. "Come on guys, I guess we are dialing in takeaway to the room tonight. I don't think the restaurant will let me in looking like this."

Charlie stopped immediately, wrenching her hand from mine. "You can eat a dick, Brax!"

I heard the rest snickering behind me as I looked at her sudden mood swing in shock. "What the fuck, Charlie?"

"You promised to take me out for dinner. I got dressed up for you because for the time in ages I actually felt well enough to go out, and you pull this shit?" She started to storm off away from me as I shook my head, not understanding what the hell just happened.

Fuck! I didn't even think of that when I decided to fight him.

I raced after Charlie and grabbed her by the hips, spinning her to face me. It was then I noticed she was on the verge of breaking down in a fit of laughter. The moment our eyes made contact the seal burst and she started cackling her head off. "What? What's so funny? Is this some hormones thing going on? Should I be scared?"

Unable to do anymore than laugh at my obvious confusion it took her a few seconds to calm down before she could answer "No baby, I was just fucking with you." The look on my face found amusement with her as she lost it again.

"You evil midget!" I smacked Charlie's ass swiftly as she squealed. When she jumped it gave me the perfect opportunity to grab her waist and pull her tighter to me. I bit her neck softly and whispered a promise for what's to come. "You're going to pay for that later."

This little thing threw me off guard and started pushing her hips to mine as she gripped my face in her hands and whispered. "Good, because I am so worked up. You were so fucking hot out there. The way you took control of that whole situation . . . ."

"You love it when I take control, don't you cutie?"

"Mmm especially if it involves yourself and I between the sheets."

"Or in the kitchen." I slapped Chester as he walked past for adding his two cents in, and eavesdropping once again. Seemed like the rest of the band wanted to get on it also when Shane added the couch, Mark reminded us of the tour bus and then Liam swiftly added the shower on the tour bus. "You fuckers can't lock a door or keep it quiet to save your life."

Goddamnit I thought now Chrissy had been on the scene a while he would stop focusing on our sex life!

"Damn, you two fuck a lot! That's hot to still have so much passion after all this time." Everyone laughed when Charlie started to blush at April's comment but she wasn't entirely wrong in my books. I gave the guys the finger as I took Charlie's hand and we headed back up to the room.

I turned to the group once we got inside and noticed Marcus was missing. "I'll text him batman and let him know we are ordering dinner in."

"Pizza? It's the easiest." When Charlie shook her head not looking enthused at all, I suggested Thai instead as I knew it was one of her favourites.

"Nah, I don't want Thai." Mace tried Indian and she shook her head and when Kendall said Chinese, Charlie immediately scrunched her nose up in disgust. "Definitely not that."

"Fucking pregnant women!" The moment Shane said it, Kendall smacked around the head and Charlie kicked him in the shin. Kendall squealed his name at him as we all laughed, Shane wasn't perturbed at all and pressed on. "Just pick already, woman! I want to eat!"

"Just eat Kendall, bro." I laughed when Chester raised the obvious solution to him, at least in his eyes.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" When Shane tried to grab Kendall's hip she jumped back and put her hand up, advising him he gets nothing after his earlier comment.

"Ha! Eat a dick, Shano." I smacked Charlie on the butt as I laughed at her, Chester equally amused at her Shano reference.

"Fuck off, Midget! I was trying to get Kendall to." Shane wrapped his arm around Charlie's shoulder and brought her into a side hug as she smiled up at him. "You know I love you . . . . like a sister before you have a hernia, Brax! But please for the love of god, pick some damn food already."

"Ooo I want a big fat greasy . . ." When Chester said cock before she could finish even Shane burst out laughing. "KFC bucket, with chips and gravy . . . . oh and potato and gravy . . ."

Chester seemed to have a death wish tonight as he cut her off once again. "You know that is double carbs, Midget. Not so good for the hips and . . . ."

"Continue that sentence and I will cut you." I sat Charlie down in my lap as I opened the uber eats app for her to order and she started whining at me. "Brax, that's at least half an hour away."

"Sook all you want. I am not going out. I need to have a shower and wash Calvin off me." The moment I said it I mentally kicked myself as the group fell on the floor laughing. I could feel the vibrations of hysteria ripple through Charlie's tiny body as she fell into me, tears streaming down her reddened face from amusement. "Now you can all eat a dick."

Charlie turned back to my phone, scrolling through the app and ordering practically everything on the menu. "You good now, cutie?"

"Yeah, sorry. I got a little carried away."

"Do you baby, it's ok. Look at these wankers, it will get eaten. Hop up for me beautiful, I need to go shower and change out of these clothes." I patted her bum and nudged her off so I could go and get washed. It didn't take me long and I walked back out into our bedroom, in just my sweat pants and a towel I was running through my hair to dry it off.

"Damn! Now I definitely feel those pregnancy hormones." I turned and saw Charlie walking into our room and instantly recognised the lust in her eyes.

"You better behave missy, your food is on the way."

"I am suddenly hungry for something else. Mmm . . . . you know I love it when you wear your glasses and these . . . ." She bit her lip as she ran her hand along the edge of my track pants, sliding her fingers underneath slightly. "And seeing that sexy chest out. . . . this hair I love pulling on . . . . She twisted her fingers in my chest hair as my arms wrapped around Charlie and gripped her hips. She ran her hands up through the hair on my chest and pulled on it softly.

"Hmm . . . . you know you are on a very slippery slope?"

"Let's get wet and slippery together, Brax."

"Fuck, you're suck a bad girl, Charlie." My lips destroyed hers without hesitation and she kissed me back with the same equal fire and passion. I bent down a bit so I could grab her beautiful body more, one hand automatically trailing to her ass, as the other gripped the back of her neck. Our faces smashed together in a fiery mess as she moaned into my mouth wildly.

I was about to pick her up when I heard . . . fucking Chester! "Enjoying the show guys. . . . really! But the food has arrived. Never guess what else has arrived?"

Charlie's frustration boiled over into sarcasm, much to my amusement "Oh gee, I don't know. Maybe a cockblocker called Chester?"

"I never asked you to stop Midget. Carry on if you like?"

This fucker leaned against the door frame that Charlie hadn't shut this time. He smirked back at the pair of us as if to say go on then. "No! So what else arrived dickhead?"

When he said Marcus, it saw the reintroduction of Charlie's sarcasm. "Oh yay! How exciting. I haven't seen Marcus in ages." I cracked up at her little retorts in frustration at him.

"Alright little miss, smart ass. I won't tell you the part where he rocked up with some tidy as fuck bird on his arm. I will just tell Brax instead."

Of course that soon sorted her out as she bounced in excitement and he called her a gossip girl. "Says the one who ran in here to tell us?"

"Damn you and your attitude, Midget! I like it." When she said what's not to like he blew her a kiss and I tapped her on the ass, a warning not to encourage him. When I pulled her closer, the little ass rub she did up on me did not go unnoticed.

"You guys seriously need to see this Tessa bird, how Marcus pulled that is the Houdini of all Houdini's . . . . ever!"

Curious we followed Chester out and saw Marcus on the veranda talking to a brunette. When he heard us come out, he stepped aside to turn to and look, which gave us a chance to see her properly. "Damn! She is tidy!" When Charlie said it I looked quickly at her and asked if I was allowed to comment? "No."

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