International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Fifty One - Chester’s POV

The show was lit, but the best part of all, we were about to get more lit! Everyone was here tonight, so there were no holds barred. "And everyone has to drink double to have Midget's share."

"Thanks man, appreciate you reminding me I can't drink tonight."

"You're welcome. But fear not, I have many wonderful things in store for you, dear Midget."

She looked to Brax as she pointed her thumb towards me. "Is this guy for real?" The drinks started to flow heavily and quickly, although I noticed Brax was taking his time. It was obvious he was trying to be considerate for Charlie, so when I saw her go inside, I followed her in.

"Question please, Midget?" She asked what I needed, but I waited until she turned to look at me. "Can I get him cooked tonight?"

"Brax?" When I said yes, she questioned why I was asking for permission?

"Because he's drinking like a bitch, obviously trying to be considerate for you which is why I wanted to ask first." She smirked at me and said do it, so I held my hand up to high five. "Yes! Pregnant Midget of Tour is the best!"

"Do not call me that ever again."

"Roger." We headed back out and I watched as everyone passed the bong around, before I pulled the shots out. "I have an announcement to make!"

Shane was the first to speak asking if I was pregnant before Mark went to the next level "You fingered your own butthole that one time at school camp?"

Everyone cracked up laughing at my expense before Brax took his shot. "You masturbate more than you admit to?"

"Suck my dick, assholes!" After they stopped ribbing me, Brax told me to go on with this announcement. "Everyone sit around the table. Shots too."

"No shots for me tonight bro."

"Already cleared it with the Pregnant Midget wife, so you are good to go. . . . . Ooo we could make a reality television show based around it. Pregnant Midget Wives of Tour."

When Marcus cracked up laughing, Tessa who was with him again highlighted it sounded like the making of a porn, with Nick's wife Jewels agreeing. When Chrissy said she was glad someone else verbalised I saw Brax giving Charlie the side eye and a smirk before he spoke. "I mean, I am not opposed to making a sex tape, if that's what you want baby?" When we all chuckled she looked at him and mouthed a very firm No!

"So now we have established that, you can't hide behind the excuse of your Pregnant Midget wife, it's t. . . ."

"Would you stop fucking calling me that, Chester!"

Ignoring her, but first throwing a wicked smile, I yelled to everyone it was shots time. We all clinked them together, except for poor midget, and took the shot. I saw Brax give her a kiss afterwards and whisper something."Detach your balls from the midget, and man up. Pussy whipped spandex wearing baboon, mother fucker." When Charlie cracked up laughing and asked what the hell that was I winked at her. "Just a collection of your finest, midget."

"So why did we all have to sit here, asshole?" When Shane asked it reminded me I had gathered them for a reason. I excused myself, promising to be right back as I raced inside to collect it and threw it on the table, yelling surprise.

The bible!

Charlie immediately said no, however we cracked up when Brax slid his hand across her mouth and started nodding yes. Of course the rest of the boys completely agreed also. "Chester, I am not playing the bible sober!"

"Well look at that, she gets knocked up and automatically turns into a pussy." I knew that would work as she reached across the table and snatched it from me.

"Give me that damn bible, you fucking baboon." In the excitement of riling her up we had forgotten we had people here who didn't know about the bible, so when Tessa asked what it was, I felt obliged to explain.

"So the bible is our collection of the best . . . . dares, or twenty questions we have played over the years. Any that have been deemed worthy, have been added to collate and form the bible." When Chrissy asked how bad, Kendall said it was so bad, it would make her question her sanity when it came to dating us weirdos. When Shane tried to voice his objections she tapped him softly on the cheek and told him not to argue with truth. "So midget, you can go first since you are Pregnant Midget of Tour and can't drink."

"I swear to god you say that one more time and I will give you Pregnant Midget Crazy!" Ignoring her threat I asked if she was picking truth or dare? So when she chose truth I said pregnancy made her boring. "Eat a dick!"

"Ok, Are you a dirty talker in bed? If so, how dirty?"

"Fuck off, Monkey! I am not answering that question, especially for you." The guys laughed and Brax immediately asked if that was even in there, or if I had made it up. Luckily Mark remembered.

"No, it is there. Remember Shane had to answer it when we were in Townsville. It was the same night as the Hagrid incident." Liam agreed as did the rest when Mark explained, before Midget spoke up again.

"Yeah, I don't give a shit. I am still not giving Chester that bit of information!"

"And I respect you even more for it baby." As Brax hugged her tighter Marcus was the one that called him out for his bullshit. It was obvious he didn't want me to know the answer to that either. "I know, I am not denying it."

"So what's your final answer, midget? Are you refusing to answer?"

"I refuse! What's the dare?"

I looked up and smirked at her because this was even better. "Suppose you were a dirty talker in bed, give us a demonstration on Brax of the worst you would be prepared to say or do." The moment I said it Brax threw his head back laughing and she slapped him across the chest while Kendall reminded me I might be dead after this stunt. Chrissy pointed out the truth didn't seem so bad after all in comparison as the girls agreed.

"You're so full of shit! That is not conveniently on the same page!"

Brax patted her butt as he explained it was. "It was done on purpose that way. If you tried the pussy avenue of truth, the dare that counteracted the truth was much worse." We heard her say fuck into his chest as she thought about it for a moment.

"I hate you so much, Monkey. My child will have to find a new favourite uncle because it can't be you!"

"That cuts deep Midget! Well as deep as your little arms will let you go." She threw her empty water bottle at me and I managed to duck just in time as everyone laughed when she said I would pay for this. "It will be worth it."

We all watched as she turned on Brax's lap and straddled him. His fingers gripped her hips possessively as Pregnant Midget of Tour moved in grabbing his face and seemed to be whispering to Brax. I watched my boy's fingers start to grip her tighter and when I saw her hips swivel slightly on his lap, I knew whatever she just said had the effect Midget was searching for. "Hey! We are waiting." Charlie just lifted her head, still gripping Brax tight as his hands tried to push her hips back down, asking me what the problem was. "Start speaking." When she said she was I pointed out the obvious. "We can't hear you."

Charlie ignored me and moved into Brax again and he suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her in tight and gave her a big kiss. When she pulled away she looked over smirking at me. "So are you going to do this dare or not?"

Midget sat there still smirking as she rubbed her hands up and down Brax's neck and into his hands, as he pressed her body to him, head nearly buried in her tits. "She already did, Bro."

When Shane and I both highlighted we didn't hear shit, this little thing finally spoke. "Who said you had to?" When I started reminding her what the dare said she cut me off. "I know what the dare said, Chester. You read and I quote . . . . Suppose you were a dirty talker in bed, give us a demonstration on Brax of the worst you would be prepared to say or do." When she had finished I told her to do it then. "You said Brax. Brax heard it. You never said you had to hear it also."

The girls all busted out laughing congratulating this evil midget on getting one over me, but I wasn't letting her beat me again. "How do I have proof you completed it if I didn't hear you?"

So what did she do? She stood up and pointed to Brax's groin and turned to me smirking. "I think that's sufficient proof, don't you?"

"Fuck, Charlie! Evil midget!" As we all cracked up and gave him shit over it, my poor boy tried to grab her to sit back down and cover himself up. She definitely got us good with that one.

As we went around it got to Shane, who had drawn Marcus. Dad had decided to go with truth. "What's the wildest fantasy you ever had . . . . that has come true."

When I shouted how kinky are you dad, I saw the girls cringe and Charlie asked if it made everyone else feel sick also. Marcus was too busy focused on Shane. "You little fucking prick!" Shane laughed in his face, at least until Marcus reminded him he had a contract negotiation coming up.

"Yeah, you are still going to need to answer that bro." Brax had caught on and asked Shane if he already knew the answer? "Yep, that is why I picked it."

I saw the girl's jaws drop with what came next, but the rest of us buckled over laughing. "You're a real cunt, Shane." Chris was quick to point out this had to be good for Marcus to be so wound up over it. That was when he finally shook his head and explained.

"I fucked someone backstage while you guys were playing a few years ago. She was so loud I needed the sound from the stage. She was still going when you finished so I ended up gagging her and well . . . .let's just say she was into it more than I was because shit got wild from there." Charlie's shock verbalised as us boys laughed and Shane told him to keep going. "Fine! She was a dirty bitch and it was great. I had her arms tied behind her back, her panties stuffed in her mouth while I was ripping her hair out. Smashing into her and I looked up and saw two stage hands walking past. They saw us and stopped dead. I didn't tell her, and kept going while I knew they were watching."

"Woah! You kinky fucker, daddy!" He punched me quicker than I could blink for that, but it just made me laugh even harder. When Liam said he was in awe he too copped a punch from Mace.

Brax was the next one to go and when he drew me, I saw Charlie give him a look. I knew that evil glare of hers. "Agh no you fuckers. Pregnant Midget of Tour doesn't get to pick, it is not her turn."

Brax looked up at me. "You scared?" Of course I said I wasn't. "Good, so truth or dare?" I picked dare and I watched as he looked down then looked up at me. Midget had a quick peak and he seemed to be pointing to the one he wanted. I saw her smirk and when he winked at her, I knew something bad was coming. "You have to take Chrissy inside and put a porn on. No pre-story attached for time wasting. You then have to act exactly like them for two minutes."

"Show time asshole!" Midget laughed in my face as she flipped me the bird.

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