International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Sixty Four - Charlie and Brax POV

Author's Note

Hey guys! So I have tried something a little different this chapter. This one will be from both Charlie and Brax Point of view. I won't be interchanging it during the chapter by breaking it up to highlight whose point of view it is, I have just let it flow and blend together. It is also all narrative. Hopefully you like it, it was definitely something different for me to write.

Brax and Charlie's POV

We had an incredible evening surrounded by everyone who mattered the most to us. We had just got back home when Brax excused himself for a moment. He ran back to our bedroom and finished preparing things for the rest of the evening. Brax returned to the living room and grabbed me by the hand, leading me down the hall.

As we entered the room, I looked around to find that the lights were off, but the bedroom was illuminated by candles all around the room and Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars playing softly in the background. On my side of the bed was a bouquet of Lilies, my favourite, and I noticed a box with a red ribbon around it on the bed.

Brax led me into the room and over to the bed. As he handed me the box, I smiled with appreciation. Brax stood there in anticipation as I opened it and pulled out the gift. . . . a classy and elegant, white lace nightdress. It was perfectly me, and I knew it was just to his taste.

Charlie headed for the bathroom to change into her new outfit as I got myself undressed. As she returned to the room I just stood there staring, amazed at her beauty. Charlie noticed that I was now wearing just a pair of boxers. The two of us walked to each other and embraced, kissing passionately, running our hands over the other's body. I led her to the bed where I laid her down gently, never breaking our kiss.

The two of us laid in each other's arms, kissing wildly, exploring the other with our hands. Brax broke the kiss as he slowly made his way down my neck until he reached the top of my new outfit. Carefully he pulled one strap off my shoulder and lowered that side of my nightdress, exposing one of my breasts. With the softest touch imaginable he began kissing my breast, then sucking my nipple into his mouth. While mouthing on one nippled he reached over and pulled the other strap off my shoulder and exposed my breast, squeezing it with his hand, pulling my nipple to its fullest. I gently ran my hands through his hair and let out soft moans as he continued the assault on my chest.

I started kissing my way down her stomach, pulling the lace up as I went. I made my way to the beginning of her legs and I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties. I could see her shaved core starting to come into view, and I pulled the dress the rest of the way off her legs as I took in the view. Before me lay the most beautiful woman in the world completely naked, carrying my child, just waiting for my loving touch. I began kissing my way up each of her legs, not missing a spot on her.

As I made my way to her sweet spot, she carefully spread her legs, inviting me in. I could smell her aroma as I began to kiss her shaven centre. I ran my tongue over her sweet spot, tasting her juices, listening to her soft moans get louder and more frequent. I could tell that she was getting close to climax so I pulled her clit into my mouth and sucked on it, rolling it around with my tongue. Before long she was grabbing my hair, pulling me closer to her as she let out a loud cry, releasing herself into my mouth as her body trembled, her thighs clenching around my head much to my delight.

Brax made his way back up my body and we embraced in another kiss, allowing me to taste my own juices on his lips. I broke our kiss and pushed him down on his back and began kissing my way down his body like he had to me. When I reached the top of his boxers, I slid my hand inside and felt his now hard cock, gently stroking it as I kissed his stomach. I pulled his boxers off his body, never releasing him from my hand. I brought my mouth up to the tip of his cock and began placing soft kisses on the head and then up and down his shaft.

As I placed the head of his cock in my mouth he let out a soft moan. Brax watched as more and more of him disappeared into my mouth. I had deepthroated him before, but tonight was different and I took his entire length down my throat, repeatedly for him. His moans got faster and louder, the more I took him in my mouth, quickening my pace. With one hand gently squeezing his balls, I took my other hand and jacked him in rhythm with my sucking. Before long I could feel his orgasm building inside of him and I could feel his balls tighten up, I knew he was close. With a few deeper, powerful sucks, he was shooting down my throat. I took every last drop and then placed a gentle kiss on the head of his now softening member.

We lay in each other's arms kissing and gently caressing each other. Within minutes my cock was back up, ready for action. I climbed on top of Charlie and gently rubbed myself against the opening of her waiting pussy. As I slowly slid inside her, she grabbed my hips and pulled me deep. I leaned down and began kissing her, slowly moving in and out of her. I never quickened my pace, taking things nice and slow, not wanting this to be just another night of sex, but a long night of making love.

Brax's slow pace was driving me crazy as my second orgasm swept through my body. I rolled him over on his back and slowly slid him back inside me. Not wanting this night to end, I took up his slow pace, gently rocking back and forth on Brax. Brax reached up and kneaded my breasts as I rode him. I gently rubbed my clit as I slowly raised myself up and down on him.

After what seemed like hours of love making and after making sure Charlie had been pleasured many times over, I could feel my second orgasm of the night building. I raised myself into a sitting position with Charlie still on top of me, riding my cock. We engaged in passionate kissing as my orgasm took over my body. I fired deep inside of Charlie as another orgasm ran through her body.

The two of us embraced each other tightly as we collapsed on the bed in each other's arms. We laid there for a few minutes just holding each other, gently kissing before I slid down Charlie's body. Placing a hand on either side of her stomach I turned her on her side to face me. I stroked her beautiful bump, softly, as I kissed Charlie's soft skin on her stomach, placing my head next to it on the mattress. I wrapped my arm around her hip, closing my eyes.

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