International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Fifty Eight - Brax POV

I was glad I had decided to do this for Charlie, and take a few extra days to get home. Between the turbulence, the travel sickness and the morning sickness, the flight to Bali was hell for her and what made it worse was there was nothing I could do to help her. I hadn't taken any sleeping pills this time, like I usually do on long travel, because I wanted to make sure I could be there for her if she needed me. I am thankful I chose this because as it turned out, she did.

After a long and exhausting flight, we finally arrived and made our way off the plane stopping in duty free to pick up some essentials for tomorrow . . . . clothing and swimmers . . . before heading to our private villa I had hired for the few days. It gave us a chance to find the solitude we needed and to get the rest we desperately wanted. As the car pulled up I managed to get everything inside without waking Charlie and I went back out, undid her seat belt to carry her as she started to stir awake. "It's ok, I can walk."

"I've got you." I thanked the driver and shut the door as I carried my cutie inside taking her through and putting her on the bed.

"What time is it baby?" I looked down at her on the bed waving her hand in front of her face to get relief from the heat as I hit the air conditioning on and told her it was six thirty in the evening. "Ughhh why is it so fucking hot still?"

"Calm your farm, I just hit the air conditioning on, give it a moment."

"Aww, you're such a good girl, baby." I cracked up laughing as I swatted at her butt noting she must be doing better. "I am babe. Now that we have stopped moving, the vertigo feeling has finally gone." I lay down on the bed next to Charlie as she cuddled into me and I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, brushing her hair back off her face.

"How about we get some dinner delivered in and we can just go to bed babe. You look exhausted."

"Thanks, also did you just say I look like shit?"

"Don't even go there miss attitude. I said you look exhausted because you do, and you know what I probably do also. So let's eat and get some sleep like we both need."

"Yes boss." I laughed at Charlie and moved my arm down to pat her on the butt. I rolled over to see what I could get to eat around here from the various menus scattered on the table.

I found a local place that delivered so I ordered a bit of everything so baby girl could pick and choose what she wanted. I headed back into our bedroom while I waited to find it empty. It didn't take long before I heard the shower running, and I kicked off my shoes and switched the television on while I waited for Charlie.

By the time she got back the food had arrived and we curled up under the blankets eating dinner in bed, cuddling and watching a movie. "Do we really have to leave in four days, batman?" I looked down at her and asked why she didn't want to. "It's so quiet here."

"Yeah I don't know what that is anymore." I moved all the empty food packaging to the bin shortly after and grabbed us both a bottle of water before turning the light off and hoping in bed with my cutie.

We weren't far into the movie when I noticed she was asleep so I turned the television off and cuddled down in bed with her, pulling her tighter to me. As I lay there, content in the darkness, I rubbed my hand up and down her stomach thinking how lucky I was to have everything I wanted right here.

It didn't take me long to fall asleep, so when Charlie had a terrible night of sickness, I was surprised to wake up the next morning and she wasn't in bed with me. I sat up quickly and I found her the moment my eyes opened. There was my beautiful goddess sitting out on our patio, near the pool with a platter brought to us by housekeeping. "Can I wake up to that sight every morning?" Hearing my voice she turned around and smiled at me, softly as I rolled over to face her, taking it all in.

Her luscious blonde locks were tied up in a messy bun on top of her head as she sat with her two feet tucked on her butt. A two piece soft pink bikini that cut perfectly along her round butt, not enough that I didn't feel comfortable with others looking at her, but enough to let my imagination run wild knowing what was hidden underneath. A black tray sat on the side of the pool with fresh fruit and juices, croissants and pastries, but they paled in comparison to the deliciousness of her.

Her cute little button nose turned up as her lips parted and we eyed each other up. "I can't wait to marry you, Charlie." I saw her smile warmly at me and stand up before walking over to the bed. As she did, I saw her start slowly removing her swimmers so by the time she got to me she was standing there in all her beauty. I reached out and stroked her stomach, while I looked up into her eyes and saw my own expression masked on her face. "You feeling better this morning?"

I stroked Charlie's stomach a bit lower as she gently took my wrist and pushed my hand down lower where she wanted it. As she held my wrist softly between her legs, I let my fingers start caressing her. I felt her legs tremble around my hand and her closed for a moment. "Look at me baby, show me what you need Charlie."

"I need you Brax."

"Then take me. Take what you want, cutie." One thing I had always made a point of doing with Charlie was build her confidence. I didn't ever want her to feel like she was anything less than amazing. As I looked at my beautiful girl I could see sometimes the years of emotional abuse inflicted by Calvin had taken a toll on her self belief. For someone so confident in many aspects of her life, I tried everyday to help her find it in herself. I watched as she stood in front of me timidly, waiting for me to take her. And believe me, I wanted to, so badly. But I wanted her to see she had just as much right to take what she wanted.

And I wanted her to take me.

I wanted her to have enough confidence to fully let herself go with me, and be the woman she wanted. "Please Brax."

"Please what, Charlie?"

"Take me Brax." I saw the confusion on her face, wondering why I hadn't given her what she wanted yet. I sat up and pulled her on the bed to me carefully. I watched her eyes as she looked up at me, waiting with hope that I was about to give her what she needed.

"Baby, I am yours. Only yours. If you want me, take what you own. I promise you, there will never be a time I refuse anything that I have."

When Charlie pinned me on the bed a few seconds later and explored every inch of my skin until we were both aching from the rush of euphoria through our bodies, I knew we had finally become whole as one. I knew my girl finally saw herself through my eyes, and how I had always seen Charlie. And as I lay back on that bed, watching my love pleasuring us both, soon to be my wife and mother of my child, I couldn't think of anything else in this world, other than her.

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