International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Fifty Six - Brax POV

Thank god we were on our way to our last show, and only had one more stop after this because between hormones and the horrible morning sickness . . . also why do they call it morning sickness anyway when it is all day . . . . the most random shit was triggering my cutie off at any time of the day. Twice already we had to stop and buy fresheners for the bus because Marcus' cologne had her throwing up.

I had finally got her settled and laying down asleep with an ice pack for her head as she had been getting headaches, as well as a bucket next to the bed. I walked out closing the door to make sure we didn't wake her and parked my ass in the seat at the table next to Shane. "How's Linda Blair back there?" When Chester said that I reminded him if Charlie heard him compare her to The Exorcist she would cut him. "I am an idiot mate, but I don't have a death wish."

Liam pointed out "Sometimes you do bro."

Kendall looked at me worried as she asked if she had stopped being sick. "For now babes. She told me to remind you that you stink Marcus, you need a new cologne."

"Tell that evil midget I hope she chokes on her words." I had to remind Marcus at that point I won't always be there to save his ass if she does vomit on him.

Liam, who to be fair like most of us, had no experience with pregnancy and curiously asked "Is this like an all the time thing? Because it's kinda gross, just saying. If that is babies then babies are gross." Mace squealed his name as she slapped him across the head while we all chuckled.

"Bro, don't even right now. Between Marcus causing her to vomit, and her meltdown over toast this morning, I am dead." When Shane asked if the meltdown was really that bad, I glared at him. "We only had two pieces of bread left and Charlie burned them when she tried to make toast. She was dealing with some hardcore hormones or shit at that exact moment, I don't know."

Now it was my turn to get slapped as the girls turned on me and Mace pointed out "She is going to nut you before the end of this pregnancy if you keep explaining shit like that."

"Anyway she kept saying 'I can't do anything right! How am I going to raise a baby, when I can't even cook toast?' I tried to comfort her, told her it was not a big deal, and of course, ran downstairs to the cafe to get her fucking toast."

"Aww, you're such a good girl, baby." When Chester used his own words on me I fell over laughing as did the rest of the guys.

"Then, not once but twice I have gone to kiss her in the morning, forgetting I have had milk in my coffee and she vomited all over me. Twice!" When Mark cracked up I called him a wanker. "Just remember, Milk is an absolute no go at the moment." Chester highlighted my warning was a little late, he had seen the aftermath of milk in the shop earlier with me. "And don't bring that up again either, she's still upset over it."

"Say no more, bro." I reached across and fist bumped with Chester, appreciating he knew when to reign it in at the right time. We sat and chilled out for a while and I had a cone before heading back to check on Charlie. She was still asleep so I lay down next to her and gave her a sweet hug being careful not to wake her.

"I'm awake baby, I was just laying here because I still had that annoying headache."

"Can I get you anything babe?"

"An orgasm." I nearly choked, definitely not expecting her to say that and I ended up coughing as she turned to look at me confused.

"Sorry, I did not expect that."

"So, is that a no?" I sat up on my elbows and questioned if she was being serious right now? "Well apparently it helps with a headache, plus not going to lie, the last week or so my orgasms have been incredible. It's just hard to explain but everything feels so much more sensitive."

"Mmm, is that so?" I don't know why I even left her hanging to explain when there was never any doubt I was going to give her what she wanted. It wasn't long before I had my face buried between her thighs, dining out on my favourite meal.

Sometime later as I flopped back on the bed next to Charlie, I looked over and saw tears falling from her eyes. "Baby, what's wrong?" Immediately panicking I did something wrong, I rolled over and grabbed her into my arms, pulling her close to me as I looked down. I stroked the tears from her eyes as she looked back at me with more love than I could ever have expected to see.

"I'm sorry baby, that was just so . . . . ugh, my orgasms have been so intense lately that I couldn't help it. It was just so much stimulation I started crying. Happy tears though." I looked down at her as she scrunched her nose, and then I threw my head back roaring with laughter as I fell back on the pillow. "Brax! Are you laughing at me?"

"No baby, I am laughing at the situation. I just gave you an orgasm so good, you wept." She slapped me across the chest as I grabbed her hand and rubbed my stubble on her chest as she burst out laughing.

"Fuck off you baboon. Just for that you can get back down there and sort me out again."

"Again? Really?"

"Do I look like I am joking, Batman?"

"Damn! I think I am going to love pregnant Charlie."

"Brax, get down there now before I change my mind!"

"Yes, cutie." I dove back down as I was told, not before tickling the inside of her thighs with the stubble on my cheeks while she giggled.

"You are going to luck out if you carry on Mister, because I am going to want to pee. There is a fine line down there at the moment. Choose wisely." After giving my cutie what she needed, we sorted ourselves out and headed back out to sit down with everyone. I sat at the table and pulled her on to my lap, resting my head on her shoulder as I rubbed her stomach.

"Hey Midget, can I ask you something?"

"Depends what it is, Monkey?"

"Well I was curious, you know? I was reading up about what we can expect having to put up with the pregnant midget wife of tour." When she squealed what at him, Liam was fast to point out if Chester wasn't careful he was going to cook himself. "Nah, hear me out. So anyway they were saying things that are common in early pregnancy."

"Get to the point, Chester." I tapped her butt as I knew her frustration was growing.

"Is it true you wanna bang like all the time? Asking for a friend."

He winked at me trying to make out like I had asked him to do it. "Don't drag me into this, you asshole."

"I am not answering that Chester, you can fuck off!"

"I was just trying to work out if you were faking it then or if my boy really was that good. That's all."

I grabbed her hips as she went to thump him again. "Ugh, Chester! I swear one of these days I am going to strangle you."

"Don't do that sweet cheeks . . . . Ha! I remembered Brax, you can't hit me." Liam and the rest of the band laughed before he added. "Just spank the monkey instead."

"Ugh Chester!" When Charlie squealed I punched him just because I could.

"Haha you fucking baboon, bro!"

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