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Chapter Fifty Three - Charlie’s POV

Silence filled the room at his question before he kissed me. His arms, strong and holding firm as my lips parted and accepted his tongue. His fullness pressed against my belly, his cock long and hard in his pants. My fingers danced at the back of his neck as we kissed, lightheaded knowing that the man that had fucked me so many times before would soon be inside me again.

His hands moved to undress me and I was quick to unzip Brax. My hand fished and pulled his hardness out. I stroked him, my fingers encircling his girth as he moaned into my mouth. My mouth at his ear telling him that I had to suck him, before I dropped lower. Holding him with both hands, I licked the mushroom head, tasting the saltiness of his precum before I took him in.

His hands gripped my head as I sucked him, using my tongue along his shaft as I let him in and out of my wet hot mouth. I took him in deep, my hands were freed to unbuckle and drop his pants down, followed by his boxers. Looking up at Brax, I saw him watching me as I tried to take him completely. He smiled softly at me, stroking my bulging cheeks. I felt the head of him press along the back of my throat and into it, making my eyes turn upwards with delight. "God, you're such a good girl Charlie, my good baby girl."

His balls struck my chin as I swallowed him down. Then long slow movements back and forth as his cock exit and repentrated my throat. Thinking I would have him come in my mouth so that he would fuck me longer afterwards when his need was not so strong. The atmosphere in the room was so tense, with frustration after Mace's reading, I knew neither of us were going to last long at the moment.

But he had other ideas and pushed me off him. With his cock waving about in front of him, Brax finished undressing me. Kissing and licking my body as it came into a view, a sharp sucking of air as he saw my shaved pussy. "Cutie, you shaved for me. That's so sexy."

Brax reached out, stroking his hand over my bare mound. I smiled back at him, spreading my legs further open. He lay me on the bed and licked me wetly between the legs. His tongue, thicker and stronger than I had felt it in a long time, fingers pulled me open as he sought my button. I squirmed on the bed as he filled me with a thick finger. His mouth moved off me at the same time he climbed up and his hard cock was at my mouth again. I opened to take him in.

With me under him, I was unable to take Brax deep but he seemed satisfied with his finger continuing to prove me. I couldn't see his face, but I was sure he was examining my smooth mound and lips as his fingers opened and pulled at me.

I slid my hands up his legs, one hand cupping his balls. With a moan he sat upright and pulled me sideways. Now I was in a better position to suck and lick him which was what he desired. He rocked back and forth into my mouth until I pushed him onto his back. Between his spread legs, I fisted his cock in my hand, licking at the head as I pumped him.

Then I took him deep, one long insertion, making sure he was able to see it all. I pulled back off him completely with a long string of precum and saliva stretching from my lips to his hardness. Brax swallowed again as I rubbed his cock along my lips, my eyes fixed on him. "Do you like it when I suck you like this, Brax?"

I throated him once again as I waited for his answer. "Ugh . . . . yes . . . . yes baby." My hand pumped him again, his hardness in my first. My eyes locked on his as my tongue darted out to tease his tip.

"And you just love coming in my mouth, don't you?" Brax groaned and mumbled yes to me. "You love watching me do it, don't you baby?" His hand gripped my head and forced his cock into my mouth. His hips jerking upwards, fucking my face.

I was unable to speak as he held me firmly, I used my tongue as best I could on his shaft as my hand squeezed his balls. Teasing a finger under them on that brief stretch of flesh between his balls and backside. I was rewarded with a long blast of his saltiness into my mouth. I swallowed it as best I could until his hand released me. Then I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked while pumping his cock, lapping at him until he was finished. I kept going until I had him hard and ready for me again.

He fucked me with an unexpected fierceness. His cock thick and filling me. On top of me at first, then laying sideways with my leg pulled up, whispering to me, asking me if I liked sucking him off, feeling him empty into my mouth as he filled my throat. Before I could respond, he was up off the bed and rubbing his cock on my face, painting it with our combined wetness. Then his face was on mine, licking and kissing me, cleaning me of the wetness. "Damn baby, you're so fucking wild tonight. You're making me ache for you."

"You did this baby. Fuck you turn me on so much, Charlie." He lifted me from the bed, holding me up to his face as he lowered me onto his cock. I wrapped my legs around his hips, my arms

around his neck and now I fucked him. My body moved up and down, his hard rod sinking deep inside me, taking him harder and faster with each bounce.

Brax walked me around the room, letting me fuck him, enjoying me fuck him. We kissed deeply, swapping tongues and spit as I fucked him with a ferocity neither of us had experienced. Finally he ended up with my back resting on the door to the room, how it was his turn. He banged me against the door with his thrusts, my mouth left his and I bit and sucked on his earlobe and neck. "How good does it feel to be inside me? Tell me Brax?" My voice low, deep and full of lust in his ear. "I love feeling you deep inside me, don't you? Don't you love fucking me like this?" Brax didn't answer, only pounded me harder into the door, grunting wildly. "Or maybe you love it when I bounce down on your cock when you thrust . . . just like this." I used his shoulders to push down and meet his thrusts. "Fuck me Brax! Fuck me . . . . harder!"

I rolled my head forward and sucked down on his neck hard until I felt his skin crack underneath my lips. "Fuck! Charlie . . . agh you dirty . . . yes baby!" Brax groaned wildly and I felt his hot nectar shoot up inside me. One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . feeling him spasm over and again inside me. His mouth found mine and he carried me back to the bed, laying us down together, still joined.

Later as we fucked again, it was slower and not rushed, with me riding him. He played with my breasts and smiled up at me lovingly. After receiving my pleasure not once, but twice I realised this was purely about me and he was letting me move at my own pace. I took my time, getting to enjoy and show him how I loved this time with Brax. "God, you look amazing sitting there, riding me. Gripping my chest wildly as your head rolls back, exposing your beautiful neck. Your back arched showing me that cute little bump more, our baby growing inside there. You are so sexy Charlie, I can't get enough of you."

By the time I reached my orgasm, he'd recovered his own desire to join me. Laying on top of him, panting and sweating with his cock pushed up in and out of me, he gripped me tight to his chest, steadily driving in and out of me. "Mmm where do you want me, baby? Where do you need me?"

"Right here baby, right here. Just let me hold you like this . . . ugh you feel so good baby girl." Brax thrust faster and I knew he was close. I wrapped my arms around his back and hooked them under his shoulders, gripping them tightly as I lifted my head to look at him.

"Open your eyes Brax, look at me." His eyes flew open, catching mine as he pushed in one more time and exploded inside me.

"Fuck! . . . . Yes Charlie! . . . . ugh." Brax held me, pushed down tight on him as we calend down and slowly started to get our breaths back. Our room fell silent as we lay wrapped in each other, starting to fall asleep.

It was when we heard Chester we froze and shot up. "UGH YES! Take it Chrissy, take it all!" Brax and I looked at each other and burst out laughing, knowing we would definitely be using that against him tomorrow.

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