International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Sixty - Charlie’s POV

We had been back home for three days and while the short break on the way back had been just what I needed, being back home in my own bed had been heaven. The first few days we had kept free so we could both recover from jet lag without pushing ourselves, get some groceries in the house and freshen up our home after being locked up for weeks now.

Today we had our first scan to confirm the baby, check dates, but most importantly, it was the first chance we got to see our child. Following that, we had arranged our first family dinner at our place with both our parents. We had scheduled this in for Saturday so we could share the news properly with them and show them the scan. I say first family dinner because it was the first time we would have all four of our parents here.

Brax and I had spoken and extended the invitation to my dad to come also. After he stepped up and helped us in Canada, he seemed to be making a genuine effort to repair the damage of the past. In return, we wanted to try and take the steps to reconciling.

I had woken up early this morning as I was excited for our appointment. I felt like once we saw our baby this would become very much real for us both, plus I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask.

Mostly I was scared. I hadn't spoken to Brax about it yet, because I didn't want to worry him with the tour. We had been drinking and smoking so heavily during those first few weeks on Tour, before I found out, and well if the dates they have told me so far are correct, I was pregnant during that time. It scared me that I could have already done some harm to our baby, because we weren't expecting this and I was being my usual reckless self.

I had finished up my boring ass cup of black coffee which I have been reduced to, and headed back into our room to see Brax was still asleep so I went into our ensuite for a shower. I was lost in my head when I heard the bathroom door open and Brax come in. "Morning, cutie."

"Morning baby . . . .Woah, what are you doing, Brax?" He turned and looked at me confused as I stared him down.

"Agh, taking a piss?"

"No Brax. We are not one of those couples."

"Baby, I always have a piss when I wake up. It's not my fault you were already in the shower."

"Luckily we bought a house with more than one toilet. Try using them sometime, they aren't there for decoration." I saw him finish up at the toilet and just to be a total shit head, he flushed it, pinching my water pressure and temperature in the process. "You asshole!"

Brax laughed at me and said he could have been a bigger prick. I somehow found that hard to believe, and expressed as such. He opened the shower door and stepped in, grabbing my hips and attacking my mouth. When he pulled back he explained. "I could have just pissed in the shower, then it would be on your feet right now."

I playfully slapped Brax as he smirked at me. "You sound more and more like Chester, every single day."

"What? Seriously? You want to talk about Chester while we are both standing here naked?"

"I do not."

"I didn't think so." Of course, even after his little 'pisscapade' as I was now calling it, Brax got his own way and had his morning wood taken care of in the shower. We soon got out and dressed and I was in the bathroom sorting out my hair and make up when Brax reemerged with his coffee. He stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame with his ankles crossed, sipping his coffee while looking me up and down. I pointed at him through the mirror, directing his attention to the cup in his hand.

"Don't think of coming near me with that, or until you brush your teeth."

"Don't worry, I am happy to watch." He continued to smirk at me sipping his coffee as he wiggled his eyebrows and let them drift back down to my backside.

"Go away, you pervert." When he chuckled and told me to leave him alone he was excited for today, I stopped with the eyeshadow I was applying to look at his cheeky face. "Don't you try and pull the cute card on me mister!"

"Aww, you think I am cute?" I shook my head at Brax as he took his empty cup back into the kitchen then came in and grabbed his toothbrush giving his teeth a clean. While he was doing that, I headed into our room and slipped a comfy gold, strappy dress on for the day. It was perfect as it wasn't tight and gave me the room I needed to breath right now. I headed into the living room and started packing my bag when Brax came out and stood there smiling at me.

I looked up at him before chuckling myself. "What? You look like one of those clowns on the side show alley."

"Thanks, evil one. I was just about to say you look breathtaking." I smiled back at him blushing as I said thank you. "Let me take a photo, please babe?"

"Umm . . . alright, you weirdo."

"So because I want a photo of you, I am a weirdo?" When I said it was the way he was asking he told me to shut up as I giggled. Brax held his phone up and being the cheeky shit I am, I turned my head away at the last minute. "Don't care, I still love it. I got what I wanted."

"And what's that?" He turned his phone around for me to see and all I was looking at was a photo of me standing in my dress, looking to the side while holding my pony tail.

"Look at your cute little bump, I love that I can see it now when you wear certain clothing."

"Are you saying I am getting fat already?" I couldn't help it, I had to tease him. It was what Brax and I had always done when we got shy or embarrassed.

"No! Don't you dare bait me, woman. I am saying I know your body, because I worship it, so even the slightest little changes I am picking up on. And quite frankly, it is beautiful." When I said that was a nice save he laughed and blew out a breath. "Phew! So you actually bought that shit?"

My eyes flew open and I saw him cracking up. "Wanker!" We grabbed our stuff and headed out to his car and made our way to our appointment. Getting checked in we completed the relevant paperwork and handed over the files we had been given in Canada when we went to confirm the pregnancy. I explained the situation and the receptionist was lovely, confirming they had received the electronic files and everything had been noted. We took a seat and I completed the forms they provided me before returning to the wait. "And don't start being an impatient shit like last time, alright?"

"Keep me occupied then, cutie."

"Well damn, I didn't think I had a child yet, so I didn't put any treats in my bag today."

"Savage!" We settled back and thankfully the wait was not long and we were taken into a private consultation room.

"Good morning, I am Doctor Anu, it's lovely to meet you both and congratulations." I introduced myself and Brax to the doctor. "Please take a seat. I have had a chance to look over your file briefly, thank you for having that sent over. So I understand this will be your first scan correct?"

"That's correct. We found out when we were overseas working. We had the pregnancy confirmed but as we were travelling a lot it was easier to wait until we got back to organise a scan."

"Great, well how about we get you up here and have a look, then we can talk some more afterwards? I can explain everything to you both and address any questions you have?" I nodded and followed the doctor over to the examination table and she handed me a gown to put on. "I will pull this curtain closed to give you some privacy while you change." I thanked her and waited until she walked out and slipped my dress off to put the gown on. I heard the doctor talking to Brax while they waited. "So this is your first child?"

"Yes it is. Not planned, but we couldn't be happier. It was the best surprise either of us could have asked for."

I pulled the curtain back and let them know I was ready. I saw the smirk climb across Brax's lips as he tried desperately to stop himself from laughing. I knew exactly what had him so tickled too. These gowns were ridiculous; they were dragging along the floor on me. "Don't you do it, Brax!" The doctor looked between us and saw Brax on the verge of hysteria. He couldn't hold it anymore and started chuckling. "Will you excuse my french for a moment Doctor Anu?" She nodded. "My partner is an asshole and likes to take the mickey every chance he gets. It's comical to him I am so short and this gown is so . . . long."

"Oh, so he doesn't realise Arsenic comes in a small bottle and only requires a drop to make you very sick?" I saw Brax's eyes fly open and it was my turn to giggle.

"Ok, we don't need to look at any other doctors, I am keeping this one, Brax." I smiled at him widely and he shook his head in amusement.

"Right, we'll hop up here for me and I will put this sheet across for your privacy. We can roll your gown up then alright? Braxton you are welcome to come and stand by Charlotte's side, so you can see better if you would like?"

The doctor explained the process to us both and got out what she called a transducer which as far as I understood was like a portable x-ray machine. She spent some time scanning it over my abdomen as I looked up at Brax, watching the doctor intently enough though neither of us had a clue what she was doing. It was adorable seeing the excitement in his eyes, and I reached out stroking his arm to get his attention. Brax looked down at me and took my hand smiling. I watched as he mouthed silently to me 'I love you' and squeezed my hand. After a while Doctor Anu turned to us, seeming to have everything she was looking for.

"Well certainly, congratulations to you both. I have checked everything and gestation is a healthy eleven weeks. Baby is looking strong and growing well. I will print you some images to take with you and I would like to book a follow up appointment around eighteen to twenty weeks. We will carry out some in utero tests at this time. All very normal, just to check that baby is still growing well and generally we can determine the sex of your child at this time if you would like to know."

"Thank you, we will make the appointment before we leave today." Doctor Anu nodded as she said she would be back shortly. "I will print these images and let you get changed, then we can run through a few more things you will need to know, and I can address any questions you may have."

Brax and I both thanked her as she headed out and I hopped down off the bed, untying the gown. "Out now, Braxton."

"Baby, I just saw all up in your womb, and that doesn't bother you? Yes seeing you in your underwear you think will?"

"Yes." I glared back at him as he laughed.

"Yeah, you're right." I told him to get out again as he continued to chuckle and gave me a quick kiss. He stepped out of the curtain and sat back down at the desk, waiting for Doctor Anu to return. I quickly got dressed and joined him.

When she did return she handed up an envelope with the photos, and I let Brax take it as I listened to Doctor Anu explain further. "I have written a few prescriptions and recommendations for you, for both your health and the baby's health. There is also some information on what to expect, although please feel free to do your own research. Let me know if you have any questions, most of it is general information around lethargy, headaches, morning sickness."

"Oh we know that one well." Doctor Anu smiled warmly when Brax said that and advised she had suspected as such, but did not want to jinx us either. "No problems there, I have become very personally acquainted with the morning sickness."

When Doctor Anu said that sounded like it had a story behind it, I explained. "Milk is not my friend at the moment, there have been two unfortunately events in the morning where someone has drunk milk and came too close. Consequently he found out the hard way how much it disagrees with me at the moment."

"Well Braxton, you will be pleased to know if Charlotte is lucky, that should start to settle down and disappear within the next few weeks." When I said I couldn't wait to have milk again, I saw her face drop. "Your taste buds and smell may still not favour that, the symptoms just won't be as strong, so be mindful of that. Now do you have any questions before I stop taking all your time?"

"Actually Doctor Anu, there was something I wanted to discuss." I saw Brax look at me questioningly. "I had a few concerns."

"Every mother to be does dear, and that is why I am here to help ease those worries."

"Thank you. See the thing is, my partner is a musician and I work for the recording label he is signed with. We travel a lot with work and without insulting your intelligence, there is a certain culture associated with being young and in the music industry." She nodded and said she understood. "We were on tour when we found out and based on the fact you have told me we are eleven weeks, it means I fell pregnant before we left. I guess I am just worried."

"About the tour?"

"Yes. We were drinking heavily at intervals during the tour, but we were also smoking a lot of marijuana. I am not proud to admit to the fact I use it as a coping mechanism, I know there are better things out there I could be doing, but I had a lot of emotional trauma growing up, so I turned to it as a way to calm my anxieties. I am scared that those bad habits of mine, will have affected our baby?"

"And you stopped as soon as you found out?"

"Yes Doctor, I haven't touched either."

"Charlotte, everything I saw today, your baby is fine and healthy, and the moment you found out you have taken every precaution you could. I am confident you will have a healthy pregnancy and baby. But as I said, we will continue to check and monitor both you and the baby throughout. We will continue to address any concerns you both have too, so please do not hesitate to voice them to me."

"Thank you, and the travel won't be a problem?"

"The travel will be ok for the moment. I would not recommend any travel after the thirty fifth week of gestation though."

"Thank you. Brax, did you have any questions?" When Brax said no, we both turned back to Doctor Anu.

"Well it was lovely to meet you both, we will be seeing more of each other over the coming months and I look forward to assisting you with the safe arrival of your baby."

"Thank you Doctor Anu." Brax said as he stood up and extended his hand to shake hers. I followed him and thanked her again as she shook my hand and congratulated us again.

We headed out and booked in our follow up appointment. We got a date in my nineteenth week and of course Brax had already reminded me we will be finding out the sex. We made our way out of the building and back to the car, and as I went to open my doog, Brax leaned on it and took my hip turning me to him. "Hi, cutie."

"Hey yourself." I wrapped my arms around his neck as he looked down at me.

"How are you feeling?" When I said I was really good, Brax confirmed he was too as he leaned down and kissed me softly. "Why didn't you tell me you had some concerns?"

"No point in us both being stressed, baby. I just made a note of the concerns so we could address them."

Brax pulled me in closer to him and tilted my chin up so I had to look into his eyes. "There will never be a time you could bother me. Seeing our peanut today with you, means everything to me."

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