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Chapter Fifty Four - Chester’s POV

Last night was huge and when I woke up this morning I was too scared to open my eyes because I knew the hangover was going to be fierce. I slowly peeled one eye open, praying I had shut the curtains last night.

Thank fuck, I had!

I opened both my eyes and stared at the ceiling for a few moments, trying to get the courage to sit up. I knew the moment I did I would be hugging the porcelain bowl. I managed to finally sit up and I staggered out to the kitchen to get some pain relief and water. I took the tablets and headed into the bathroom with the water bottle to take a quick piss. I gargled to get rid of the taste of the alcohol and smoke on my breath.

Once I stepped inside my room and turned around, I stopped, jaw dropped and stared. There was Chrissy, buck naked, sitting cross legged on the bed. I stared as I had run out of things to say for once in my life. "It's about time you got back. Take your clothes off and come over here and fuck me."

I looked at Chrissy, she stood up off the bed, hands on her hips waiting for me to take her. "Chrissy?"

I questioned her, raising an eyebrow to this opposite of her usual demeanour. "Didn't you tell me last night I need to be more aggressive and take what I want? So here I am, I want your fat cock inside me now. And I am going to have it." She jerked her head toward the bed. "Get your clothes off and get on that bed ready to fuck. I want you now Chester." My mind was reeling. Not that I had a problem with the thought of a naked woman in my hotel room. . . . hell it's one of my favourite concepts. But sweet little Chrissy, telling me what to do was driving me wild.

Mesmerised, my hands fumbled with my pants and worked on shedding them off. But my mind struggled with the ethics of the situation. Sweet little Chrissy, who had let me bang the fuck out of her, every which way to Sunday and took it all, was now telling me what to do?

She was laying back on the bed, with her legs spread, her knees up and her glorious pussy open for business. The glistening lips, the creamy thighs, and the smouldering look on her face all served to evaporate any moral misgivings I might have had. And I would have her. . . . now. "Eat me Chester, I want to feel your tongue inside me."

Fuck! She was a goddess. My biggest fantasy is coming to life. I couldn't help but drop to my knees and start licking at her swollen lips. "Mmm you animal Chester . . . yes, lick me, eat me . . . . Cover your face with me."

I put my hands on her knees, spread them wider, and redoubled my efforts on her moist slit. I lapped at her, clawed at her clit, licked her all up. She put back her head and moaned wildly in pleasure. My tongue danced on her nether regions, her body shivered and shook underneath me. Finally she struggled up. "Enough tongue work Chester! I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you buried deep inside me like the animal you are." She shimmied up the bed a bit, still on her back, still with her pussy near the edge. I came close, my cock raging. "Give me it Chester, give it to me hard."

Her hands massaged my swollen tool, stroking it to maximum hardness. Then she guided it to her dripping core, standing on the floor by the bed, I pressed it home and swung my hips. She kept up her diatribe of dirty talking throughout which just got to me even more, rendering me mute to her. The awe of the filth coming out of her pretty mouth. After a time she pulled herself up and got onto her hands and knees. "Keep fucking me baby." She implored, her ass wiggling with wanton need. "Fuck me like the animal you were last night Chester. Fuck me like the little slut you want me to be."

"Fuck, Chrissy!" She pressed her ass, and her swollen lips back towards my waiting cock, which I pressed into her.

"Aww yes!" She cried out as I pressed my cock into her core once more, feeling my hips ram against her ass cheeks as I penetrated her from behind, over and again. Her tight, gripping hole felt wonderful and I could sense my balls working overtime on a giant load. I pounded and rammed, as Chrissy moaned an obscene amount of profanities with each thrust. Her sounds told me she loved the pounding I was giving her.

Knowing by her sounds how much she enjoyed it I grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulled her head back and even as my cock continued to pound her mercilessly I felt the need arise and I smacked her beautiful round ass hard and fast. Chrissy's body fell forward and I used her hair to pull her back into me. Smacking her ass, I gripped her throat and moaned into her ear "Fuck yes, you love it . . . . rough and dirty, don't you baby?"

"Yes you animal, fuck me . . . fuck me harde!" Her hand reached down and I could feel her slide her finger into her pussy alongside my cock. She sewed it back and forth with me, stimulating us both further while her thumb tickled her nub. Even though I was the one fucking her, I felt, somehow that she was the one holding all the power in this sex romp. Obviously she was the one calling the shots, and she was the one doing all the dirty talking for my benefit. I felt a need to match her, to gain back a bit of power. Most of my blood and willpower were in my hard working dick at the moment, but I managed to engage a little bit of my brain and planned out my next move.

I pulled out of her suddenly. Chrissy turned around, mouth open to admonish me. "On your knees, now." I told her, pointing at the floor. "That filthy mouth of yours needs my cock stuffed in it." Her eyes widened with delight. Chrissy scrambled to the floor in front of me and looked up to my eyes.

"Fuck my face, Chester." I had to admit, she was much better at this naughty patter than I expected. It was causing my cock to ache more for her, watching her match my usual filthy nature in the bedroom. She was also a mighty good cock sucker, and soon had me aching with pleasure. Her lips slurped my mushroom head and her hands jacked my shaft. Soon she had a middle finger tickling the skin just behind my balls, increasing my stimulation further.

I felt a twinge in my balls that signaled an imminent orgasm. Chrissy felt it too and took her mouth off me. She looked in my eyes with a gaze like a steel hammer. "Come on me Chester."

"Fuck yes!" She gasped my shaft with both hands, jacking up and down and twisting them in opposite directions. It's not a manoeuvre that I can withstand for long, and soon I felt myself rising to the occasion. When I heard her start goading me to give it to her again I looked down and saw her face, her eyes begging me for it. "Ughh I'm going to give it to you alright, you want it don't you? Tell me again."

"I want to watch you come on me, Chester."

I stroked her face as she sucked on my bubblegum coloured head. "Yeah? You want me to come on your pretty little face?" When she said please and looked at me beggingly I knew I was done. "Aghh here it comes baby . . . . take it like a good girl . . . be Chester's good girl, baby." I managed to groan as the waves of orgasm shook me. It felt like a gallon of jizz escaped my cock, splattering her in the face. She held my spasming rod, aimed at her tongue as I watched her lap it up. My knees buckled at the sight and she had to notice. When the flow slowed down a little, she wiped the remaining from her lips and tongue, looked up at me as I panted heavily holding her eye contact. I wiped my thumb across her lips and smiled at Chrissy. "You're such a good girl baby, come here."

I picked her up and smashed my lips to Chrissy's mouth, carrying her back to the bed. As I placed her down on the soft quilt, I heard that fucker yell out. "Aww who's a good girl, baby?" Brax hadn't even finished his sentence when I heard evil midget from hell crack up laughing.


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