International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Fifty Two - Brax POV

So here we all were in the lounge room, roaring in laughter as a porno played in front of us, of Shane's choosing. Chester had Chrissy's hands on the coffee table, holding her up by her thighs in a wheelbarrow pretending to bang her brains out.

Half of us were in hysterics, to the point we were coughing up a lung, while the poor girls had their legs crossed, praying they didn't pee themselves. It was the funniest shit I could remember seeing in ages and of course it was this crazy bastard doing it.

When Charlie had come back from a dash to the bathroom, the relief on her face was comical. I am sure for a minute there she thought she might have peed her pants. "Fucking pregnancy bladder!" When I asked if it was a close call, she said too close for comfort.

After several minutes he finally stopped and it took a good half an hour before we managed to calm down after that escapade. We finally recovered enough to continue when Mark drew Shane, and if I thought tonight couldn't get any better, I was wrong. "You have to order a sex toy of the groups choosing, online, in your name, for delivery."

"It's always the silent ones you have to watch. They are ninja assassins." We all laughed and agreed with Marcus as he shook his head at Mark. We had a look and then discussed and agreed on what toy he should order. We also decided Kendall could be the one to deliver the news.

"Thanks alot, assholes." She was clearly amused at being thrown under the bus. When Shane asked how bad it was, she turned the tablet to show him. "It's a ribbed butt plug."

"You realise I am using it on you, right?" The boys all burst out laughing at the look of horror on not just Kendall, but all the girl's faces.

"You dirty fuck! I didn't pick it, Monkey nuts did!"

"Babe, I am not going to order that and let it go to waste." As Kendall sucked her teeth at Shane, we all looked on amused. He pulled his card out and ordered it for delivery when we got back home. He then took his turn and ended up with April who chose dare. "You have to send Mark a video of you doing a blowjob on a banana."

When the girls all wished her good luck, I threw my head back with Mark, as placid as anything asked why only the banana got one? April headed inside with her phone and a few minutes later Mark's phone lit up with a snap chat alert. We watched as he opened it and the moment the video started we knew she had finished the dare. April came back out shortly after and grabbed the bible, choosing Mace.

"Dare." Nice, Mace never was one to punk out. April flicked it open to a page and then chuckled before showing Charlie. When she burst out laughing, nodding her head frantically to say yes I wondered what had her so tickled.

"I love you Mace, but yes! This is perfect for you."

"Read an erotic story out loud." Mace grabbed her heart when April said the dare, asking if it was because she had a voice for radio.

"Yes, now pick one." Chester cracked up as he high fived Liam's enthusiasm. We all got our phones out and found a story we agreed on before handing the phone over to Mace. She sat down on Liam's lap and I buckled over laughing when I saw his face.

"You look as happy as a pig in shit right now bro." When he said he was, Charlie put her hand across my mouth telling me to shh so Mace could start. "Someone's keen?"

"Shut up asshole, I can't help it." I laughed at my cutie as I tapped her on the butt and she wiggled in my lap. Mace took the phone and looked down to begin.

"We were in my car driving back from dinner, fairly late on a summer's night. You had a short skirt on and I couldn't help but get distracted by your bare legs, which were raised up as you had reclined the seat to its farthest setting. Your feet set atop the dash, I glanced at your toes and loved the dark red nail varnish you had chosen. Next time I looked over, you had a naughty smile on your face."

"You slid your hand under your skirt and started to play with yourself. You pulled off your knickers and threw them over the gearstick. I was trying to concentrate on the road but could not stop glancing to my left. I looked back at the road then some moments later I felt your fingers on my lips, then inside my mouth. I tasted your juices and greedily sucked your fingers clean."

I felt the atmosphere in the room had changed and become sexually charged. It was becoming apparent that this might be the last dare of the night, and everyone would be eager for some privacy after this reading. I knew that it was accurate in our case as I felt Charlie start to push her butt back in my groin more. Not that it bothered me, I could already start to feel the dull ache rising.

"I felt you rubbing my crotch with your other hand. Moments later, I felt you unzip my shorts and free my now hard member. You took me in your mouth and it felt fucking amazing. I couldn't concentrate on the road any longer so pulled over into a small layby. You started licking up and down either side of my hard shaft and then all over the head and around the rim. I almost came there and then once you started to deep throat me. My cock was warm and wet from your hot mouth, sucking me deep and hard. I pulled you up and pushed you back in your seat, spread your legs, your sexy feet pressed up against the front window. It was hot thinking how any passing cars could see you playing with yourself in the passenger seat. You had pulled off your top and were now squeezing your pert nipples whilst playing with your pussy."

"I pushed my seat back so it was fully reclined, then took down my shorts and pants before pulling you over and atop of me. You were now straddling me and facing the front window. Your hands immediately found the steering wheel then pushed up against the front window once I had entered you from behind."

I couldn't help but squirm a bit under midget's butt, thinking about how badly I wished I was taking her from behind. Watching her shoulder blades squeeze together as I slid into her, her hands gripping our sheets as her knuckles turned white, and she threw her head back. God, it got me every time. It was poetic.

"You let out a moan as you started pulling your pussy on and off my length. I spanked your ass and sat back further so you could lean into me. I played with your tits, kissing your neck and pulled your hair as you leaned back, grinding yourself deeper into me. You rubbed your clit as I pushed myself up a bit, making you lean forward, so the top of your head was almost touching the front window. Your tits now pressed against the dashboard, I increased my thrusts as I smacked your ass hard and you . . . ." There was an audible groan as the buzzer went off to indicate time. Everyone looked flustered and charged. "Well, that was interesting." You're not wrong Mace!

After a long moment of silence, . . . . awkward silence . . . . everyone avoided eye contact because we were all thinking the same thing . . . . "We are going to bed!"

I broke down laughing when Liam said it. "Thank fuck! Someone finally said it."

We said goodbye to everyone as they headed out and once the last two left, I shut the door and locked it. I walked over to my girl, picked her up and carried her into our bedroom. I placed Charlie gently on the bed and came over the top of her, my knee next to her leg and holding weight up on my arms. "So how do you want it beautiful? Rough? Or sensual?"

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