International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Sixty Six - Brax POV

"So Charlie, while you two are being so candid, I can't ignore the photo taken of you tonight. Can we ask if you just indulged a bit during the recent tour or if you both have another announcement to make tonight?" Was this guy for real? I stepped up, livid that he thought he had any right to speak to my cutie like that, but as I did I felt Charlie grip my arm tighter.

"You are everything that is wrong with this industry. A strong person doesn't need to put another down in order to make themselves feel important. And that is exactly what you are doing right now, trying to cause a sensation at my expense, to fuel your own agenda. Whether I have put on weight as you tried to imply, or whether I am pregnant remains none of your business. And only a weak woman would be intimidated by your behaviour. Once upon a time I was a weak woman, until this amazing man next to me built me up to be everything I am today. Taking your bait is something he has taught me better than to do. So while you continue to speculate, I am going to go inside with my fiance and I am going to celebrate his successes, because it is all about him. Certainly not you!"

She took my hand and started to walk away as we heard Chester speak "Sucks to be you man. She just made you look like a first grade asshole live on television." Charlie and I walked through with the rest of our guys and stopped to take the time to speak to people we knew and hadn't seen in a while before we finally made it to our table.

"Cutie, want to make a deal with me tonight?"

"Depends what it is first."

"I'll have your share of the drinks and you can have my share of dessert."

Of course she chuckled at me as I raised my eyebrows at Charlie. "How about you get through your performance and we can go from there?" I watched as she leaned over and placed her hand on my shoulder whispering. "Although, I am only interested if that second dessert is you."

"Hmm, it most definitely is."

"In case you write yourself off later and I forget to say it, I am really proud of you baby daddy."

I threw my head back laughing. "Yes! You finally said it."

"And I won't ever be saying it again." I said we would see, I knew I could get her to say it again. "Go kill it, like I know you will."

"Love you, cutie. This one's for you." I kissed her as I stood up and the guys and I headed backstage to get ready for our performance. We left the girls waiting in anticipation of what we came up with. I don't know about the rest but I hadn't told Charlie, I wanted it to be a surprise for her and something that I was finally able to keep from her. As we took the stage and I heard the guys start playing, I stepped up to the mic, with Chris next to me ready to do his chorus part.

The lights came up and when everyone saw we had done a collaboration as per the rumours in the media they all started cheering. I got through the first verse as Chris started on the chorus and I finally found my cutie in the audience, locked eyes with her as the second verse started and I sang it for her and her alone. Charlie and my eyes stayed fixed on each other, every word sung only for her, every emotion and feeling raging through my veins an expression of how she makes me feel. And when I saw her blink back tears I knew she felt it too.

When I finished the verse and Chris started on the chorus again, I mouthed to Charlie that I loved her and she did it back to me. At the end of the performance the whole audience stood up and started cheering, shouting as the presenters came back on stage and pulled us all in for an interview. All the guys came over as Chris and I grabbed our mics and stood with the boys and April.

"Damn guys! What did everyone think of that?" The crowd roared again as we saw everyone stand up and start clapping. "Can we expect more of this?"

"Well, we do have another one that we recorded while out in Canada. It will be on Glaze's album, and ours when they release later this year."

"And we saw something a bit different from you all this latest tour. We have become used to seeing you boys run amok and we live vicariously through you."

"We had some of our usual antics, but this tour was a turning point for each of us, both professionally and personally."

"And the personal, would you be referring to the news we heard confirmed earlier this evening?"

"Well yes, Charlie and I are getting married, but not just me. Shane and his partner have decided to move in together, as you all know Mace has moved back to the city to be with Liam. Mark has started seeing someone, and before you ask no, I am not telling you anymore than that and Chester finally met a woman who is his match."

The whole audience burst out laughing before he continued. "Well congratulations on the engagement Brax and Charlie, your beautiful fiance out there in the crowd." The lights flicked over to Charlie and the rest of the girls. "And I am assuming those beautiful women are your respective partners, and oh hello Mace, there you are gorgeous!"

Mace waved back and blew him a kiss. "Thank you, we have a lot to look forward to."

"That sounds interesting . . . . anything you want to share?"

I looked at Charlie and saw her smiling at me softly, and after the way that reporter spoke to her earlier we wanted to make the announcement on our terms. She nodded to me and mouthed yes. "Well apart from the upcoming album and now planning our wedding, Charlie and I are expecting our first child."

Everyone applauded us and I saw a few people turn to Charlie and congratulate her. "Fantastic news, for you are all. And we are thrilled you could be here tonight to perform, and look forward to the new album."

We thanked them and waved as we headed off stage. Nearly an hour later we were finally sorted and joining the rest back at the table as I pulled my chair out next to Charlie and she wrapped her arms around my neck. "That song was incredible babe, I am so proud of you all, your talent is phenomenal."

"I have a good muse. She inspires me every day."

"Really? Anyone I know?"

"Nah, better to keep you two apart. It would be explosive." She raised her eyebrow and slapped me playfully as we both laughed. "Whenever I need a question answered, I find the solution in you, Charlie."

I kissed her softly, rubbing my hand down her back as she cupped my cheeks. "Can we get the mingling part out of the way so we can get home for the second dessert part please?"

"The best idea you have ever had my love."

As I said that Chester leaned in, interrupting us "Did I hear that right? You two want to leave so you can fuck? Already?"

"Jesus Christ Chester!"

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