International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Fifty Nine - Shane’s POV

We had another day left here in Canada before we flew home. Brax and Charlie had left yesterday, as Brax decided to take a few days away with her before getting back and everything going full steam ahead again.

While I lay there with Kendall asleep, wrapped around me, I found myself stroking her back and thinking about how this probably had been our craziest tour to date. Sure, most of the usual antics were missing, but in terms of the impact and gravity of everything that happened, it was something that was going to stay with us for life. If I really thought about it, something life changing had happened to each of us this tour, and there would never be another one like it.

Being with Kendall full time on this tour had made me realise just how much I really did love her, she had been a rock for me for so long, before her I was a little kid really, trying to play in a man's world. Sure, I could joke myself and pretend that wasn't the case, and I don't regret any of it, it brought me to where I am now. I was just really fucking grateful to be laying here today, a better man for having done it all.

When I decided to ask Kendall to move in with me, I knew the gravity of the situation, mostly for her, having to pack and move everything she knew to be with me. But I was also aware it was something I needed. Because truth be told, if she had said no, I would have packed my shit and moved to be with her in a heartbeat. I had once honestly believed music was my life, but then I met her.

So while I would be such a lucky fucker to do music for the rest of my life, I would be even more blessed to spend it with her. "Hmm can you quit it, you're waking me up."

I looked down at her and smiled as she tried to wiggle her shoulder blades to push my hand away. Of course I couldn't help myself but to do it more. "Maybe I want you awake."

"Mm and why is that?"

"Because I have something to tell you."

I chuckled when Kendall said boring. "You could have led with I want to be inside you baby, then I might have woken up." I slid out from under her and moved down the bed so my head was level with hers as I reached over and dragged my nails down her spine. "You're not going to quit are you? Until I give in?"

"I am not." She opened her eyes and stared at me, and I remembered exactly why I was doing this. "I love you." I watched as I caught her off guard, not expecting that and her head flew off the pillow as she started at me in shock. "You look beautiful right now too, might I add."

"Did you just say that . . . ."

"What? That I love you?" She nodded her head, repeatedly at me causing me to laugh. "I did beautiful. I love you."

"Shane? Are you sure? Don't you fuck with me right now!"

Of course I laughed again, but it was the shock that was finding favour with me the most. How could she not know? "Baby, I swear I am not fucking with you."

"And you're not just saying this because you want me to move in with you? I already decided yes."

"No Kendall, I am saying this because I love you."

"I love you too, Shane." Of course my baby was wide awake after that as we spent the morning between the sheets showing each other how much this meant. It wasn't until we heard my phone go with a message to say Liam and everyone were heading over soon that we quickly got up and chucked some clothes on.

It wasn't long before everyone had crowded out on our balcony. "So why the fuck does our room get trashed now that Brax and Charlie are gone?"

"Because you or Liam are going to be the next ones to go domestic, and you weren't there to vote, so you lost." When Chester answered, Kendall asked what the hell 'go domestic' meant? "Yeah you know, like pregnant wives of tour." Us boys cracked up when he said it again, I laughed more at the look the girls were giving him before Mace spoke.

"You guys do realise a lot is going to change?"

"No it won't." Again the girls argued with Chester who was standing strong. "Nah, you girls are tripping. Of course some things will change, but the core of our group never will. We will still be family, except we will all be making our mini families around it so we can retire at forty. Sit smoking cones and let the kids carry on the tradition and make us a buck."

I watched as Mace shook her head giggling before telling Chester he was fucked. "But you are also an evil genius."

"I mean shit, even I could get on board with that idea." I laughed when Kendall added her two cents and suddenly wondered what it would be like to see her carrying our child. I guess exactly how Brax is feeling now. Mark expressed how happy he was for Brax and Charlie and we all agreed. When Liam said it was the best thing that could ever happen to them, he was right. They were made for this.

"Those two need each other like I need wet pussy." Seeming at a loss for any other words to describe Chester anymore Mace told him he was fucked again.

"You realise guys, we will never have a tour like this one again?" Yeah Mark, I had already thought that too, bro.

"Won't lie mate, thank fuck for that. A lot of shit has gone down this time." Chester was right there really had been, and in such a short period of time.

"It's funny, I was just thinking about it this morning." I went on to tell them how I had noticed in one way or another this tour had been a life changing effect for us all. I watched as they thought about it for a minute before I pressed on. "Look at Charlie and Brax. Firstly did anyone expect she would be the one to ask him to marry her?" When Mace said hell no she was never getting married I pointed my finger at her and said right. "Then she finally confronted her father, and now they are having a baby. They just became a family and we all know him, that's all he's ever wanted. He said it was the music, maybe it was at some point, but it is all about her now."

When Liam said I was right, I turned and pointed to him and Mace. "Then look at you two. You finally told her what you should have years ago man. You are no better than Brax, you have loved Mace as long as any of us can remember. You two just need to get the ring and get married now."

"It's coming." Mace's eyes flew open as she questioned him, but Liam just winked at her, took her hand and kissed it.

"Mark, you can lie all you want but April has caught your eye. You never stick around or spend as much time as you do with her."

"It's not that I don't stick around bro, it's just I never found anyone I wanted to. I like to keep my circle tight, you know that." I did Mark, because we were all the same. We had to be in this industry as there were leeches everywhere.

"And full respect mate. I am just glad you let someone in finally." Mark and I fist bumped across the table before I turned to the pest of the group. "And you, you fucking Monkey's bollocks."

"Nah man, I ain't changed."

"So how often have you paid to make sure you find time to continue to see a girl?" He threw his hat at me shrugging it off and mumbled whatever. "Don't give me that. You seeing her again before we fly out?"

"Yerah of course, a man has needs."

"Are you saying you lack options all of a sudden?"

"Fuck no!"

"So the need you have, is one only Chrissy can fill?" He stumbled and choked on his answer for a few seconds before telling me to shut up as I smirked at him. "Admit it."

"I admit nothing." When Mark called him a fucking gimp and said we already knew I burst out laughing. "You know nothing."

"I do." We all turned on Liam as he spoke, with Chester calling him a bullshitter. "I do know. I heard you talking to her when you were seeing her off last time."

Chester launched at Liam as they started wrestling and he called Liam a fucker. "Shut up prick! You listen in to everyone else. Admit it or I will for you."

"Fine you hippie punk rocker wannabe." I cracked up, I knew Chester was frustrated when he started taking the piss with us. "That little redhead has gotten under my skin. She's so fucking innocent, but the bad things I can make her do for me. She drives me fucking wild." Liam laughed as he highlighted Chester had caught feels. "Yeah alright hippie boy, I caught feels. Guilty."

"It's a good thing for you bro, you needed someone who could pull you inline." Chester, still not amused turned on me when I spoke and asked what about me? "Me? Kendall and I are moving in together, and I love her."

"You gave her your balls to keep in your handbag?"

I laughed as I replied. "Yeah Chester, I gave her my balls."

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