International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Sixty Five - Charlie’s POV

The last week had been insanely busy, but fantastic all the same. We had been getting ready for the awards tonight and spending time catching up with everyone from Canada. The bands had spent a lot of time in the studio as they were getting ready to debut their new song together at the awards tonight. So secretive in fact I was not even allowed to hear it until it was finished. I had tried to get clues from Brax, but he was having none of it.

Of course, that didn't stop me, so when I rolled over in bed this morning and saw him still asleep, I figured I had the perfect chance to try my luck again. As he lay on his back, I rolled into his side and slid my leg over his thigh. Instinctively Brax's hand came up to my leg and started rubbing my thigh as I brushed my across his stomach.

It didn't take long before he rolled his head towards me and kissed the top of my head. "I know what you are trying to do." I decided to pretend I was still half asleep and play the game with him, if I was lucky I could guilt him into telling me now.

"Mmm what's that baby?" He picked his arm up and wrapped it around me, pulling me closer to him and lifting my leg further up him, his grip stronger as his thumb brushed across my skin. I ran my hand up over his chest, to his neck and gripped it carefully. Of course, I was fishing for information on the song, but I also loved these moments with him. It is what I lived for, our little bubble. When Brax whispered again he knew what I was trying to do, I tilted my head slightly, eyes still closed. "What am I doing baby?"

"You're trying to butter me up to get information."

And game time!

I sat up in bed and glared at him. "Do you really think that little of me? I try to hold the man I love when I wake up and I get accused of trying to use you or soften you up for my own agenda?"

"What? I didn't say you were using me. I specifically said, buttering me up!"

"So because I want to hold you Brax, I am buttering you up?" When he glared back at me and said cutie I sucked my teeth at him. "Eat a dick, Brax."

I went to turn to get out of bed and the moment I was about to stand up he pulled me back down into him and started laughing his head off. Burying his face in my neck he kissed up to my ear as I gripped his face. "You know what gives you away?"

I chuckled in his face. "What, Brax?"

"Your eyes. You always look so damn cheeky. When you are up to something it is even more obvious and it doesn't matter how hard you try, you can't hide it Charlotte."

"Well fuck you, you could have told me sooner. I would have used different tactics at my disposal."

"And how does that benefit me?" We both chuckled as I reached my arm up behind him and stroked the back of his head. "How's both my babies this morning?"

Brax ran his hand down my front and rested it on my stomach. "Would you believe we are hungry?"

"You know, I think I would." We smiled at each other before he moved closer to give him a kiss. Tapping me on the butt we got up and headed out to the kitchen to start the day. "What do you want for breakfast?"

I sat at the kitchen bench watching him and couldn't stop my mouth before it came out. "You."

"Oh ok, so you want cream this morning. I guess your taste buds are coming back."

"So wrong, Brax!" We got sorted, had some breakfast and got dressed. We had kept today pretty quiet so we didn't have to rush getting ready later. We headed off and did our grocery shopping before we had to collect Brax suit for tonight. He also wanted to sort a hair cut while we were out. We stopped for lunch on the way home and decided to have a lay down before tonight, mostly for my benefit so I would actually make it through the awards without falling asleep on him.

Getting up I went straight in the shower while Brax got a coffee and went for a spliff. I was blow drying my hair when he came back. "Cutie, what are you wearing tonight? You never told me."

"Clothes, Brax."

"Ha ha you're so funny."

"Pants baby, so I can wear flats for my back and feet. No one will know under these trousers."

"True, plus they are kind of redundant. Even in heels, you're still short baby." I turned the blow dryer around in his face as he laughed into it. Brax jumped in the shower while I sorted my hair, taking peeks at him in the mirror.

Fucking pregnancy hormones! They made me want to sit on his dick every chance I got. "I know that look, Charlie!" Oh and Brax is all too aware of it.

"Shut up! I can't help it."

"I'll sort it out later for you."

"Yes you will, Brax." We finished getting ready and called the car we had organised to pick us up. I headed down to meet Brax so we could wait outside and he looked up when he heard me coming down the hallway.

"You look incredible baby."

"You look very handsome yourself babe, I am a lucky lady." I grabbed the lapels of his navy suit jacket and pulled him down into a deep kiss. When we pulled back I smiled at his sparkling lips, before taking my thumb and wiping my gloss away.

"I don't mind, I like the reminder these lips belong to you."

"Cute." Brax took my hand and I grabbed my clutch on the way out. He locked the door before coming over to hug me as we waited. "So, are you excited for your new song release tonight? What's it called again?"

"Nice try cutie!"

"You can't blame me for trying Brax!"

"Then you can't blame me for not telling you." The car arrived shortly afterwards and we made our way to the venue. Brax texted the guys on the way and they all agreed to meet us out the front and head in together. Once we pulled up, Brax immediately found Chester and Chrissy waiting with Liam and Mace so we headed over.

"Hey Beautiful!" Mace gave me a big hug as she whispered. "I was going to say hey little mumma but I remembered you guys haven't announced that publicly, and there is media everywhere."

"Speaking of which, you have one coming up behind you babe. Have fun." I poked my tongue and giggled at Mace's disgusted face.

"You are ditching me aren't you?"

"Correct, you know how I feel about them. But you know I love you."

"You're so lucky I love you too, girl." I laughed as poor Mace got barrelled up and questioned on her return to the city and the seriousness of hers and Liam's relationship. I felt for her, but I noticed Liam quickly headed over to pull her away. As I was smiling at them, I felt Brax come up and take me in his arms.

"The others have just arrived. We are ready to head in when you are cutie."

As Brax was finishing, Chester came up on my left and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "Midget, you look extra short tonight."

"Monkey . . . Go fuck yourself." Of course Brax laughed even when Chester kissed my cheek and said love you sweet cheeks. I gave Monkey a hug and soon the rest of the guys all joined us and we headed inside. As we were going through we had the usual calls to stop for photos. I couldn't help but admire how handsome Brax looked as he went through the motions. His chiseled jaw freshly shaven and hair styled back off his face and not hidden behind a cap for once. The navy suit with a crisp white shirt underneath sat perfectly on him, especially across that tight backside of his.

Before I realised it was my turn and I went through, as much as I hated this part of the night. There was a reason I hid behind the lens. I had ended up going with a white pair of wide cut trousers that sat high waisted. Accentuated with three gold buttons down either pocket, I had coupled it with a long sleeve v-neck cut gold shirt with glitter thread through. The pants sat above my developing bump, giving me comfort they weren't digging into it, and my hair was down in loose curls. As I stood for the photo I tried an old hack Tina had told me of by putting one leg forward and pushing my backside out, hoping to minimise how prominent the baby bump had become.

I watched the other's doing their bit and made my way over to Brax who seemed to be watching the photographer who took our photos. He was in discussion with a reporter, both looking at his camera. "What's up babe?"

"Just being nosey cutie. Wondering what they are up to, and why they keep looking over at us."

"Don't worry about it Brax. Who cares, leave them to it." He smiled down at me and nodded to go. Brax took my hand and started to walk away when we heard another one of the female entertainment reporters calling out to us both.

"Brax! Would you and Charlie have time for a quick chat?" Brax looked down at me and I nodded, given she had been respectful and asked rather than just scream in our face. We headed over as Brax said sure and she thanked us both for our time. "Firstly, Congratulations on your very successful tour of Canada. The media and news we saw from it was probably the best campaign we have seen in our music industry in a long time."

"Thank you, but that credit goes to Charlie and our Manager Marcus."

"Incredible job Charlie, you must be very proud of Brax." I smiled and said thank you as I looked up to Brax and said I couldn't be prouder. "And we all know you guys are releasing your long awaited single tonight?"

"That's right, I am excited for you all to hear it."

"Rumours are rife that your fellow band from the Canadian tour could be appearing on the track?"

"Well, we will all find out tonight, won't we?" I smiled at Brax, and his perfect yet evasive answer.

"Now, I know you don't normally like personal interviews Brax, but it is a little hard to go past this beautiful ring on your girlfriend's finger. It's positively stunning. Would you mind if I asked?"

Brax looked down at me, and the stupid grin I couldn't contain spread as my nose scrunched up. When I nodded he knew it was fine, whatever he wanted to do, I was all in. "It is stunning, I thought so too when I picked it for her."

"So we are correct in assuming you have asked Charlie to marry you?"

"No assumption. Charlie and I are engaged." Other reporters around heard Brax answer that and quickly turned and moved closer with their microphones.

"Congratulations, I know our viewers will be thrilled to hear that. You two are definitely one of the fan's favourite couples." Brax laughed and said he wasn't really sure how to answer that one as he scratched the back of his neck. "Well I believe one fan wrote, and I quote . . ." She pulled it up on her ipad and read it "Ugh . . . these guys are couple goals. Could they be anymore adorable together? Where can I find that!"

I felt myself going bright red and tried to hid my face in Brax's chest. I felt him kiss the top of my head and gave my waist a squeeze. Just as we were about to excuse ourselves we heard another reporter in the back yell out. "Charlie, while you and Brax are being so candid, I can't ignore the photo taken of you tonight. Can we ask if you just indulged a bit during your recent tour, or if you both have another announcement to make tonight?"

I glared towards where the voice came from and saw the reporter Brax was watching earlier. I watched as he pointed to my stomach and then used his hands to imitate a pregnant stomach. I felt Brax's hand loosen from around my waist and saw him start to move forward, closer to the reporter who just spoke. "What did you just say to her?"

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