International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Fifty Seven - Charlie’s POV

We had just finished our last show for this tour and even though it was only half the length of the Regional Tour, I think this one had well and truly mentally fucked us. In such a short time so much had happened that we hadn't even had time to process it properly. We had not long got back to the hotel and the guys were all sitting outside with a beer and spliff, toasting to the completion of the tour.

They were carrying on like they would never see each other again. Sure we flew out back home pretty quickly but that was because the guys also had other commitments that had apparently been booked off the back of this tour. So with that in mind, Marcus said our flights had been changed.

The other guys would be out in a month anyway for the Music Awards, where the bands were unveiling their new song together and we had invited them to stay longer so they could celebrate Brax's thirtieth, our Engagement and the news of the baby all in one at a party we were organising for everyone important to us.

We had sorted accommodation for them also, so they were able to stay a couple of weeks and we could show them around Australia. I was trying to work out what other engagements we had before then as all Marcus said was new bookings had come in. It was pissing me off. I couldn't see anything on the calendar because I wanted to start booking in the party and work out whether to have it before or after the awards, so the guys knew when to fly out. I was on the computer in the dining when I yelled out to Marcus. "Marcus, why do we have a calendar booking system if you don't use it?"


"You heard me. You reckon we needed to fly back early because of bookings, yet there is nothing in here. How am I supposed to book in the party and confirm with these guys if I don't know what Brax's movements are?"

"Cutie, does that have to be done tonight? Leave it until tomorrow."

Brax quickly realised his mistake by interfering when I replied. "No, and your name is not Marcus." Mark laughed at him and told him to stay in his lane as he turned to me and said yes boss. "Ooo say that again, I like it."

"Dickhead." I turned to Marcus again after giving Brax the finger and said his name. In return I got Midget from him, before Chester added Pregnant Midget Wife of Tour.

"Go fuck yourself, Chester! Marcus when are the bookings?" When Marcus still wouldn't answer me I looked over and I saw him and Brax trying to communicate something to each other. I stood up and walked to the door while I heard Mace, Kendall and April laugh, knowing what was coming next. "What did you two do?"

They both jumped like they had just got busted. "Why do you always assume the worst, cutie?"

"Brax, you can not keep a straight face when you are hiding something. So I ask again, what did you two do?"

"I am tapping out now mate, this is on you." Marcus said to Brax as he stepped away from the table while Chester chuckled.

I cut Brax off when he called Marcus an asshole, and asked him again what was going on? "Bro, you are in trouble. Next she is going to drop the baboon."

I turned to point at Shane when he had finished. "Next I will drop you Shane, if you don't quit it."

"Hormone midget is great, can we keep this one too?" Before he could blink, I slapped Liam upside the back of the head as the rest laughed. Meanwhile I was still staring down Brax, who was obviously hoping I would forget that I had asked him a question. He finally got up and walked over to me, almost laughing at the hissy fit I was having, and picked me up.

"Put me down you baboon. I know you are up to something." And the prick just laughed in my face. "Quit laughing Braxton! I won't stop asking until you tell me." Brax walked me inside waving to the girls as they laughed and marched me up to our room, throwing me softly on the bed. He kicked the door shut and leaned over the top of me.

"You know, you are a pain in my ass right?"

"Yes I do, and you love me."

"You're impossible sometimes."

"I am not. I asked you a question and you kept avoiding me Brax."

He tapped me on the nose patronisingly as I slapped his hand away much to his amusement. "Because, little miss, I was trying to surprise you. I can never manage to keep things from you, because you have to know everything!" Now it was my turn to laugh in his face. "You and I are leaving early and heading home tomorrow. The rest of the band is leaving on the original schedule."

"But why?"

"Charlotte Maree Bancroft, what did I tell you?" Now I couldn't help but giggle again at how frustrated he looked. I knew I was such a little shit sometimes, and I couldn't help it.

"I'm sorry. I love you." When Brax laughed and said I was an asshole, I thought I better check. "Not a haemorrhoid like Chester?"

"No baby, not a haemorrhoid." He went to hug me then realised what I said and started tickling me. "You little shit, you just called me an asshole." He eventually stopped tickling me and cuddled into me as I gave him a quick kiss. "We are having a stop over on the way back home babe, that is all I am telling you. I just thought a break and taking the trip slowly might be good for you in case you got sick."

"I love you, thank you Batman."

"Now will you quit being a brat for the night?"

"Promise. I might go to bed anyway soon. I am pretty tired."

"Alright baby. Set the alarms for me please. We need to be up and ready by eight to get to the airport in time. It's a couple of hours drive but I have sorted a car for us to make it quicker. The guys will take most of our gear home, you just need clothes for a couple of days . . . . fuck!"

"Brax!" He told me to hang on as I watched his brain ticking over.

"Ok, you won't need much because I just realised I am a dumb shit and Canada you pack cold for. This place is hot so we will have to just take what we can and buy some new clothes when we get there."

"Or go naked?"

"Yeah do that idea! I like that."

"Come on, let me get a bottle of water and say goodnight before I head to sleep." Brax led me back out and I said goodbye to everyone and gave the other guys a hug, promising to let them know when the party was booked in so they could arrange flights. I hugged our little group and promised to see them at home in a few days or whenever Brax would let us return. I told Kendall I expected to see her moved to the city by the time we got back, and she just winked at me.

Brax came and made sure I had set the alarms and tucked me into bed which he did most nights now. It was too cute for words, honestly. It didn't take me long to get to sleep that night, I think the prospect of finally going home made it all the better. I couldn't wait to see Mum or Tina, and let them know everything. I also couldn't wait to see where Brax and my life went next, and finally meet our baby.

I was in a deep sleep and I didn't hear Brax come in last night. I woke to the alarms going off and he groaned in my ear about it being too early. "Baby, you are the one that booked this, so why are you complaining?"

"I just want to stay in bed."

"Well I have no idea where we are going or what you have planned, but can't we just do that tomorrow instead? The two of us and no interruptions?"

He seemed to ponder this for a minute and then jumped up. "You're right, that is better because then you definitely have no excuse to put clothes on either."

"Sex pest kind of morning?"

"Always with you." He put his hand out and I took it. We had a quick shower before getting dressed and grabbing a cuppa. Unfortunately milk is still not cutting it for me so we sat across from each other until he had finished coffee and I had my black tea. I couldn't help but smile at him when I saw Brax eat a mint chewing gum, for my benefit.

"You are too cute sometimes, you know that right? When he looked at me and asked what he did I pointed out the chewing gum in his mouth.

"Oh, you thought that was for your benefit? No baby, it stops me from getting puked on if I kiss you." Even though I called him a wanker, I still giggled before he said he was just messing with me.

"Eat a dick!"

"You eat mine first." I shook my head at him as he blew me a kiss and we picked up our cups. We did a double check to make sure we had everything before checking out. Our gear we weren't taking had already been stored on the bus for us last night so we didn't have an awful lot to take. We quickly chucked a note we wrote under Marcus' door to let them all know we had got away safely. We also promised to message when we landed to see how they were.

As we headed outside to our car, Brax grabbed our bags and helped the driver get them in the car before opening the door for me. I got in and he slid beside me, once he put his seat belt on, I put mine on in the middle and cuddled into him. I reached up to his cheek and cupped it in my hand, as I turned Brax face to look at me when the car started to leave. "Thank you for this, Brax. It is just what I needed without even knowing."

"Me too, cutie." He kissed me forehead before moving back.

"So you know how you love me and I am giving you the greatest gift of all?"

"A baby?"

"No you asshole. . . . me!" Brax burst out laughing as he hugged me tighter and I smirked up at him.

"What do you want? And yes I love you."

"Where are we going?" He looked at me for a few minutes, deciding whether to tell me or not before he kissed me deeply and moved back.

"Bali for four days. A private villa, just you and I, no outside world, no distractions, just rest and relaxation."

"Sounds perfect, but you already had me when you said just you and I, Brax." He leaned down and kissed me sweetly as we got lost in each other again.

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