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Chapter Sixty Eight - Charlie's POV

After an amazing night at the awards Brax and I had spent most of the night wrapped around each other. It didn’t matter how many times we went at it, I wanted more. I was a fiend for him lately. I woke up earlier than Brax and when I rolled over and saw him fast asleep, I decided to let him sleep in. I got up and headed to our bathroom to take a pee, before I went to make a tea. I was frozen in horror as I finished. “BRAX . . . . . BRAXXX!”

I saw Brax come racing into the bathroom, hair disheveled and wiping sleep out of his eyes. “Charlie, what’s wrong babe? Did you call me in to see you pissing? Is this pay back for the other day?”

I looked up at him and he saw the look of horror on my face as I spoke. “No! Brax, I am bleeding.”

“What? Where? What did you do to yourself?”

“No Brax, I went to the toilet and I am bleeding.” It took him a moment before he realised what I meant.

“Babe, do you need me to help you get changed? Let’s get up to the hospital, alright?” He helped me up and I put a pad on just in case as we got dressed and headed to the hospital. “Are you alright? You’re not in pain?”

“I feel alright Brax, but bleeding can’t be normal, can it?”

“Cutie, try not to stress, I am sure everything will be fine. Let’s get you up there and get you checked alright?”

“I’m scared Brax.” He turned his head from the road briefly and saw the tears pooling in my eyes. He reached his hand across into my lap and took mine, bringing it up to his lips and kissing my fingers delicately.

“Baby, I know, but it is alright. I am right here, I’ve got you ok?”

“What if something is wrong?” I couldn’t stop the tears that started to spill as I tried to sniffle them back.

“Charlie, I need you to stop thinking like that alright? Everything is going to be fine. The doctor will check you and they will make sure our little peanut is alright.” I took his hand in both of mine as he squeezed them tightly. A short drive later we arrived at the hospital and headed into emergency. Brax and I explained before we were taken back to an examination room.

The nurse returned a short while later and advised Dr Anu was on shift and would be down shortly. She passed me a gown to change into, so I was ready for Dr Anu to carry out some tests once she arrived.

I had changed and sat down on the end of the bed waiting, as Brax watched me from the wall he had been leaning against as he waited. He quickly noticed I was crying again and pushed off it, coming over to the bed and standing between my legs. As I gripped his waist tight, he lifted my head up into his chest and held me softly as I sobbed. “Let it out baby, I’ve got you. I am right here . . . I am always here. I am not going anywhere alright? I promise.”

“I love you . . . . I’m so scared Brax.”

“Me too baby . . . .But we have each other and we will be fine. Our little peanut is strong just like us and will be alright too.”

“God, I hope you are right!” I sat sobbing into Brax’s chest for what seemed like hours as he just held me and stroked my back soothingly. Eventually Dr Anu came in and we both looked up to greet her.

“Oh no! Now this is not a face I want to see from either of you. The registry nurse has filled me in. Let’s see what’s happening ok and you tell me your side of the story Charlotte while I have a look. Is that alright?”

I nodded as I lay back and Dr Anu made sure I was comfortable. “I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom and as I went to wipe myself I noticed I had heavy spotting.”

Dr Anu turned to Brax as she spoke. “I apologise to Brax, but I need to ask these questions.” He nodded understanding the more she knew the better it was for us. “Was it darker than you would normally experience during your menstrual cycle?”

I thought about it for a moment and to be honest, I hadn’t taken that much notice. Truthfully I just started to freak out. Before I could stop, I started sobbing again as I tried to speak through my tears. “I don’t know, I couldn’t think. . . . I just panicked.”

“It’s alright. How about I do the examination, and if I have any further questions I can let you know?” I nodded and lay back properly again as Brax came and stood by my head. He rested his arm around the top of my head and stroked my cheek, while holding my other hand, tightly in his. “I need to do an internal examination first, then we will get the transducer and have a look there as well.”

I nodded as the doctor sat at the end of the table and began her examination. The lights on the ceiling were too bright for my eyes, in comparison to the darkening gloom I could feel in the pit of my stomach. They blinded me and made me wince into a blacker place as I felt her commence.

Too much time elapsed as the tears kept flowing, and Brax tried everything in his power to provide me some comfort. When I saw her sit back and remove her gloves, my heart stopped, my breath hitched and I waited, desperate for an answer.

“Well the good news is everything looks fine from the internal examination. I believe what you are experiencing is just pregnancy spotting. It is quite common, but it still means I need you to take it easier over the next few weeks. Were you doing anything prior to noticing the spotting?”

“No, I had just woken up and went straight to the bathroom.”

“Anything in the last few days? Strenuous activities lately?” I suddenly looked up at Brax and I think he realised at the same time as Dr Anu asked us both what it was.

“Umm . . . .”

“It’s fine babe, I am pretty sure the Doctor has heard much worse.” Dr Anu looked between us confused. “I am just going to be blunt here.”

She nodded and added “Please, do.”

“We had a lot of sex last night.”

I saw her shoulders relax and a small smile creep across her lips. “Ahh alright. Now that makes sense. Spotting and often bleeding after intercouse is usually a normal symptom of pregnancy. It is fairly common for women to bleed during their pregnancies, after sex and sometimes for no reason at all. That was why I asked if you had noticed colouring, as these can be indicative of what is going on. While it can be unsettled at best to see this after sex, it doesn’t mean that intercourse hurt the baby or that you have to put a halt to your sexual relations. Vaginal bleeding occurs in fifteen to twenty five percent of pregnancies, usually in the first or second trimester.”

“So what does that mean for me?”

“Chances are Charlotte, bleeding after sex means your pregnancy is going along fairly normally. At your stage of pregnancy I am confident that this could just be a result of natural changes to your cervix, to accommodate your baby. During your pregnancy the cervix goes through a process called remodelling in preparation for the birth. Remodelling causes it to change shape, open up, shed cells and become quite tender. You probably won’t feel it, but your body could be extra vulnerable to your partner’s thrusting, which can lead in instances to bleeds.”

Brax spoke up before she could continue. “So we should try not . . . .”

“No I am not saying that, it is just something to keep in mind. In fact sex during pregnancy is very healthy for you both. Now, how about we have a look and listen to your baby?”

“Please, I just need to see for myself our baby is alright.” Brax nodded and agreed with me.

“Well the good news is the baby is nearly four months or sixteen weeks so we should be able to get some very good images for you today.” I looked up at Brax as he smiled down at me and squeezed my hand. He moved down and kissed me softly before squatting next to my head, his arm wrapped around my head again. Dr Anu placed the sheet over my lower half and rolled the gown up. After several minutes of moving around and checking the monitor she turned and smiled at us. “Baby is growing nicely, perfect little parcel you have there.”

“I say it about her bump all the time and get shut down. How come you are allowed to say it?” I nudged Brax playfully with my elbow when he said it.

“Because I am coming from a Medical standpoint.” I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as Dr Anu winked at me and squeezed some more jell out and started rubbing it around with the transducer. After a few minutes she hit a button and we heard our baby’s strong heartbeat fill the room. I burst into tears of relief as Brax held me closer and kissed my cheek sweetly.

“Shh, see everything is fine cutie.”

“He’s right Charlotte, that is a very strong heartbeat.” Brax kissed me again as I gripped his head and buried my face in his neck trying to calm myself. “And here she is, your daughter wants to say hello.”

My head flew up towards the screen as I continued to grip Brax’s neck. His eyes were glued on it in the same way as we saw our baby laying side on in front of us on one image, and then front on. “Sorry, you said . . .”

“You both mentioned at your last visit you wanted to know the sex of your baby when you could find out. Well there she is, there is your daughter.”

I looked at the screen as the tears fell more from a place of love this time. When I looked across at Brax his eyes were still glued to the screen, on our daughter, his little girl. Tears pooled in his eyes so I reached out and ran my fingers, a feather touch, down his cheek and whispered his name. He looked at me before his head shot back to the screen. “That’s our daughter, that’s my little pebbles?”

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