International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Six - Charlie’s POV

Today was the day we finally flew out to Canada. To say I was excited was an understatement. While Brax snored away, I had been up since the crack of dawn, pottering around. I even tried a spliff to get back to sleep but no such luck. Oh well, at least I could sleep on the plane.

Brax finally woke up around seven and seemed surprised to see me awake. "Why are you up already? You never get up this early unless you have to." When I told him I couldn't sleep he scrunched his face, mimicking me "Awww is someone excited?"

"Yes!" When I jumped into his arms, Brax's smirk was blatant and he picked me up giving me a kiss before putting me back down. "Let me make a coffee baby, before I have to get sorted." I felt Brax give my backside a pat as he gave me another quick kiss and I said I would make it as I wanted another anyway. "I really don't think you need anymore caffeine. You're already hyperactive."

"Shh, go sit down before I change my mind." I made our coffees and went and sat outside with Brax while he woke up properly. Curled up in my usual spot in his lap, my hand running over the curves of his muscles appreciating everything to do with my man. When Brax looked down and asked if I was okay because I kept fidgeting I told him I was fine but he wasn't buying it. "I don't know babe, I am just really happy. The last few weeks have been hectic, but the best of my life."

He hugged me to him and rested his head on top of mine as he rubbed my back. "Mine too cutie." Brax soon got up and got showered while I cleaned up and did a couple of checks, making sure everywhere was locked up before we headed off. Once he came out, of course he did another check, even though I told him I had locked up. We grabbed our luggage and headed outside to the waiting ride.

It took an hour to navigate the city gridlock to get to the airport, so my excitement was peaking as I got more and more impatient. Finally we arrived and as we got out we saw Kendall and Shane arriving also. I took my bag and headed over to greet Kendall while Shane and Brax greeted. I looked over when I heard Shane say to Brax to check this out.

"What's that bro?" He nodded towards Kendall and I as we looked at each other, equally confused. Brax seemed to know exactly what he was talking about and turned back to him smirking. "We did alright didn't we?"

"Fucking oath we did." When Shane looked back at Kendall taking her all in before he wiggled his eyebrows she pointed her finger at him much to my amusement, warning him to behave and she might reward him later. "So, we can join the mile high club then?"

When Kendall said no and I laughed, I felt Brax's warm breath against my ear as he whispered "Why did you giggle? I was about to ask you the same."

"Well lucky you didn't, because you would also get a no." I watched as Brax shook his head amused insisting I didn't mean that. "Oh, but I do baby."

We headed in and checked in for our flight before we made our way to the cafe area to meet everyone as agreed. We reached the others and found Mark, Chester and Marcus all there. After saying hello we put our onboard luggage down with them while we headed inside to order a coffee and a muffin while we waited.

By the time we got back, Chester was bouncing and I had to ask why he was so hyperactive. "Says the cutie who was up before the sun because she was too excited."

I waved Brax off when Chester said he was too. "You were probably sneaking home before your latest hookup woke up and you had to have the awkward conversation." Of course he owned it and told Shane that was correct.

When Chester said it was irrelevant, as today was going to be great, he had a good feeling, Brax was quick to point out the entire day would be spent on a plane. Chester told Brax he needed more faith, and he was so confident he was right he would bet him. "I am not betting you dude, because you probably know something I don't and this is a set up."

We had finished our coffee as the others started to file in and we made our way down and into the line for customs. The queue was long and to buy some time Brax was talking with Marcus about the stops on the tour.

"I sent you all an email last week bro with the full itinerary. I also asked for suggestions and opinions, you didn't read it I am guessing by that question?" Brax laughed and said that was what he had a midget for as I elbowed him playfully in the ribs. "And there is the final piece of the puzzle. I knew there was more to the story why you all wanted Midget to come again. Apart from her photos which are great, I am not disputing that, but someone actually knows what is going on when she is here."

Chester didn't deny it, nor did Shane or Liam when I thanked Mark for noticing I kept them all in line. He winked at me and clicked his finger as we both chuckled. Once everyone settled down Marcus continued "Our first stop is Toronto, we fly into there and have two days recovery time before you are in the studio. We have five days in total in Toronto, before we hit the road for the tour.

Brax, confirmed with Marcus we finished back there, and Marcus said we did have a few days down time before we flew back. "Just enough time for a hockey game." Brax laughed and reminded me he had not forgotten as I looked up into his green eyes, the kind of green you see as summer advances. "That's my man."

After a very tedious forty five minute wait, with Chester whinging the whole time, Marcus had just about had enough. Chester couldn't understand why we had to wait in the customs queue, insisting we should be waived straight through. He was like a trapped animal, never caged because he still had an aura of mischief that surrounded him. "But don't they know who I am?"

"Most days you don't even know who you are bro, so how can you expect someone else to?" He was fast to put Liam in a headlock when he said that, and just as quick to release him when he saw the look he got from border control.

"You'd do well to remember I have feelings, Hippie boy."

"Oh, so we are having one of those days, Monkey? Must be shark week." The band laughed as I gave it to him, and Kendall pointed out he gets worse PMS than a woman.

"Hey! You leave my tubes out of this!" Marcus smacked him up the side the head told him to shut up as we started to make our way to the front of the line. Chester got through with no problems much to the surprise of us all, Brax and I were almost certain he would do something to draw attention to himself. It was a relief to see he knew when to be serious though.

I got to the front and Brax helped me put my bag up through the x-ray machine as I walked through the metal detector. I was waiting on the other side and my bag still hadn't arrived when Brax came through and asked if I was okay. "I'm just waiting for my bag, babe."

We looked at the screen and saw they had stopped my bag under the monitor, examining it closer. To be honest, as I looked at the blacked x-ray screen, with orange highlights all over it, I had no idea what any of it meant. I was starting to feel my palms sweat and legs shake slightly when the guards kept looking over at us.

When they finally took it over to an examination table, Brax and I headed over. "Ma'am could I ask you to open your bag for me please." I nodded as I started to put the combination in and he asked if I packed it myself.

After pulling the zip around, I opened the bag and stood back so he could carry out an inspection. I looked up to Brax, and he must have sensed I was getting worried. I felt his fingers wrap around mine and give them a gentle squeeze. I was certain he would have been able to feel how nervous I was, as the droplets of sweat started to saturate my palm. "Could you open the front pocket for me please Ma'am?"

I did as asked and it took seconds to realise what the problem was when the customs officer pulled his hand out holding up the obtrusive instrument. "Are these yours ma'am?"

I was mortified, frozen to the spot. I couldn't believe this happened, and in front of everybody too. I stood soaked in the chuckles behind me from onlookers and the band, when my head started to spin. I would never forget this as long as I lived. People would be reminding me of it as I ate my mashed potato in the nursing home. The custom's officer was glued to the spot, hand raised in the air, holding kegel balls he had just removed from my bag.

Then it clicked! I turned with a deathly stare, and for a second I could have sworn he shrunk on the spot. "CHESTER!"

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