International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Fifty Five - Brax POV

Charlie and I were in hysterics by the time Chester finished this morning. We had been laughing so hard we had tears rolling down our faces so when it finally went quiet next door, I just couldn't help myself. "Aww who's a good girl, baby?"

The moment we heard Chester say 'fuck' we both roared in laughter again. Charlie and I were rolling on the bed amused mimicking the many different things we had just heard come out of Chester's mouth while he was banging Chrissy. Then it suddenly dawned on me. When I tried to draw Charlie's attention she answered me breathlessly between her giggles. "Umm I had a thought. . . ."

"Look at you go baby, I am so proud of you." I laughed and called Charlie an asshole as I swatted at her butt.

"You do realise if we heard them, then they heard us last night." I watched as Charlie's jaw dropped to the bed and I put two fingers under her chin lifting it up.

"No!" She seemed to think about it for a moment before a light switched on. "He would have said something if he did. He probably couldn't hear us over himself." I laughed and acknowledged she had a valid point.

I leaned over and kissed Charlie deeply, I couldn't deny there was only so much of that you could listen to before it kind of became like watching porn and a precursor. As I tried to push my tongue into her mouth, she pressed on my shoulders and turned her head away from me. Charlie motioned for me to lean down and whispered. "If you want to fuck me Braxton, you are going to have to take me in the shower so big ears in the next room doesn't listen." I didn't even answer her, I just picked her up and carried her through to our bathroom, shut the door, put my spotify on . . . . loud, and ran the shower stepping in with her.

A while later we finally emerged feeling much better after that bonus morning session and ready to get packed and on the road for our last show this afternoon. I had messaged our group chat earlier to see what everyone was up to and they had all agreed to meet at ours just after midday so we could say goodbye to guys and . . . well Chester and Marcus I will leave to sort themselves.

Charlie and I spent the morning relaxing. We had managed to wake up early enough thanks to Chester for me to watch Manchester United play and get the wine, and of course I was even more happy to see Rashford score again. Charlie played along and gained interest for my benefit, but I knew it was all for laughs, unless of course we played each other, then shit got real. It was nice to see her happy I got the win, either that or she was hoping I would leave her to watch the liverpool game in peace later tonight.

After the game we chilled with some Fifa as we were both fanging for a game after watching it. I turned to Charlie and asked her what the bet was. "If I win you give me a massage when we get on the bus, and if I lose you give me a massage on the bus anyway because you love me."


"Negative, Ghost Rider." When I said denied Charlie backtracked and said partially. I raised my eyebrow and told her to elaborate. "Lingerie."


"Do you want to risk Chester coming in and I am nude?"

"Fine, agreed! Lingerie massage. Now, what do I really get?"

"My love and appreciation?" She scrunched her nose at me being cheeky but it was seriously the look I found most sexy on her. I know I had always gone on about it since the very first time I saw her do it, but it was the look that got me in the feels every time she did it.

"Loser! I get my hands on you either way." She laughed as she called me naughty and we gave each other a quick peck before we got into the game. Of course because we were both such competitive assholes it ended up being a best of five and we were tied into the last game. There was ten minutes to go when the guys all walked in.

When Liam yelled across the room I told him to shut the fuck up. "Give me ten minutes, I have to beat this evil midget thing."

I could hear Marcus suck his teeth as he said he would be out on the veranda chopping up for a joint. "Fuck off already, Dad!" We all laughed at Charlie, not before my attention was firmly back on the television.

We continued our game and little miss beat me. And the worst part was, I really wanted to beat her this time. "You suck balls, Midget!"

"And you love it. Just admit it baby, you're a Manc, you just love going down." Charlie jumped up and grabbed my head and humped it with her cute little pussy before going to step off the couch as the guys all laughed at her. I let her get down before I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back on to my lap.

"What the fuck was that, you maniac? Did you just dry hump my face?" I laughed as she said what of it? I dry humped her ass all the time. We got up and headed outside and Chester packed a cone and passed the bong to Charlie to give to me. Now the rest of the extended group had left and it was just the band, Marcus and the Canadian boys and April, Charlie saw a chance to get Chester one for all the shit he gave us.

As she took the bong from him, she passed it back and then reached out to rub Chester's cheek. "Aww who's a good girl, baby?" The moment Charlie said it I fell sideways, roaring with laughter and I had to grip her hips tight so we both didn't fall off the chair.

When we eventually calmed down everyone was looking at us, confused and curious, wondering what the fuck just happened when Chester flipped us both off. "Assholes."

As soon as he said it we burst out laughing again. Laughing so hard just accelerated my high and I was absolutely buzzing. I got up to get a drink for Charlie and I, and when I headed back out I saw a chance to get Chester again. "Hey man, move over. Can I sit down?"

"Yeah bro, all good. Have the chair so you can sit next to your pregnant midget wife of tour."

"Aww who's a good girl, baby?" As I stroked his cheek just like Charlie did she fell over again in a fit of laughter.

"You fucker!" Chester lunged at me and we ended up in hysterics, wrestling on the veranda while everyone else just left us to it. I heard Liam turn to Charlie on the table and asked what was going on.

"Let's just say it wasn't Chester listening this time." Mark chuckled and asked how much we heard as I pinned Chester to the tiled veranda floor. "Every word of it."

"Oh you should see what it is like having a threesome with him then." When Mark reminded us all of this, everyone at the table burst out laughing as Chester and I finally got up off the ground. We cooled off and had a quick cone each before doing a last tidy up and checking we had everything before we left.

"Alright all, quick pit stop in the cafe downstairs, grab what you want now. We will not be stopping for a few hours. That means you Chester." As Monkey went to backchat Marcus on this, Kendall through her arm around his shoulder and dragged him off to the confectionery stand.

"Baby, we are already sweet enough." He winked at Kendall, while Shane just shook his head smirking, opting to let the prick get on with it this time. When I saw Charlie walking around aimlessly for an hour and a day undecided, I had to patiently remind myself it was just pregnant Charlie, it will be fine once she has the baby.

Just smile and agree, Brax.

"Baby, why don't I just get one of each so if you want it, you have it there."

"Brax! Do you even realise how fat I will get if I eat all that, and I will if it is there."

Ok, so not that suggestion.

"Come on babe, stop stressing. I already promised you, I will work it off you in no time."

I winked at her and wiggled my eyebrows as she giggled. "You're so bad. Let's just take these and go." She finally decided on a bag of jellybeans and an iced tea. We headed to the counter with all our stuff ready to pay. I was getting my wallet out when I noticed Charlie grip the counter. I put my hand on her back asking if she was ok, while Charlie furiously shook her head.

Before we could stop it she started vomiting all over the counter. I desperately tried to grab some napkins and throw them over the top for it, while the store clerk passed Chester a bin bag for me to put them in. I held her hair back with my other hand while still wiping up, and when she finally settled down I moved closer to her. "Are you ok, babe? While Charlie tried to suck some breaths in I looked up at the store clerk. "I apologise, my partner is pregnant. If you have some disinfectant spray and wipes, I will be happy to finish cleaning this up properly and any costs incurred."

The clerk was very understanding and when she stepped away to get some cleaning clothes and spray, I saw the cause of the problem. The coffee machine behind the clerk where they had been steaming the milk. "Milk again, cutie?" She just nodded her head as she tried to get her breath back and had a sip of water.

"Ok, I think I am alright now." The clerk came back and Charlie apologised profusely but the lady was lovely and understood having three of her own. Chester was holding the bag open to help me while I cleaned up and I saw him put his arm around Charlie's shoulders.

"You good now, Midget? She said she was ok now as she gave him a quick hug back. "You know you are part of a very elite club don't you?"


"There is only one other person in this group that has vomited on a countertop." She tried to argue she was not in his group as his was on the bar, because he was wasted. "Yes baby, it's still a counter. You and me, we have our own little club now." I couldn't help myself when he called her baby, and I gave him a quick jab to the arm. "Aww fuck, alright man! Sweet cheeks."

"Aww, who's a good girl, baby?" We all burst out laughing, much to the clerk's confusion.

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