International Tour ~ Part Two of Tour Series

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Chapter Sixty Seven - Brax POV

The moment we got home our kiss lasted for a long time but seemed too short. Her lips parted and the tip of my tongue found hers, nuzzled gently together for a time and then our tongues entwined as we enjoyed the touch and flavour of each other. As Charlie drew away, I stroked the back of my hand from her waist up to her breast and then to her nipple which I could feel hard underneath her top. I gave it a gentle flick with my finger and was rewarded with her soft gasp. "Mmm a woman's needs should be looked after, especially when she is pregnant."

She took my hand and led me through to our bedroom. "So you like my body when I'm pregnant?"

"I like it very much, baby." I pulled her towards me, kissing her deeply and urgently. When our kiss broke she down at her breasts.

"Do you like my boobs? Not too big for you?" Charlie pulled her top and pants off. Now she was wearing only white knickers and a white bra. She was mind bendingly beautiful and her ripening belly made her look stunning. I felt myself instantly harden, a rock would pale in comparison, and I could feel myself tingle with an excitement of pleasure spreading through my body. I ran my finger tips over her left breast. Her nipple was long and hard, pointing up towards my mouth.

"Let me help you." I said putting both my arms around her so that my hands could reach her bra clasp, unsnapping it with a practiced hand. She caught the bra as it fell onto the top of her little belly and threw the garment across the room. Charlie leaned back at an angle, still sitting on the edge of the bed so that I could get to her breasts more easily. I began to suck on on them and she was panting, staring at the ceiling with a delirious look on her face.

"Mmm bite it Brax, please."

"Are you sure, cutie?"

"Please Brax." She panted as I bit gently, twisted the other one between my thumb and finger before nibbling a little harder. Charlie moaned louder the moment I did. I loved her breasts but that was not where I wanted to be right now. I stood up and quickly removed my clothes. She leaned forward and stroked me from the base up to the tip. It was like a stream of electric current, my rod became bigger and harder than I had ever known it. It felt like an iron bar wrapped up in velvet. I wanted to plunge into her, but I wanted to take her further first.

I knelt down on the floor between her legs, with her swollen stomach above me and pushed my lips against her centre, licking from the bottom to top, on first one side then the other. I slipped my tongue between her lips and tasted her sweet wetness. I loved the taste of her and the smell. I licked at first gently, then more firmly, moving in waves towards her little button. My tongue found her proud and erect nub and attended to it lovingly with the tip of my tongue.

I felt her orgasm buld and kept licking, bringing my forefinger up to her and pushing it a little way inside. Charlie came with an explosion, the orgasm making her shake and writhe. I sat back and waited for her to recover. She stared at me deliriously. "Brax! That was incredible."

"Knell on the bed with your back to me, baby." She complied immediately, without comment. I knelt on the bed behind Charlie, stroked my hands over back, lingering on her gorgeous backside. I passed the flat of my hands over her back and then down again. I reached underneath and rang my hands carefully over her stomach and then more firmly over her breasts. I lingered on her nipples, pinching them cruelly as she whimpered. I brought my right hand round to her ass and stroked her from behind. My finger ran all the way up to her butt and then back down again and she let out an begging cry in my arms.

"Brax, I need you." I lined up the head, hard and aching for her, up to her lips and with a backward and forward motion I began to penetrate, pausing when the head had slipped inside her. It was so warm and welcoming and the touch between us tingled, threatening to break into an inferno. "Aww that's so good Brax, you feel so good." I pushed in further with a thrusting motion until I was deep inside her void. I stopped and stroked her back and hair as she pushed back on me.

I began to pump in and out of Charlie once again, slowly but insistently with a regular rhythm. I adjusted the angle until it was just right with me fitting tightly and comfortably inside her. I continued sliding in and out, she felt like silk, deliberate purposeful strokes as if I intended to carry on for an hour, for the rest of the night, forever. Her stomach seemed to sway beneath her and she thrust back panting with pleasure.

We carried on for what seemed an eternity, I felt very close to Charlie, as though it wasn't just her body I was fucking, but her soul. After an age her breath began to quicken and I sensed her orgasm building. I allowed mine to build in harmony. She began to come, writhing and screaming beneath me as I felt myself tingle before I started to squirt into her depths with a long drawn out gush.

Charlie rested her face on her arms as I withdrew and stood on the floor behind her. She sighed and turned to look at me with those incredible big blue eyes. "God Brax! I just can't get enough of you at the moment. I want more already."

I chuckled and tapped her bottom lightly, still stuck proudly in the air on display for me. "Give me half an hour and you can have as much as you want."

"I'm holding you to that."

"You can hold much more. But if I give you more dick tonight, you have to do something for me." She chuckled and asked if it was like that. "It is. You're not allowed to get angry at me."

I watched as she shot up in bed. "What did you do now?"

"I might have invited everyone over for a huge session tomorrow night."

"Is that it? I already knew you would. You can't help yourself." I cracked up laughing at her as I asked if she was being real right now. "What?"

"You want my dick that bad tonight you're going to bite your tongue?" When she chuckled and said she really was, I asked her who the bad one was here? "Come here you!"

Fuck the half an hour! I lunged at her, ready to devour that sexy little body all over again. When my arms wrapped around her and pulled her back up flat against my chest, I gripped her jaw and started assaulting her collarbone towards her neck. "Aww god Brax, I love you."

"I love you, my sexy evil midget."

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