International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Forty Eight - Brax POV

"How does that work? How come you are allowed to comment Charlie, and I am not?"

"Because, you got me pregnant. You have to pay me compliments to make up for when I get fat, all thanks to you." When Chester highlighted that was fucking brutal, I was in a catch twenty two which ever way I went here, I already knew that.

"Baby, you aren't going to get fat. We can work it off all the way through your pregnancy." I winked at her. I was only playing but I loved seeing her get worked up.

"Wrong answer, asshole." Chester laughed as she went to storm off to the kitchen, but I snaked my fingers across her hip and pulled her into me. I wrapped my arm around Charlie's waist, my hand protectively resting over her tiny little belly. I pushed my hips into her backside as I kissed her neck delicately.

"That answer your question?" I laughed when she just managed to mumble a yes. It's always a tell for me when she is getting really aroused as she seems to lose control over what she is saying and using her words effectively. She gets so caught up in her arousal, and I honestly love it.

"Did you just dry hump her ass, bro?" I looked at Chester and said yeah, why did he ask? "I just wanted to know if you did, that was all."

"Okay, but then what?" Charlie chuckled and said because then he would gloat all night he was right. She wasn't wrong either. Chester and I grabbed a beer and Charlie walked outside with a bottle of water.

"Fuck me! What is it? Like minus two degrees out here?" Marcus answered Chester by saying he was willing to bet it was colder. Of course this made me question why he was out here then. "Because he's fixing to get warm, bro. And you are, pretty lady?" If looks could kill, Marcus just destroyed Chester.

"Cool it, Monkey. This is Tessa."

"Hi All. Marcus had just been telling me a few things about everyone."

"Well let me tell you a few things about him . . . ." I discreetly elbowed Chester in the side trying to give him the hint to cool it, while Marcus told him to piss off inside with the rest of the kids. "Fine. I see how it is. I'll just pack my bags and head straight for the highway . . ."

"You've got a better chance on the bus, no one would stop for you." I laughed at Chester's shock when Marcus said that, and I wasn't surprised when the good old line about him having feelings was dropped. "So you keep saying, I am still waiting to see them?"

"See, this is the real Marcus." He looked at Tessa, and pointed to Marcus before heading inside. I felt obliged to speak on his behalf.

"I would apologise for him, but truth be told, that was him at his least offensive."

When Charlie said it was an acquired taste, Marcus added "Just like arsenic" as we all laughed. We had a quick chat with Marcus and Tessa before giving them some privacy and headed back inside. Long story short, Charlie and I could both tell how much Marcus was into that woman. And given how good he handled it when he found out about us, we decided not to bust his balls over it tonight. There was plenty of time in private to do so at a later date.

I grabbed another beer from the fridge as we both grabbed some dinner and headed into the lounge room to join the others. I sat down and went to pull into my lap as normal when she turned to me "Yo, yo! What are you doing?" When highlighted I was just helping her sit down she shook her head. "You know soon, I won't be able to sit on your lap anymore?"

"So this is where it starts? I wondered how long before you looked for excuses." I pulled her on to my lap and she fell back wrapping her arms around my neck. "Thi is all for you alright? There will never be a time I don't want to hold you." When she said she could get used to his extra pampering, I asked if it made her feel something?

"Yes, even more in love with you." I kissed Charlie deeply and patted her gorgeous butt as she hummed against my lips.

"I have a surprise for you tomorrow, before the show." When she jumped in excitement and asked what it was I chuckled and reminded her it wouldn't be a surprise then. We sat around and watched the others having a chat and relax and I could feel Charlie starting to fall asleep on my lap. Of course that was until we saw Liam go flying across Shane at Chester and start tackling him.

"Alright, alright . . . save me! Seriously, make him stop! When Liam called him a lying fuck and said he had heard what he said Chester in between laughter managed to apologise and ask for a truce?

"Fuck off with your truce. Here Mace, punch him before I let him go." By this stage I had to ask what the fuck was going on. "He asked Mace to lean further forward, then he would have the perfect view." When Mark asked what was wrong with him he shook his head. We told him to go watch some porn, to which he insisted he didn't need to.

"Chriss arrives tomorrow. I am good."

"Mate! Three weekends in a row. What's going on there?" I had to ask but it was definitely not like Chester . . . . at all!

Now it was time for him to be ribbed as Mark asked how much that little red head made him sweat. "Shut up, she's just cool alright." Liam and Mace continued it by pointing out Chester was crushing. "Fuck off. I just like talking to her."

"Yeah, I bet that's not all you like." Chester gave me the finger but fuck him, he had given Charlie and I enough grief.

"You like talking to us also, but you never take off to your room to talk in private." Kendall laughed at Shane, as did the rest of us when I felt Charlie stir in my lap.

When I looked down I noticed her opening her eyes and ask what was going on. "Chester is crushing baby."

Charlie turned her head and looked over her shoulder at Chester. "Aww has our little monkey got his nuts in a twist?"

"Nah midget, I am yours."

"Fuck off, asshole." I threw my hat at him as he ducked it quickly.

"So have you told her yet that you get a hard on just thinking about her?" When Chester tried to answer Mark by saying he wasn't a total animal, he could control himself, we all looked at each other and cracked up.

"Yeah, I didn't believe that one either, Monkey." I looked down when Charlie spoke and laughed at her again.

"If you think I am the one that can't control myself, turn around." We all turned and looked outside to see Marcus with his tongue buried half way down Tessa's throat, just as Chester yelled. "YEAHHHHH DAD, GET IT!"

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