International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Sixty Two - Charlie’s POV

After our parents had left Brax text the guys to let them know to come around for some beers. I didn't mind as there wasn't any football on this weekend so it meant they couldn't bug me while I was watching. As I was in the kitchen tidying up some of the mess, I heard the door go and Brax raced upstairs to get it. "Fuck face!" Obviously it is Chester!

"Wanker!" And I was correct. I heard Shane say hey as did the others while coming in and making their way down the stairs. I quickly dried my hands to turn and say hello to them all when Chester slid across the tiles and around the corner. "Woah Midget! Is that a joey in your pouch or do you want me to put one in there?" He said as he pointed to my stomach. Before I could react, I saw Brax slide tackle into him and knock Chester on his ass on the tiles.

The boys all burst out laughing, while Marcus asked him to do it again for his amusement. I walked over to Chester and Brax still on the floor, throwing the tea towel over them before I spoke. "Good evening to you too Monkey nuts."

"Hey sweet cheeks, you miss me?"

"You mean you left? I feel like you live here most days."

"Look I know you want me to move in, but we talked about this. Brax doesn't know how to share." He imitated whispering, but let's be honest the guy wouldn't know how to be quiet if his life depended on it. Brax elbowed him in the ribs as he said it would stay that way too. The guys all came in and I said hello to everyone, giving Mace and Kendall a big hug also.

"Right, I'll be back. I need to change. Beers are in the bottom fridge ready, you know where the rest is."

"Thanks baby mumma."

"Fuck off Brax."

"Thank you Pregnant Midget of Tour."

"Eat a dick Chester." I headed upstairs and got changed into a pair of Brax's sweat pants and a singlet top before I went down and found everyone sitting in the lounge room having a drink. I headed over and Brax extended his arm to me. I sat down on his lap as he stroked my leg softly before kissing my head.

"Feel better now?" I nodded saying yes as he brought his left hand up and started rubbing my stomach.

"So the awards is in three weeks right? When are we booking your party in so everyone can come over?" I looked at Chester when he spoke and something suddenly dawned on me.

"Why are you so excited for everyone to come over? Who are you looking forward to seeing?" Of course he tried to shrug it off and say everyone. "Nope, I see it. You are inviting Chrissy aren't you?"

"Shut up, Midget!" When the boys started giving him shit knowing I was on to something he finally fessed up. "Yeah alright, cockheads! I am inviting Chrissy."

When I said our boy was growing up Liam added "Who's a big boy now?"

"You wanna see big, Hippie Boy?" The idiot stood up and started to undo his pants as we all laughed. Once everyone calmed down I heard Brax answer the original question.

"How about in two weeks? The weekend before the awards? It would work better for us as Charlie and I have our next scan not long after the awards." Everyone seemed happy with this so we locked it in. After hanging out with everyone for a few hours, I headed off to bed as I was struggling to keep my eyes open, and conscious I was back in the office on Monday. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of rest ready.


The next two weeks flew by with us getting back into the day to day routines as well as adjusting to all the changes happening. I was pleased that the morning sickness had slowed and eased up, although milk was still a definite no go zone.

It was the night of our engagement party and as Brax and I got ready, I looked at him and couldn't help but think how lucky I was to call him mine. The man is everything I ever needed and so much more.

He wore a crisp black suit, pants showing off every toned muscle in his ass and legs, and a black shirt underneath. Most impressed was I when he didn't have to be told to take his cap off, but had rather styled his hair properly for the night. "You look incredible batman, I am so lucky. But do we really have to go?"

"Yes, now get dressed cutie!"

"Fine, but just so you know, you can leave that on for me later. I'll just sit in your lap." When he chuckled and asked if that was so, I waved my hands at him. "Baby, this is a great look for you. Especially since you didn't even have to be told to lose the hat."

"I love you, see you downstairs in a minute. I'm going to grab a drink while I wait, if that's ok?"

"Ok baby, I won't be long." I finished getting my hair sorted then stepped into our walk in robe to pull on my dress. After a bit of wiggling I finally got into it and straightened it out. Shit, I am going to need to do some shopping soon, or I won't fit anything. I headed downstairs and walked into our dining and saw Brax at the kitchen island, leaning against the bench on his phone. "That pesky other girlfriend messaging you again?"

He looked up and I couldn't help but to blush at the intense passion that immediately filled his stare. I had opted for a strappy blue lace dress with a pale grey slip underneath it and v-neck cut. My hair down in loose waves and a light coating of makeup. He put his phone down and started walking over to me.

"What?" I looked up at him as he got closer, still not speaking a word, and as he reached me, his hand came around to the back of my neck and his other on the small of my back, pulled me in, kissing me deeply. His lips felt like an inferno raging across my mouth and the moment I felt his tongue nudge my lips open, I was all too happy to oblige. This was the type of kiss that wanted to make you die over and again, knowing you finally found heaven.

I felt myself melting into him as he held me tighter, bending me backwards as I gripped his neck for support. "Charlotte, you are a goddess. I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life." He kissed me again, sweetly and brought me back up still holding me pressed to his body. As he let go I looked up at Brax and then I felt him place his two hands on my stomach, stroking it gently. "I love you, both of you. I love how much this dress shows your bump too."

"I love you too, Brax." He bent down and kissed my stomach and my heart almost burst out of my chest when I heard him whisper I love you to our little peanut.

As he stood up he put his hand out to me. "Ready to go?" I nodded and said I was ready when he was. "I can't wait to show you off, but mostly I can't wait to have the rest of our lives."

We headed upstairs and locked up before walking up the driveway to wait for the car he had ordered. As we got in the car it wasn't long before we were headed into the city for the Hotel and Function room we had booked for the night. And that was as far as I was involved, as Brax wanted to do this he said. As we arrived, he came around and opened my door for me, and we walked inside to meet our family and friends.

I couldn't believe the sight before me and the extent Brax had gone to for me tonight. Covering the ceiling was clear balloons that had been filled or intertwined with fairy lights that set off the polished timber flooring perfectly. White luxury lounge chairs and dining tables scattered amongst a cluster of potted plants adorned with white flowers. "You organised all this for me?"

"Well, I had help hiring people to sort this for you baby. But I had the idea I wanted and knew you would like, I just wanted it to be as perfect as you are."

"Either way it is, you are here. Thank you, Brax." As we walked into the room where we could see all our friends and family waiting for us, I suddenly locked eyes on the last people I wanted to see, tonight or ever. Immediately I gripped Brax arm tighter, and stopped in my tracks.

"What is it baby?"

I pointed to where I was staring. "Calvin's parents are here, Brax."

"Are you fucking serious?"

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