International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Forty Nine - Brax’s POV

It was now the weekend and as I lay in bed, I realised we only had one show tonight to do, and then one more week before we headed home. For the first time in my life I was excited to be finished with a tour and on my way back to life. I had so much to look forward to once we returned.

I lay in bed with my beautiful blonde midget wrapped around me and as I stared down at her, I started to feel like a woman myself. I was excited to get home, plan all the things we wanted . . . . announce our engagement properly, our baby, then planning our wedding and the arrival of our child.

God I hoped Charlie wanted to know what we were having. I really didn't know if I could wait six or seven months to know. Getting our first scan booked in with the hospital. . . . fuck I couldn't wait for that, to see our baby growing insider her. . . . honestly, it was a dream come true. And then a month after we returned we had the Music awards to attend and we had been asked to perform this year.

The response to the tour had been huge, and based on that we had invited the guys to come out to Australia to perform with us at the Music awards. We had the song I had appeared on for them and we were all writing one together which we wanted to unveil at the awards.

So much was still to happen before the year was out, yet I couldn't wait to go and tackle it head on and begin our lives. I was over the tour, because my mind was on Charlie and I for once. And that never happened with me, because music was my everything. Something in me was telling me I wanted to get my girl home, I wanted to share our news with our friends and family and my god I couldn't wait to marry her.

I think I was most excited because today, I finally got to take some time out before the show tonight and I had organised to take her to that Hockey game she had been begging to see. I even managed to get a tour of the stadium before the game, so we could go down on the ice.

I snapped out of my daydream and checked the time, knowing we were on a schedule today. If I let her sleep too long we would definitely miss the tour. I rolled over towards Charlie and started kissing her neck up to her cheeks, softly running my fingers up her ribcage as I did. "Fuck off, I am sleeping."

I chuckled in her neck as I kissed it softly and mumbled good morning. "I love you."

"Why! Why do you always do that, Brax?"

"Make you feel guilty for being an asshole in the morning?" She mumbled yes as I kissed her soft skin again. "Because now you will stop being evil midget and give me Charlie."

"You wish, fool." I laughed as I rolled over on top of her and came down closer to her face.

"Morning, my babies." I kissed her lips softly and then slid down her body and kissed her stomach. Charlie reached down to stroke her slender fingers through my hair as she smiled sweetly. "Now get up."

"You are still drunk if you think I am doing anything other than going back to sleep."

"Guess you don't get your surprise today then, suit yourself." I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly as I rolled off the bed and headed to the bedroom door. By the time I was walking down the hallways to the kitchen I heard her shout she was coming! "Nah baby, it's good. I understand you want to stay in bed. I can take one of the boys with me."

When she asked where I was going I told her it didn't matter, she wasn't interested in anything other than sleep. "You are such a wanker. I know what you're doing, Brax."

"It made you get up though, didn't it?" She said yes as she came up behind me wrapping her arms around my waist, her face pressed against my back. "You're such a good girl baby, look at you."

"Fuck off Brax! I am not a dog." She laughed as her hands started to wander up to my chest, brushing over my muscles and exploring every curve while we waited for the kettle to boil. I picked her hands up and lifted them to my lips, giving them a gentle kiss.

"I wish you woke up earlier this morning."

I felt her head lift off my back for a moment. "Are we going to be late?"

"No, but we don't have time for you to sort this." I slid her hands down my chest, gripping them tight. Past my stomach to the front of my boxers. Charlie started cackling against my back the moment she realised, and the vibrations that rippled through her body from it were heavenly.

"You're so bad. If the surprise is as exciting as you are making it out to be, I will thank you kindly for it tonight."

I turned around to face Charlie, smiling from ear to ear and passed her a cup of tea. I took a sip of my coffee, the smirk more predominant now as Charlie asked why I was smiling? "The surprise is so good, you are going to do some very bad things for me later."

"Is that so? Are you that confident?"

"I am!" I leaned in and gave her a kiss, pushing my tongue into her mouth and pulling her closer to me. After a few minutes, I felt Charlie push me away quickly and drop her cup of tea on the bench. The moment she ran from the room I couldn't help but ask "Really?" I followed and soon found her bent over the toilet bowl. It hit me like a ton of bricks. "Shit! Baby, the milk in my coffee?" She tried to nod her head as she gripped the toilet and I walked over to hold her hair back. Stroking her back I squatted behind Charlie trying to comfort her. "I'm so sorry baby, I will try to remember. I promise."

Charlie eventually settled down and sat back. "It's ok baby, hopefully it will pass soon."

"Come on let's get you washed up so we can leave."

"Could you just . . . ."

"Brush my teeth first?" She nodded, apologising that she could still smell it. It didn't matter to me, I just wanted to know she was alright, so I was prepared to do whatever it took. I turned the shower on for Charlie as she got undressed and I brushed my teeth.

After a quick shower we got dried and headed in to get dressed when she stuck her head out of the bathroom. She seriously looked fucking adorable right now, curious look on her face, eyes wide like a deer in headlights. "Umm since you haven't told me where we are going, I don't know if what I am wearing is alright?"

I looked over the white woolen sweater she had chosen with a pair of black leather pants and boots and told her to grab a warm coat as well. "It's really cold outside today and we will be out and about." Nodding, she grabbed her coat and I dropped Marcus a message to remind him we were out for the day. We headed down and got into the taxi and as it set off I turned to Charlie. "Do you trust me?"

"No. That is why I am having your child and marrying you." I called her a smart ass as she chuckled and asked why did I want to know?

"When we get closer, I am putting my hands over your eyes so it is a surprise."

"Is this just an excuse to touch me?" I said yes and asked if it was working? "If it makes you feel better, then sure."

I moved closer to her and gave Charlie a quick kiss. When we were only a few minutes out, I wrapped my arm behind her neck and brought it around to her face. I placed both my palms over her eyes and leaned in to whisper that there wasn't much further to go. She nodded and reached across, stroking my leg with her delicate hand. Once the car pulled up I told her to turn towards the window and then I removed my hands. "BRAX! A hockey game!" She squealed and threw her arms around my neck whispering her thanks and love. I couldn't help but get caught up in the excitement on her face and I grabbed her soft cheeks and smothered her face in kisses. Her happiness was spilling over and I found myself laughing at her antics.

"Come on cutie, let's go in." We headed inside and did our tour first. She gripped my hand like an excited school kid the whole time. While I wasn't a massive hockey fan myself, I did love most sports, however her excitement was enough to make anyone fall in love with the place. As we headed to our seats she threw herself at me, knocking me flying as I gripped the arm of the chair to stop from falling over.

"These seats are incredible, today was amazing. You are definitely getting all the kinky shit you want tonight." She gripped me tighter in the biggest hug I could remember from Charlie as I laughed in her ear reminding her she is insane. "I love you. Thank you so much batman, this is a dream come true."

I put my arm around her shoulders as she cuddled into me and we waited for the game to start. We had seats down near the nets so Charlie didn't stay cuddled into me for long, getting involved in the game and screaming like a maniac. I listened as she explained the ins and outs of the game to me as I looked at her rants in amusement. It didn't take long to get into the game also, because honestly, her enthusiasm was contagious. After the game we got a car and headed back to the hotel while Charlie checked out her photos and I asked if she got any good ones?

"I wish I had my camera, but this one is good." She turned her phone to show me one of the Bruins players pressed to the glass behind the net in front of our seats. "I can't thank you enough Brax." We shared a tender moment in the back of the car before we arrived at the hotel and she took my hand and started to lead me up to our room. As we got there we could hear the racket coming already from the other guys in their room. Charlie turned her head to me holding her finger up to be quiet as we tried to sneak into our room quietly, wanting to enjoy a few more moments to ourselves before we had everyone cramming in like they usually did before a show.

I sat down on the couch, kicking my shoes off for a few and chucked my jacket over the back of the couch. Charlie took her jacket off and came over, straddling my lap. She ran her hands up my chest as I gripped her hips. Her hands made their way up to my neck and she leaned forward, kissed behind my ear gently and started making her way across my cheek.

I gripped her hips a little tighter, pulling her closer to me when our lips finally met and her tongue passed between my mouth to capture my own. I slid down on the couch a bit further, pulling her up on my hips so I could feel her rubbing against me as our kiss grew heated. My hands were now making their way up inside her shirt as she started to grind softly against my pelvis. "Mmm, god I want you Charlie."

"Then take me, Brax." She gripped my face tighter as we started kissing, but not nearly long enough.

"You want to hear something super funny?" Charlie shot up squealing, her frustration boiling over into expletives directed at Chester for his interruption. We looked over and saw him leaning on the edge of the couch, all the other guys standing at the door ready to burst out laughing.

"Fuck bro! Just let yourself in next time." When Charlie asked him why he had to do this all the time, he just smirked at her, raised his eyebrow and said it was funny.

"So, as I was saying. Would you like to know what the funniest thing about this is? That is a pull out couch right?"

"Yeah, and your point is?" I asked him, recognising Charlie was in no mood to deal with his antics.

"Fucking while pregnant on a pull out couch." He burst out laughing at us both. "The irony of it!" As everyone chuckled I wasn't sure if it was more directed to him, or the fact Charlie called him a fucking idiot.

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